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hetabook series: #5 
     rihanna: who run the world??  /  me: aph girls

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Fun prompt: draw the first random thought you have when you read this within one hour!

(adm: Fem!Prussia, a la cliché japanese female student late for school, except she’s jumping off a bridge to get a shortcut, listening to music in Fem!Germany’s headphones, studying for the exam she will miss if she gets late and eating a sausage instead of a toast.

This turned out an absolute disaster, but there you go, anon. I kept my hour promise xD)

Ok first never pass  a week without actually drawing more than one doodle. I mean omg my anatomy. ;A; 

Still this was inspired by a post about your OTP dancing in their socks int he living room (that would actually be filled with pictures knowing those 2) while the tallest is humming a song and the other one got his head on his shoulder. So now you have a sick Gilbert (a good old cold like the one I am having) dancing with Matthew. :) (probably singing some french songs…probably Edith Piaf.)

History class

ok, so, today in my history class we were watching a first global war movie, and it was about Russia. Then, in a scene, there was a vase with sunflowers on the table. I fangirled, and all my class turned around to see what I was doing. 



  • Feliciano: Fratello, who do you like better
  • Feliciano: Gilbert or Ludwig?
  • Lovino: ...that's like asking which activity do i enjoy most,
  • Lovino: having a huge migraine or puke fest??

dumb doodle of my darling lesbian children!! getting married!!! (nyo!pruaus wedding AU)

(inspired by dresses and models in this post)

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Hey again I was wondering if you could do axis + Prussia reacting to their s/o on their period. By the way I love both your imagines and name (my name is jenna)

Feliciano (Italy)-Once Feli figured out what time of the month it was, he would try and wait on his s/o the best he could. Cuddles, chocolate, you name it. Anything that could make his s/o feel a bit better. He would also be very sweet and would always listen if his s/o wanted to complain about it, and he’d be very affectionate with them (more so than usual), during this time. 

Ludwig (Germany)-Ludwig would be at kind of a loss when i comes to this, as he wouldn’t really know what exactly to do to help out his s/o. If they asked him for something he’d do it without hesitation, but if not he’d probably just give them space unless they wanted him to stay with them. He would check on them pretty frequently to see if they need anything though. 

Kiku (Japan)-Kiku would always be very sympathetic and very patient with his s/o when they’re on their period. He’d try and surprise them with small gifts or their favorite things if they were unhappier than usual, and he’d always be there to listen and comfort his s/o if they needed him. He might not be very physically affectionate, but Kiku would make sure that his s/o knew that he cared for them and was always willing to help. 

Gilbert (Prussia)-Gilbert might be a little awkward once he learned what’s going on with his s/o, and like his brother, he wouldn’t really know what to do. He wouldn’t want to admit that however, so he’d hover around his s/o until they told him what they need. He’d worry a little too, even if his s/o told him that everything was fine. He’d totally be the type who would panic and run out to the store to buy like 2 boxes of chocolate for them too. He’d also try and cuddle with them a lot too.