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Syd Tries FanFiction: The Blarke Reunion

So fair fucking warning I have never in my life written fic before, but I typed this out for @clxrkblake tonight so we could cry and she told me to post it so I’m gonna. Basically this was my ideal, dream reunion before I saw the finale. (I’ve changed my mind about a few things since we saw the new ship but whatever I’ll still dream of this reunion every night for the next 9 months.)

So anyway, I wrote this up in like 30 minutes and there’s probably lots of typos, but deal with it and then come cry with me. <3


Bellamy sits by the window like he does every year, looking at the planet he used to call home. The glass in his hand is almost empty by now. It almost makes up for the whole thats still in his heart. It almost, for a second makes him forget she isn’t there beside him, that they never got that drink. 

He starts the same as he does every year. “I miss you. It’s been 6 years and I still miss you every day. You’d be so proud of everyone. Even Murphy.” He wipes at the tears collecting in his eyes. It never gets easier.

“I just wish… I wish I’d have told you when we had the chance. Timing never really was our strong suit was it? We were too busy keeping 100 kids alive. I wouldn’t trade it for the world though. Not a second of it.” He lifts the empty cup towards the planet thats now her grave. “I still love ya, Princess.”

He knows Raven’s behind him even before she comes to stand next to him. She’s always there for this. “It’s never gonna get easier is it?”

She shakes her head. “No. I still miss Finn every day. But you learn to deal with it. You never get over losing the one you love, their memory just becomes a part of who you are.”

He nods along. He asks her the same question every year. Every year, expecting to get a different answer. Maybe this time she’ll tell him ‘Yeah. The pain fades. One day you can breathe again. One day you’ll be able to look down at the earth below you and not feel that part of you that’s missing. But she never does.

“She’d be so proud of you Bellamy. You know that, right?”

“Yeah, I just-” The static of the radio on his hip interrupts his thoughts. “Shit I thought I turned that off.” He fumbles for it, hands made clumsy by the drinks he’s downed. He barely has it out of the holster when he stops himself. Was that? No… It couldn’t be… It was just the alcohol in his system. But then…

“Where - you?"A voice. A voice even after 6 years, after 100 years he would never let himself forget. Her voice.

"Oh my god…” Raven whispers from behind him. “It can’t…”

The radio depends back into static once more before going silent and Bellamy raises his own shocked eyes to meet Ravens. “Clarke?”


They don’t believe him. “You were just drunk Bellamy.” “It’s been six years Bellamy.” They think he’s holding on to a ghost, but he knows what he heard.

“We can’t risk it because you thought you heard a dead girl on the radio.” That’s Murphy.

“It could have been an old transmission… we can’t just go down without knowing anything-”

“I left her once. I am not doing it again. If there is even the slightest chance that she is alive down there, WE ARE GOING BACK FOR HER.”


Three weeks after the night by the window they make contact. He’s helping Monty check on the algae when he hears Raven screaming his name through the halls.

“I found it.” That’s all it takes for him to follow her to the control room, to the radio, to Clarke.

“This is the station it came through. But we don’t know for sure-”

“Have you tried to make contact yet?”

“No, we were waiting for you.”

“Ok…” He sighs and grabs the radio. This is it. He’s either about to finally find that missing piece of himself or lose it all over again. “This is Ark Ring to… the ground. Is anyone there? Clarke are you there?”

There’s nothing. It feels like hours floating through freezing water waiting to hear something, anything.


“I’m sorry Bell.” Monty puts a hand on his shoulder.

She’s gone. He pushes himself away from the table ready to yell, or cry, or hit something. 


“Holy shit.”

Bellamy could tell you he’s never moved that fast in his life, almost falling over himself to get to the radio. “Clarke?”

“Bell-my?” His legs give out, but Murphy leans in to ease his fall.

“Yeah. Yeah Clarke it’s me. Oh my- It’s you? It’s really you? How?”

“Yeah Bell, it’s me.” He can hear the tears in her voice, the same as his own. 

“I’m coming back for you. I’m coming back. I promise. I’m not leaving you again.”

“I miss you.” Its all she can say.


The day they land on Earth the second time, isn’t anything like the first. It’s raining for one.

Two, he knows what’s waiting for him when he opens the door. 

And she is. 

Standing at the tree line, looking as beautiful as the day he lost her, is Clarke. Her hair is shorter. And there’s one or two more wrinkles around her eyes when she smiles, but god is she beautiful. Its like they’re not frozen for a moment, both of them standing in shock and amazement that they finally get this. 

Then, it’s like time is moving in fast forward and he’s on his feet and hers are carrying her towards him and they crash together like suddenly all their forgotten broken pieces are fitting back together. He holds her so close he thinks he can feel her heartbeat in his chest and she tangles her small hands through his hair and they’re both crying. But for the first time in 6 years, they aren’t tears for grieving. He’s sobbing apologies against her hair and she’s whispering forgiveness against his shoulder and it’s almost like they didn’t lose those 6 years. Like they were kids again, stranded on a dying planet, leaning on each other for survival.

He pulls back first to look at her. He wants to take in every single inch of her face and memorize it because he never wants to have to forget that face again. 

“I never gave up.” She laughs. “Not on you.”

He stroked her cheek, through the rain and the tears. “I thought I lost you. For 6 years.”

“You didn’t.” She pulls him close against, resting her forehead against his, and they laugh. 

He spent the past 6 years wishing he hadn’t lost her, dreaming that she could come back to him, praying that he could just hold her one more time. And now he get’s all of it. Because she’s alive and in his arms and laughing with him in the rain and he’s never going to lose her again.

TAH DAH! I hope it wasn’t awful! I’m gonna tag a few mutuals so they can share my pain. Love you guys!

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나는 똥 냄새도 쟈스민
Even my shit smells like jasmine

Ok first never pass  a week without actually drawing more than one doodle. I mean omg my anatomy. ;A; 

Still this was inspired by a post about your OTP dancing in their socks int he living room (that would actually be filled with pictures knowing those 2) while the tallest is humming a song and the other one got his head on his shoulder. So now you have a sick Gilbert (a good old cold like the one I am having) dancing with Matthew. :) (probably singing some french songs…probably Edith Piaf.)

Kittens and Sleepovers Part 2 (Damian Wayne x reader)

Not requested

A/N: part two of Kittens and Sleepovers Part 1.

~minipertaterswithcheese (call me Mini :D)

Warnings: I honestly don’t know if there is any.

You looked at Damian with a smile. He tried to act normal, as if he didn’t realize his face was red with embarrassment.

“If that is what you have decided, then so be it.” With his arms still crossed, he walked over to his bed and sat down. The kitten looked tired, so you put her on a pillow on the floor, then walked over the bed and sat next to Damian. He looked in the opposite direction of where you were sitting. It seemed as if he was avoiding eye contact.

“Dami? Is something wrong?” Your voice showed your concern for him.

“It’s nothing.” Damian walked over to the kitten and started petting her. “Have you decided where you will be sleeping tonight?”

“Oh no, I thought since this is a big manor you would have a guest room or something.” You said, still sitting on the bed.

“You can chose where you will sleep tonight.” Damian looked back up at you. He didn’t seem to care where you decided to sleep.

“Is there a guest room?” You asked again. Surely there has to be at least one in this humongous manor right?

“We have 17. They are all different sizes and decorated differently. If you would like to sleep in a guest room, I can show you them all and you can pick the one you like the most.” He said as he walked up to you. Usually, you look Damian straight in the eye because you both are about the same height. Now, as he stands in front of you, you see him differently. You have to look up at him as he looks down at you.

“Yep! That would be great!” You said with a nervous giggle. You got off the bed and followed Damian out the door. You look at Damian the cat peacefully sleeping. You knew you would be sleeping calm tonight.

Though you thought you would be sleeping peacefully, you were not. After Damian finished showing you all the guest rooms, you were overwhelmed by how big the rooms were and how many decorations were in each. You honestly couldn’t decide which room you liked the most. In the end when he asked which room you wanted to sleep in, you chose the room closest to him. You didn’t want to sleep in a part of the house where no one was.

The room you chose had a bed with blue and white covers and pillows. The art on the wall was a boat sailing the sea and there were other decorations that had a similar theme.

“It is odd that you pic this specific guest room.” Damian said scanning the room as if he was looking for something.


“This is my favorite guest room. The calm colors, blue oceans and dark purple skies, help me study. It also gives me inspiration to create new pieces of artwork.” He explained in a tone that wasn’t unenthused, but wasn’t full of emotion either. You looked at his face, seeing a slight light start to go off in his eyes. 

‘Does he enjoy art?’ This was something you asked yourself,  but more importantly, you needed to ask him. When you two went back to his room, you asked him if he was an artist. He said yes and showed you the joy of art the rest of the night. You decided you were going to chose art class next year for an elective instead of a free period.

After doing art for hours, You told him you were getting tired and wanted to sleep. At 10:17 P.M. you settled in and slept. Now it was 2:06 A.M. and you suddenly woke up. You heard a noise outside that startled you. It was really dark, both in the room and outside. You looked to your side and saw Damian the cat also startled and staring at the window wide-eyed. You knew that what you were about to do was going to seem baby-like, but right now, you just wanted to be able to sleep.

“Dami? Can I come in?” You said through the door after knocking on it. You were standing outside Damian’s room with a pillow and a blanket, while Damian the cat trailed behind. You wanted to ask to sleep in his room because you felt safe sleeping with someone else in the room.

“Ugh… Grayson?… Is that you?…” Damian sounded groggy. You felt bad about waking him up, but you felt like if you didn’t sleep, you wouldn’t be able to take care of Damian the cat properly.

“No, it’s me. Would you mind if I-”

“TT.” You heard the bed moving, as if he was tossing and turning.”Fine. Come in.” You slowly opened the door, and it creaked as you did. 

You looked at Damian, who was sitting on the side of his bed rubbing his eyes and letting his feet hang. He was wearing a two piece set of pajamas. One piece was a long sleeve button up shirt that was purple with yellow moons on it. The two bottom buttons were undone and exposing his belly button. The second piece was pants with the same design. He looked so tired and you felt worse about waking him. Even though you felt bad, you thought he looked super adorable in pajama’s. However, you didn’t tell him what you thought. Instead, you told him you’re purpose for being there.

“What brings you here at such early hours of the morning?” Damian yawned waiting for an answer.

“W-Well…” you looked at him nervously. “I heard some noises outside the window, and I couldn’t sleep after hearing them. I thought if I slept in a room with another person, I might be able to sleep better.”

“So what are you asking exactly?” Damian stopped rubbing his eyes and just stared at you, still waiting for an answer.

“Would you mind if I slept on the floor here?” you pointed to the floor in front of his bed. You dropped your pillows and blanket on that area of the floor and looked back at him with a pleading stare. “I won’t bug and I won’t talk. It’ll be like I’m not even here!”

“Why sleep on the floor?” Damian crawled to the right side of his king sized bed. He sat legs crossed on that side of the bed and pointed at the left, empty, side. “Just sleep on that side of the bed and leave the blanket and pillow on the floor where you dropped them. I will pick them up in the morning.” He stared at you with a stare that said ‘Get in the fricken bed and let me sleep.’  

You wanted to decline his offer, but felt that it would be rude. Also, sleeping in the same bed as Damian would probably help you sleep faster.

“O-Okay, I guess…” You started to climb on Damian’s bed. It was soft, squishy, and reminded you of a cloud. Damian got under the covers on his side and turned so his back faced you. You turned so that your back was to his back.

“Mew! Mew!” Damian the cat jumped on the bed and laid in-between the two of you. You were relaxed and felt yourself falling asleep.

“Good night Damian.” you said with a sigh.

“… Good night [Y/N]…” Damian’s voice was the last thing you heard before, happily, falling asleep.

Bonus!: Ending in Damian’s point of view!

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just a little reminder on your dash as finals approach:

  • you have gotten through it before and you will get through it again.
  • you have worked hard this semester and i’m proud of you.

  • get as much sleep as you can.

  • stay hydrated and don’t forget to nourish your body.

  • breathe.

Was asked if I could make a how-to for Mark and Kylo, so here they are!  

I’m not an art expert™ but these are just some tips I use when drawing people.
Try to take note of distinct features of the face so you can draw them in different styles and retain resemblance. Also the more you draw someone the better you’ll have their features ‘on lock’! 

Hope it helps ^^  

Luke Evans truly did do a great job as Gaston ok, I’m not just saying that bc “oh he’s so cute”, like for real he stood out to me in that movie. He was great the way he slowly goes mad as the movie progresses and the way he would just get really sharp with someone, the look that would cross his face, but it was quick like you could miss it if you aren’t paying attention. Another thing was his singing voice, it is fantastic. Some parts in the “the mob song” and “Gaston” that he does are just great, I never expected him to have such range with his voice. I’m just proud of him I guess

Waiting for my call

ok so I was waiting in the doctor’s office and this girl sat beside me, and my shy self didn’t even DARE look at her to avoid flustering. I had my headphones on and tried not to show off my gayness and I didn’t notice I was being called, so the pretty girl tapped my shoulder and she told me. I accidentally locked eyes with her and they were sooo pretty and so was her hair and everything omg asdfghjkf I could only reply “Oh ok thank you my bad I’m sleepy” Something like that idr. I got out of there and into my car and I just sat there telling myself “wow Mimi you really are a useless lesbian”

wip tag

i was tagged by @heochannies and @mongniel (@ the latter u BITCH i was going to tag you FIRST how dare you beat me to it!!!)

rules: write the first sentence from your work in progress, then tag as many people as there are words.

listen…i have a LOT of drafts right now LMAO. so many ideas because my mind doesn’t stop writing fanfiction for men who don’t know me *shrugs* ALSO i have a bad habit of never writing the first sentence first so here are lines from the middle of my stories

  • “can you please shut the hell up? you aren’t even funny!”
  • “yeahsoikindagoogledeverything…”
  • spoiler alert: i have a different kisses for jihoon coming soon ;)
  • “as if i’d die that easily!”

i have a lot of other ones that i don’t have lines for (just basic ideas) so this is all y’all are getting (the first one should come out tomorrow if i would just finish this reading for school omg)

thanks for the tags and honestly i don’t know who to tag!!!

tagging: @wannabl (you and @mongniel make me CHUCKLE) @ennergetics @spread-our-wings and any other w1 writers i forgot to tag!!!

i honestly cant imagine how frustrating it would be to spend hours working your ass off to put up videos that you put a lot of emotional (and physical) effort into for the majority of the comments to be talking about a mark on your neck or a stray hair or some insignificant thing like that

Rhett (and sometimes Link) commented on this in recent interviews how annoying it is when you work hard on something but its all overlooked because there was a kink in your hair that wasnt there before and thats all people talk about

just goes to show how much of this industry is focused on looks and presentation so much so you share something you put literally everything you have into but people are too concerned about the tiny wrinkle in your shirt

Poems - || Jack Maynard (fluffly) Imagine ||

Requested? Yes – ‘could you do a really cute fluffy imagine with Jack where Y/N goes to his house bc she’s had a really really bad day but he’s not there but she stays there waiting for him and in the middle of her sadness, she finds a little book of things he’s written about her like very poetic and cute and it makes her happy and he comes home and she just hugs him and thanks him yeah yeah you know’

[[DISCLAIMER: i have never in my 17 years of living ever written poetry, nor did i ever intend to because that shit is hard and im a horrible writer lol so dont come for me about my shitty poems in this please lol i know theyre bad omg but give this hoe a break ok xoxo enjoy]]

The sky was overcast and cloudy, no view of the sun nor was there any feel of its warmth. You had a thin shirt and jacket on top, not much to keep you from the cold breeze. However, this wasn’t even the beginning to your bad day. Since you awoke this morning, you were fairly upset, you tried callng Jack every now and then but didn’t want to bother him, so gave up on your last try in the afternoon. But as you walked down the gloomy, cold streets of London, it began to rain. It wasn’t a soft drizzle, it didn’t start with little dropplets, it was hard and harsh, and it was pouring. And this pushed you over the edge.

You knew crying over rain was silly, but it wasn’t the rain, it was the entire day. You’ve been holding in your tears all week, trying to push everything aside, but today, that didn’t seem to work. You silently cried as you continued walking, everyone around you running to avoid the rain and hidden under their umbrellas. You couldn’t care less. You knew you looked a mess, but you were about to go home and look even worse with the extensive crying coming through.

You decided theres no better place to go than to Jacks. Changing your route, you walked to Jacks apartment. He knew how to comfort you better than anyone else and all you really needed were some words of reassurance and a warm blanket.

After a few minutes, you found yourself at Jacks apartment complex, knocking on the door there was no answer. Even if he wasn’t home, you simply wanted to stay in his apartment. As well as not wanting to walk back in the rain.

You let yourself in with the spare key he had given you and walked over to his kitchen, turning the kettle on so you can make yourself a hot cup of tea. Heading to his bedroom, you picked out a shirt of his to wear instead of your wet, soggy clothes. But in doing so, a little book fell out.

Picking it up, you whipped a few tears off your first and out your eyes to see a little clearer. It was brown leather with a little strap to tie it up, clear pages that were evidently made to be drawn on except, when you openeded it, it had handfuls of little writings.

You were unsure of whether to read this, you knew it must have been secret, but when you spotted your name in one of the writings, you decided reading it wasn’t too bad of an idea.  

“my dear Y/N, you are more than you think,
you are what the people yearn for,
in the dark times of thunder and storm
you are what i need more
when days are no longer bright
and you are constantly crying
i promise i will do everything in my might
to keep you smiling.
Because if the woman who keeps me alive
feels like death is but her only option
I must have failed in some way.”

A few more tears rolled down your cheeks, this time, tears of admiration. You didn’t know Jack wrote like this nor did you know he wrote about you at all. And so, you continued reading on.

“The warmth of a summer day, cannot be compared to hers
The touch of a rose petal cannot be compared to hers,
She is both gentle and warm,
Both the calm and the comfort.
The frost in a lonely Christmas night cannot be compared to hers
The gushing anger in the endless seas cannot be compared to hers,
As she is both cold and tempered,
Both the piercing and the rage
However, to me, she is but neither.
Not the restful nor the restless.
She is rather my home. My place of safety.
And most importantly, my happiness
Even if the sun and sea were to vanish,
I’d have all I need, within her.”

You smiled through your tears, it may have seemed cheesy and sappy but you loved it and you loved him and you were in a complete state of gratefulness.

As you sat with the book in your hands and a smile on your face, you heard the front door open and a familiar voice call your name.

“Y/N?!” Jack called, closing the door as he searched for his girlfriend. But you caught him before he could find you. You jumped into his arms and hugged him as tight as you possibly could. “Oh my god, Y/N, you’re all wet! Are you okay?” He asked as you pulled away from the hug, looking at him with slightly teary eyes and a smile. “I’m so sorry I didn’t pick up your calls, I’ve been—” you didn’t let him finish as you simply crashed your lips onto his. He was ataken back for a moment before he kissed you back, placing his hand on your face as he used the other to push your wet hair out your face.

“I love you. So much.” You said, looking into his ocean eyes as a large smile cracked through his features.

“I love you too baby.” He spoke, still smiling as he gave you a quick kiss on your forehead. “Now, let’s get you out of these clothes and wrapped in my softest blanket with a cup of tea. And you can tell me all about your horrible day whilst I plant kisses all over you. Yes?” he asked. You nodded with excitement as Jack was already rushing to get you warm clothes.

How To: Folding Little Bags

I found this really cool folding technique in an origami book and thought it would be perfect for holding my Feathers. it’s also a cheap alternative to sachets or containers. You will only need paper and your hands. (if you want to do some color magic use colored paper) 

Fist fold a square of paper into a triangle 

Then open the triangle and fold the lower side like so

Then open it and do the triangle again. It should look like this: 

Now, fold the left angle to the point where the fold is on the other side (OMG I’m so bad but you’ll see what I mean) 

Ok now do the same on the other side

Does it look like this now?

Good, we are almost done! Fold the “lashes” downs and put one of it inside the opening. (Wow much explaining good words)

Now you are done! 

I hope you could understand everything and re-do it with my awesome instructions. If you have any questions please feel free to ask them c: You can leave the bag open or close them with the remaining lash. This can be made in any size you want and any color. Also I hope people on mobile can see it. If not let me know!

Have a nice day, your Witchy Studies ✨🔮