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favourite scenes (movies/deleted) from the harry potter series

remus understanding that sirius was innocent and hugging his long lost husband

ghostlylights asked:

In regards to that post about Ruby's room, maybe she and Yang share that room, but due to the events, Yang might've wanted to be alone?? Just a thought unless you think of something else, then I'd love to hear it!

Yeah that’s what I ended up deciding was the case! I’d always imagined them with bunk beds, but I think having their beds in the same room is just as perfect. So I’m gonna say it was probably Yang’s bed and she was in a guest bed or her dad’s to be sulk alone.

Plus, having Yang and Ruby in the same room wouldn’t have had as much of an impact. The way it was, Ruby woke up with only her dad and uncle and she had no idea where Yang was. She had to get out of bed herself and venture to the room where Yang was and linger at the door and risk being rejected or sent away.

So I guess this was for the best. I think Yang and Ruby share a room, but putting Yang in another room made it more heartrending for us to watch Ruby shuffle in and then turn away to leave her be if Yang hadn’t responded to her ;u;


Hi I was tagged by the awesome @ill-have-harrys-babies (just yesterday! I’m being so active and quick with tags what’s going on with me ???) to do the selfie challenge so these are my last 6 (decent) selfies on my phone

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