omg bby ilu

why ur sign is my fav
  • aries: ur eyes light up so much when u talk about something u love
  • taurus: u give the best presents and the best advice ever like how do u know
  • gemini: u always laugh at ur own jokes bcos u forget how funny u actually are
  • cancer: ur just rlly cute ok i never wanna hurt u
  • leo: u give the best hugs ever like omg don't let go
  • virgo: ur voice is so soft & quiet and ur such a good listener
  • libra: ur so open minded and nice to like everyone ilu
  • scorpio: ur 100% selfless and u will stand up for anyone who needs u
  • sagittarius: u always cheer me up like who knew there was a bright side to evERYTHING
  • capricorn: i can't get over ur laugh like its so adorable im dead. ur just such a cutie
  • aquarius: ur so weird i love it like wtf are u doing??? who knows
  • pisces: ur kindness is so genuine like omg ilu sweetheart bby