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HP fic recs
lesquatrechevrons replied to your photo “I read a lot of Auror case fic recently and wanted to create my own…”

omg a) I love the lines/posture/ROBES *asdfghjkl* #amazing #instantfollow b) which fics??? any of the LGBTQA+? Sharing is caring? (if you want <3)

No particular fic inspired the robes, but more like my desire for costuming got the better for me after reading them. Due to popular demand, here’s some of the HP fic I bookmarked recently.

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1) @muhensai : Thank you so so much for your kind words <3! We’re super happy to hear that, it’s always so flattering to know we can inspire others! It’s not spam-ish at all, thank you again : )

2) Anon: Omg thank you!!! We’re always super happy to hear people notice these things ;; Thank you for reading it! 
As for the studies: I’m REALLY honored you’d want to do studies off my art. Truth be told, I still have no idea what I’m doing 80% of the time and I know i have a lot to learn. I wouldn’t want you to accidentally pick up my mistakes in the long run. I’m not stopping you, but maybe it’s better to study some master painters I look up to? 
Here’s a list of some inspirations:
Alfred Joseph Casson, Stepan Kolesnikov, Frank BrangwynDean Cornwell, Heinrich Lefler, Mikhail Nesterov, Viktor Vasnetsov, Ilya Repin

Hope it helps!

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Hey, can I get an Eddie character ship please, if you're still doing them? Im kind of an introvert, and books are my life. I also enjoy writing from time to time, and my music choice can be anything from jazz to 80s to rock and in between. Also cuddling is something I'd enjoy lol. Your blog is one of my absolute favorites and you're incredible omg 💕

Thanks, honey! 🐝

I ship you with Colin Clark!

He’s very intrigued by your writing, and he likes to hear you read whatever it is to him. He thinks you’re fascinating, and he doesn’t mind listening to your music, perhaps even dancing with you for a bit. He knows you’re shy, but that’s a bit perfect for him. He’s a dreamer, and you’re very down to earth and you can be the motivation he needs to pursue his dreams.

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1. i think u once said npr is the liberal media but also a guilty pleasure & like hard same 2. i actually scream/squeaked at one of ur nsfw posts once & dropped my phone 3. ur theory posts were fortunately some of the first i started reading on this hellsite and they r still a+ like real top notch stuff and i v much appreciate all the work that goes into them

1. I feel no guilt about my very deep love for NPR!!!
2. That’s so gay omg…stop this…
3. That’s really sweet, thank you! Glad you like the politics around these parts.

I really really really like the arc of Tsunade, before she becomes Hokage (yep too late i’m deep in it  hello darkness here i come)

I'm sad about the comments section lately

The comments on YouTube in general have been pretty bad for, well forever, but in the past couple of months the comments on Jack’s channel in particular seem to have suddenly changed for the worse.

All of the sudden, I’m seeing way more:

“Jack, why aren’t you playing X?” /“Jack, play this.”

“Legend27” and those ‘keep reading’ or giant emoji copy-pastes


“Please check out my channel.”/“Anyone want to sub for sub?”

“Say hi to me.”

And even gift card or contest spam.

I don’t know why, but recently there’s far less meaningful discussion about the videos, far fewer suggestions or constructive criticism without name-calling and yelling, and just generally less 'real’ interactivity. Don’t get me wrong, those good types of comments are definitely still there, it just seems like they’re no longer the majority.

Idk if it’s because the channel is bigger, because the view structure is changing, or because there’s some other demographic change on the channel. Maybe a lot of the in-depth commenter s have migrated here or just given up on the YouTube comment system altogether.

No matter the cause, it still saddens me to see the JSE comments lose some of that community vibe, become a less valuable place for real conversation and review of videos, or just (as bad as this sounds) become like 'the rest’ of YouTube where comments are a junk pit and both viewers and creators end up leaving them. Jack has always made a big effort to interact as much as humanly possible on all platforms, so I can’t see him abandoning the comments section unless there’s some massive and dramatic reason he has to. Still, I don’t want us as a community to give up on it or see it die. I hope this is just a trend I’m seeing, but if not, I hope we can work to make it better.

How Dan and phil probably broke up #26
  • Dan: what's the devil's surname?
  • Phil: West

SG Writers: Hi Katie, we’ve come talk about the script for season 3

Katie: Hi Stupid, have you guys finally come to terms with giving me more screen time with Supergirl?

SG Writers: Yes Katie, we’ve added more scenes with you and melissa in hopes to develop the Lena/Kara relationship. Have a look at the script

Katie: *thinking* (omg? chill, just fucking relax, read the damn thing and expect nothing ..omgomgomgwhatifIgettokissSupergirlomgomg ok just stop being such a homo and read tha thing)

Katie: 15 scenes and still no making out with Supergirl? this won’t do.


nope it won’t do.

My thoughts on SPN episode 12x10:

  • Oooo two angel blades… it’s like Darth Maul’s double ended lightsaber, so we know this eye patch chick is evil.
  • Aw Dean and Cas are in a fight. Adorable. This is like every fanfic I’ve ever read. 
  • Sarcastic Cas gives me life.
  • Oh a Balthazar shoutout! Yaaasssss miss him. 
  • OMG Sam calling Dean on his impatience and then Dean storming in after Cas. I love it. 
  • The Winchesters going to defend Cas MY HEART.
  • Dean saying, “Why would you let him talk to you like that?” is all I’ve ever needed. 
  • Ooooo fem!Cas… still got those blue eyes.
  • This is an episode about an angel who fell in love with a human? IS THIS A DREAM????
  • Castiel has canonically been referred to as “gooey” - this is a good day. 
  • Dean calling Cas family is always a great thing. 
  • I am really pissed off that Castiel used some of his grace to heal this son of a bitch evil angel. 
  • The tidbit about Enochian magic burning away a part of your soul is hella. AND a reference to soulless!sam… this ep has EVERYTHING.
  • This redhead has been around for like 20 minutes and already understands that Sam will do anything to save Dean. She is on point. 
  • This Winchester pep talk to Cas is like five years too late buuuuut okay I’ll take it. 

In conclusion: This episode reminded me why I fell in love with SPN. 


OMG finally I’ve done it! It took me about two weeks but I’ve done it xD 

My Foxes. My boys. *-* I’m still trying to recover, yeah… However, every time I spot a post with a quote from aftg, I read it then look for it in the book and read the whole page, and you know what? I always feel the moment, but every time that feeling is going deeper.

Quinn inserted the datacard and stepped away from the terminal. The Agent tapped a key and several overlays and schematics appeared in sheaths of blue light, transparent but clearly visible in the dim interior of the ship, its walls dark and optimized for viewing holos.

The Agent straightened up and carefully absorbed the information with his fiery red eyes, flicking through the data much quicker than Quinn could read it. Finally, he brought up several profiles and analyses, covering the interior of the Phantom with endless equations and numbers, mathematical calculations that Quinn had painstakingly checked and rechecked, attempting to determine the best way to kill Darth Prymis. 

All for nought.

The Chiss folded his arms as he studied Quinn’s work, his eyes unblinking, uncaring. A gloved hand drifted up to absently brush against his lip, deep in thought.

Malavai sighed. He knew what this meant. His plans were always flawless and there were no errors in his preparations. He was always so meticulous; mindful of every eventuality but somehow the death of a Sith Lord still eluded his grasp. The Chiss would not help him. No matter how good he was. There was no way a man could stand up to a Force-sensitive monster. There was no way Quinn could kill Prymis.

“Well…” the Agent said after a long silence.

Quinn sighed, ready for the edict.

“The risk you took was calculated…” the Chiss tilted his head. “But man, are you bad at math…”

Do Me A Favor (Camping Trip) Part 1

Summary: Bucky suggests the two of you go camping in order to de-stress a bit from the wedding planning. Everything is fine until something important goes missing.

Word Count: 937

Warnings: None. There will be smut in an upcoming part, though.

“Do Me a Favor” Masterlist

A/N: Omg, I hope you guys like it ahhh.

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Bucky has his head on your lap, your fingers carding through his hair absently as you read a novel. He’s playing Battleship on his phone, Steve on the other end, probably cursing his best friend if Bucky’s gleeful chuckles are a sign of his victories. You smile at him and your eyes flit over the sparkling diamond on the fourth finger of your left hand. Sometimes, you still can’t believe it and yet, Bucky is there when you wake up, reminding you that your happiness is still around.

“We should go camping,” Bucky suddenly pipes up.

You raise a brow at him. “Random much?”

He beams at this, sitting up to look you in the eye. “Let’s go camping. We never do anything spontaneous.”

“Uh, remember that time we went to your hometown and pretended to be dating? And then we did it behind some bushes next to a lake,” you remind him with a slight scoff.

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I dont know if anyone has asked this one yet but please can you write a headcanon with RFA (+V and Saeran) and MC running into MC's ex? But you know, with serious love past, maybe even ex might still love MC. Btw I just LOVE your headcanons I think Im not gonna be able to get out of your blog until I read every single one of them

Omg thank you so much! So sweet ~~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

And thank you for your request! I HOPE YOU LIKE IT!

Please feel free to send me a feedback, if this is NOT what you wanted, I’ll do it again in no time!
Any mistakes, report to me


  • You two were walking together through a park, you guys need some air after gaming so much.
  • That day was going so great, you two were laughing, joking, even running around to find each other.
  • While playing hide and seek with Yoosung (In a fucking park) you feel a hand on your should
  • “Okay…You win..My tur–” You look at the person behind you, it was not Yoosung, it was your ex.
  • You guys dated for some time, it was great, until he starts to be a douchebag…But let’s not be too detailed on it.
  • “Oh hey….” “Hey MC” He smiles “You’re beautiful…Seriously…Beautiful”
  • You are blushed now, you didn’t expect that “Thank you...” he laughs.
  • “What were you doing?” “I FOUND YOU MC” Yoosung came running, he looks at the guy, already knowing he was your ex and he hugs you
  • “It’s so good to find MY GIRLFRIEND, you know…I love to play with MY GIRLFRIEND…MC you could have another name you know, it could be…MY GIRLFRIEND”
  • The guy kind of understands so he back off, while Yoosung was looking at him, angry, holding you tightly
  • “Mine…”
  • "Yoosung you can let me go now…”
  • He looks like a grumpy little child.
  • He didn’t let you go until you guys were home.
  • “MC…I’m better than that guy right?”
  • He’s adorable.
  • You kiss his cheek.
  • He’s in heaven now.


  • So, you, him, some walk?Yeah?Let’s go jogging?
  • No, yeah? You’ll go anyway.
  • “HEY MC!” You turn around, your ex.
  • “Oh god MC…You’re so stunning”
  • Zen puts his hand around your waist, pulling you closer, looking angry.
  • “Oh hey…Long time no see.” You said,smiling.
  • Zen knew the guy and knew you two already had been in some serious relationship.
  • He doesn’t like the guy because of this fact.
  • The guy is ignoring his presence, HOW RUDE
  • Well, Zen’s the opposite of the guy, he’s calm, conservative
  • And then the guy kisses your cheek.
  • “ZEN!”
  • He grabs your hand and goes home.
  • When you two got home, he gives you a home lecture about how beasts guys can be and he was the only one gentleman and knight.
  • “But you were the one who punched someone”
  • Seven mode activate?
  • Dramatic.


  • One of your ex-boyfriends visited the cafe.
  • This was not a very comfortable situation.
  • Yeah, not at all.
  • Jaehee doesn’t look happy about it, so she excuses herself saying she need to pick something.
  • You know what is going up.
  • While your ex-was talking to you, you were thinking about Jaehee.
  • “You’re thinking about your friend, right?She seemed upset”
  • “She’s not my friend, she’s my girlfriend”
  • He guy looks really surprised, but before he could say something you go after Jaehee
  • “Hey love…I need your help back there” Jaehee look at you, smiling, understanding.
  • She gets back there and smiles to your ex “So sir, what can i do for you? Want a coffee or something?” She says smiling.
  • She realizes this ex is nothing anymore to you, well…Now it’s a client.


  • He was shopping with you, buying you some dresses, you know.
  • Until one ex touches your shoulder making you look at him, and Jumin too.
  • “Hey!” Your ex said, smiling before you could say anything Jumin replies “Hey.”
  • That was awkward.
  • “Well…Mc, what you were doing?” Your ex said, trying to ignore that...Weird conversation.
  • “I was actually buying some hmm…” You was cut because Jumin starts to kiss your neck, you laugh blushing, looking at your ex “…Buying some dresses!”
  • While your ex was talking about something you were not even listening, Jumin sucked your neck, making a mark there, making you leave a little moan by that.
  • Ok…Things are awkward…This made your ex said goodbye to you.
  • You look at Jumin, wanting some explanation
  •  "Now you have a mark…Everybody will know that you’re mine.“
  • You can’t believe this was his explanation.
  • "I can’t wait to come back home love…I’ll do even more marks”
  • Well, shit.


  • You two were laughing after getting out of a movie theater
  • Your ex stands in front of you when you and Seven were walking.
  • Seven already knew that man…His enemy!
  • Ok, he doesn’t hate the guy, but sometimes he’s a little jealous.
  • That guy already kissed your cherry lips! OMG, all man must die.
  • “MC…Is that you?”
  • “No, this is not MC…This is my girlfriend”
  • You two laughed, your ex is not understanding.
  • “Well…Mc you’re beautiful”
  • “I’m not beautiful…I’m his girlfriend”
  • After some puns, your ex excuse himself.
  • He can’t take this anymore.
  • “Seven…Do you think i’m a dork?You see the way me treat the guy…”
  • “You’re not dork…YOU’RE MY GIRLFRIEND”
  • You two are laughing, and everybody is wondering…
  • After some minutes, you two are running from the securities.


  • Well…He can’t see very well…
  • But he can listen that you were talking to somebody else.
  • He greets that person and let you two talk.
  • He trusts you, he has nothing to worry about.
  • He gives you privacy.
  • When you are back you kiss him on the cheek “Sorry for making you wait.”
  • “It was nothing, my love…” He smiles “But do you mind if i ask…Who was it?”
  • “Oh…My ex” The smile doesn’t fade away from V face 
  • “That one that you already told me?It’s good to know that you guys are good friends”
  • You smile “You’re so precious”
  • He laughs “I’m just a man who loves you”


  • Your ex approached you when Saeran was going to buy an ice cream for you two.
  • He starts to talk about you, getting closer sometimes, but it was all a friendly conversation.
  • When Saeran’s back, he looks at your ex, your ex can see death in his eyes.
  • He takes some steps back from you while Saeran is watching him “I don’t punch you because i’m holding one ice cream”
  • “I have some business to solve…"Your ex runs, while Saeran is looking at him go, how can he be scary holding ice creams?
  • He looks at you and gives your ice cream "Here…Before it melts.” You pick up and he starts to lick his ice cream, enjoying the moment, he got closer to you.
  • You laugh and he looks at you “What?”
  • “You’re so cute Saeran!”
  • He’s red now
  • Someday kid…Someday
Retribution PT3

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Authors note: OMG IT’S FINALLY DONE. This was supposed to be finished earlier than this but my Family was panicking so much about christmas that they would not leave me alone to write or at least proof read. But omg, here it is and I hope you guys like it! I am sorry if there are any errors, I did my best but I know I still might have missed a few parts. Hope this didn’t suck balls guys. Please message me yours thoughts! huhuhu MERRY CHRISTMAS!

You bite back a smile and press a hand against your mouth as you listen to Taehyung’s story of how he had run off with Jimin’s pants a few summers ago.

“He was furious! A group of girls were gawking at him the whole time when he was sneaking out of the wash room in nothing but his boxers.” Taehyung cackles, hands slapping together as the memory relives itself in his head.

“I would have killed you.” You say before taking another bite out of your meal.

Taehyung leans against his seat, eyes twinkling with happiness as he nodded “Jimin didn’t talk to me for days after that. That kid has a temper on him, but he’s a good guy.”

“Yeah right.” You roll your eyes at him in disbelief. Jimin was practically the spitting image of the word ‘Asshole’.

“No really.” Taehyung urges “Jimin’s one of the most selfless people I know. You know, he could have charged you for helping you out on your wound, but he didn’t.”

“And I’m grateful for that, but the asswipe acts as if I owe him. I didn’t even ask for his help in the first place.” You wave your fork at Taehyung who just shrugs.

“You’re just something new to Jimin, he’s never had to deal with someone so outspoken as you. He talks about you a lot, you know.”

This shocks you.

You glance up at Taehyung with wide eyes while the young boy was silently picking at his plate, pushing away the olive before he’s meeting your eyes again. The intensity of his gaze has the breath knocked out of you but the sudden thought of Jimin talking about you to other people was so consuming, you had no idea what to focus on.

Taehyung? Or Jimin?

“I guess that why I got a little curious about you.” Taehyung announces and you immediately turn away from him.

Your cheeks once again turn red and Taehyung lets out an amused chuckle, his hands itching to rub against your cheeks to feel the warmth of your blush. Jimin was right, the sight really was something amusing. But the young boy knew better than to lay his hands on you, especially when his phone had started ringing for the 6th time in the past hour.

“You should really pick that up.” You hum, avoiding eye contact as your reach for your glass of water.

Taehyung lets out a sigh before he’s placing the gadget against his ear, his heart clenching at the voice calling out to him on the other line.

Babe! Thank god, you finally picked up.” Was her cry of relief, immediately melting away the ice wrapped around Taehyung’s heart.

“What’s wrong?” He tried to sound indifferent, forced himself to keep his voice steady, not wanting to let her know how relieved he felt to hear her.

“Come home! I’m sorry, okay? I was shitty and said the worse things. I really miss you and it was such a small fight, I can’t believe I made it such a big deal.” She all but sobs against the phone and Taehyung bites on his lower lip, his heart calling out to her in ways he never thought possible.

“I-” He eyes you quietly, his mind just processing Jimin’s words.

You’re doing something stupid.

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Neko, I wanted to tell you that I love you dead end-comic and I love Pacifist!Chara more than Goth and can I get reference for the pacifistic Chara?

aah that’s ok honn!! OMG I’m so honored u want to know about ma lil human ;//w//;


#for those who didn’t know, Paci!Chara is from my smol undertale comic ‘dead end’! feel free to read~! ;w;

EDIT(Additional info): aside from Papyrus, on special occassion a Frisk or Chara can sees them.

Cute Clingy Wonwoo

Anonymous asked:  Hi hi hi do you still take drabble requests? bc i love your drabbles so much omg i read them over and over but ANYWAY could you maybe do a cute wonu drabble where you guys are like reading or smth but he keeps distracting you w littles kisses and looks and just cuteness ajdkjdklfh or anything rlly! just cute clingy wonu i guess!! thank you♥♥♥

A/N First of all, thank you so much!! it means a lot to me when someone compliments my writing~ also yes i do still do these but i took a break because of school and an all around lack of motivation. But now, I’m back! So here we go~

  • Love the idea of him constantly wanting to be touching you? Just feeling your skin is really comforting to him
  • Every time he reads if he’s not laying on top of you, he’s wiggling his feet under you to keep them warm
  • Constantly distracting you by just going “hey,” then giving you a little kiss.
  • Sometimes he’ll try to give it a big setup like “oh my god look at this come here” if you’re like in another chair, and you’ll come over to see what it is but it isn’t even anything and you give him an exhasperated sigh and he just goes
  • Oh I just wanted you here by me
  • Listen to me Wonwoo is so greasy when he loves someone a lot
  • Loves to laze around with you like on the weekends cause being an idol is so much work physically
  • And when he gets back he really just wants to eat and cuddle
  • He just goes “aaaaah” and pops some food into your mouth
  • Likes to kiss you if there’s a little sauce on your mouth to get a little taste
  • To be honest he looks probably as embarrassed as you do afterwards
  • Since you two don’t see each other much, he likes to be with you constantly when you finally have time together
  • The other members kind of ignore you too like ok we have a break Wonwoo’s just gonna become one with u for the next few days
  • Jeonghan is like gross but Wonwoo just makes a grumpy noise and clings to you tighter
  • I live for Wonwoo being teased for being so greasy with you but he’s just like its not like im embarrassed I just love them?? Like sorry u aren’t in such a rocking relationship
  • Then they shut right up
  • Mostly while Wonwoo is still an idol he is attached to you and is getting as much cuddles into the short time you’re together as he can
Read, It's Worth It.

So in my brothers school the 7th Grade have to write a story based on war, so he was on my computer without me knowing to see if I had already written a story based on war and he stumbled across a frerard smut I wrote based on a The Ghost Of You, he read the first line thought “that’s good enough” and eMAILED IT TO HIS TEACHER. HE EMAILED HIS TEACHER MY FRERARD SMUT AND oMG. He still doesn’t know.