omg ben is so cute * *

the dear evan hansen fandom must be made aware of this adorable photo ft. cuddly ben platt and amused mike faist with black nail polish, that is all thank you for your time 

Soulmate!Hanslon Moodboard

When you met your soulmate, flowers bloom. It would be spontaneous, and yet magical at the same time. If people were lucky it would be subtle, a small flower between them or a blossoming bush but that was not the case with Mike. When he met Ben, the entire park they were in burst into an array of colors. Trees grew, flowers opened, it was a sea of green.

Because when love is that strong, there is no way it can be contained.

It’s Fine: chapter two

Author’s Note: hi im back again uh i dont rlly have anything to say at the beginning of this chapter but forgive any sentences that have kind of weird structure or if i like randomly change tense! i’ve tried to edit all the places i’ve made mistakes but combing thru doesn’t always get it all out. verb tenses have always messed me up tbh and id say im a lot more used to writing in past tense but for this story i figured w the flashbacks it would make more sense to write the present part of the story actually in the present lol

also!! please actually read the song lyrics i did put them there for purpose they’re more than just something that’s background noise i’m using them as an important plot device and insight into richies true subconscious thoughts so!! dont skip them bc i know i personally always skip song lyrics lol

Songs mentioned in this chapter: Supermodel - SZA, Broken Clocks - SZA (yall r gonna be seeing a lot of songs from her album Ctrl because its a fkn break up / cheated on / mixed feelings BOP)

Pairings: Stozier to Reddie, BIG reddie flashbacks in this chap

Warnings: Swearing, sad shit 

Word Count: 4,332

Summary: [Modern a.u] Several months after the incident, Richie Tozier convinces himself that he feels fine, that it’s fine. Everything is fine. But memories and old-feelings surface almost constantly in Richie’s distracted head, seemingly for the sole purpose of making him subconsciously wonder: Is it really fine at all?

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chapter two.

Richie is purposefully late to school the next day. His and Eddie’s lockers are unfortunately close - and even just the thought of Eddie makes Richie feel sick right now. Like he’ll throw up. He doesn’t know if he can bare to see the boy. So, he decides not to.

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The difference between my attraction to Martin and my attraction to Ben:

Me (seeing a pic of Ben) “OMG HE’S SO CUTE I JUST WANNA FUCKING SQUISH HIM” or alternatively “He’s so fucking handsome it’s a sin”


Me (seeing a pic of Martin) 90% of the time ~plethora of publicly inappropriate sexual thoughts that are down right DIRTY~ or alternatively “how is this man so fucking cute?” ~descends into hell of dirty ass thoughts~