omg bb ilu


Jongyu; PG-13; Romance

Length: 7.4k

Was supposed to be a sky high au but turned into this gifted fic thing and yeah the school is still named Sky High and i used the flying school bus so 8)

Zara’s birthday present♡♡♡♡ I hope you like this bb ;A;


“So you’re really going, huh?” Taemin asked, looking up at the ceiling, the tips of his black hair brushing against his eyelashes.

“I’m being forced,” the other boy huffed, scratching the side of nose, sniffing slightly with irritation.

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…and his perfect fucking face [★] idris elba

“More and more, increasingly so. It’s definitely harder to sort of, maneuver. I’m not famous. You know, people don’t know my name. But they will recognize my face. ‘Morris Chestnut, right?’ I mean, just in my day-to-day experience, they don’t remember my name. Nine times out of 10, they’re like, ‘What’s his name again?’ I hear it every single day. ‘Oh, I love you — how do I say your name?’”