omg babies ; ;

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Omg but J.D. holding his baby for the first time and crying because she's so beautiful and innocent and she's not damaged and he tells Veronica he's scared that he won't be able to protect her from everything and Veronica assures him that their little girl will be just fine because she'll have a loving mother and protective father.

He’s probably like “I hope she’ll be like you since ur so much better than me” and Veronica just grabs his face in her hands and she’s like “stfu you are the greatest husband ever and you’re a wonderful person and you’re gonna be an awesome dad and I will end you if you try to argue with me do you understand???”

Since re-reading the Percy Jackson series has kind-of brought me out of my funk, I’m doodling some percabeth and a hot little Percy for fun! Oh man how I missed these two, and these books! I love how colourfully humorous the books are, and Percy cheers me up so much xD