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#bts challenge - 1) first bias: park jimin

jsyk my au has a ton of alternate ends cause i like a lot of ships and this is how weiss and blakey would look in the monochromey end

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1) See, it happens as an accident the first time Bucky's in the middle of fucking Steve and his metal hand wraps around Steve's gorgeous throat. And Steve just /whimpers/ right before he comes. And Bucky liked that response and it starts niggling in his brain, and so then the next time Bucky has Steve pressed up against a wall, he wraps his hand around Steve's throat to keep him there while Bucky plays with him, and Steve's rock hard and squirming and begging in those soft little gasps of breath

2) And that brings one of those wolfish smiles to Bucky’s lips because he knows he’s found another one of Steve’s weaknesses and damn but he loves exploiting them. So he starts doing it more regularly, a lot of times right before he knows Steve’s about to come. Wraps his hand around that slender throat, squeezes, cuts off just enough air that Steve sees stars and feels it all the way to his toes before he even starts to come. And pretty soon, one thing leads to another, and Steve always has been

3) so damn /sensitive/. So now, all Bucky has to do is walk by, murmur ‘Hey sweetheart’, cup the side of Steve’s neck as he leans in to brush his lips against Steve’s, and before he pulls away, he smooths the pad of his thumb all the way down the center of Steve’s throat, and there’s that whimper. If they’re in public, Steve tries to bite it back, but there’s no denying the way his pupils are blown and his pulse is pounding and the shift of his hips. But if they’re alone, at home, and Bucky’s

4) teasing? Well, then Steve just catches Bucky before he can even pull away, big warm hands wrap around the cool metal wrist, pull it closer, press that hand firmly against his throat, and whispers ‘Please.’

Jesus fuck nonnie, I did say I wanted to talk aboout the choking thing becoming conditioned response, but oh god this isn’t talking, this is so, so much better!

It’s exactly what I had in mind, holy shit, bless you! <333

(now we all know what I’ll be thinking about tonight…)