omg babies ; ;


I woke up at like 6 in the morning today by my kitten meowing and rubbing his face against mine, trying to sit on my head and wouldn’t let up no matter how much I tried to encourage him to go back to sleep. So I did what any respectable cat mum does. Give him lots of food until his lil bell is full and do some snuggles afterwards~ 💕 🐈

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Ahh okay so maybe one where you always get very turned on by Harry's chest and he knows this so that's why he's always unbuttoning his shirts so low like just to be a lil shit but one day you've had enough and decide to put on one of his sheer button downs with no bra before y'all are abt to go out or something and he sees you and he's all shocked and like "what are you wearing??" And then all cheekily you're like "if your titties can be out all the time why can't mine?" AND THEN SEX :))

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um wow this is to much for me nonny, why are you trying to hurt me?????

because it wouldn’t just be sex, it’d be angry sex. from behind. up against the wall. harry’s hand wrapped up in your hair as he pulls you back to look at him as each of his thrusts is punctuated with a hiss through gritted teeth of, “always. proving. a point. you are. kitten.”


it’s seung gil lee’s birthday!! he makes a new friend <3

tried to draw some of my favourite bnha babies (and ships ahah) for the first time! somebody teach me how to draw kiri’s hair pls