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Superwolf/Sterek AU

in which the family of the Argents and the Campbells have a past. Chris knows the boys of John and Mary Winchester and calls them for backup when Stiles is possessed by the Nogitsune. Derek, however, doesn’t want anyone near Stiles, least of all strange hunters. He wants Stiles, and he wants him alive, possessed or not.


나는 똥 냄새도 쟈스민
Even my shit smells like jasmine


“Happy anniversary, everybody!” (From @roostersnaps)


a series of unlikely crossovers

true love's kiss won't make this fairy tale end, banshee.

Teen Wolf/Stydia AU

↳ in which Lydia tries to save Stiles, but it’s too late; the nogitsune has taken over him comletely long ago and seems to enjoy fucking around with Lydia.