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Heresy comment 2011 [Aoi]

I’m screaming look at him and his smile and his lil butt and his beautiful hair and uuuuggghhhhhh. This was just uploaded in January and I’m so glad I’m blessed
“BIG D!!!” - “koko ni ne~ poketto~” UUUGH oh lord he’s SO PRECIOUS I CANT

Reita and Aoi don’t like shopping for clothes (Rajigaze Jan 13)

Reita (reading mail): “Reita-san, Aoi-san, good evening. I’m writing you about one of this month’s themes, Anger. Last week you guys were talking about store employees [who pissed you off]”

Aoi: Ah yes yes (*the one where the cashier kept asking Aoi if he was sure he’d grabbed the right size of underwear as if he didn’t believe him)

Reita: “Last month I also got pissed off by a store employee for the first time in a while. I wanted to buy a new coat, so I was looking at them when one of the staff came and talked to me. Everything was fine until I tried it on, what happened after was the problem. I understand that [the staff] wanted to sell the coat, but they were trying to do so by comparing it to the one I was wearing that day. And maybe it was just the way they were saying it, but it felt like they were making fun of me, and I was really uncomfortable. Have you two ever experienced something like that?” – so I guess it was like, well your coat is like this but our coat is like – more stylish or something? 

Aoi: Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah 

Reita: Like saying her coat wasn’t as good?

Aoi: Yeah exactly. 

(Reita chuckles) 

Reita: I listened to your Anger talk last week you know

Aoi: Oh did you? 

Reita: Yeah, that guy who was like, “is this the right size,” right? (laughs) 

Aoi: Oh yEAH!

(both laugh) 

Reita: He asked u twice right…yeah I listened to that one

Aoi: Yeh yeh yeh yeh yeh…but you know I don’t really think many people talk about [the clothes they’re selling] in comparison with the ones you’re wearing…

Reita: Right? I don’t think they usually do that, no one’s ever done it to me…

Aoi: Well I guess everyone’s different

Reita: How do you feel about like – you know when you’re clothes shopping, the staff comes and talks to you a lot. Are you ok w that? 

Aoi: Omg no they talk to me so much omg 

Reita: (laughs) It’s annoying eh? 

Aoi: Yes…..

Reita: So they come up to u and ask “what are u looking for”……wyd


Reita: (laughing) What do you mean nope 

Aoi: I’m like noooope

Reita: They’re like “are you looking for a jacket?”

Aoi: Ughhhhhhh

Reita: It’s annoying when they ask, right?

Aoi: Well-uhh-yeh– (can’t talk)

(both laugh)

Reita: Like it’s fine if they’re like “feel free to try that on” and ur like “k thanks” and that’s it but…when they start explaining their products…

Aoi: Well I mean I don’t really…

Reita: Oh you don’t go clothes shopping that much anyway? Like once every few months?

Aoi: I probably go like once or twice a year. 

Reita: Ahhhh…

Aoi: So I don’t really know what stores are like.

Reita: Yeah same…and I always go to the same few stores, and it’s the same people working there all the time, so like…I wait on the third floor or something, and they bring the clothes up for me. 

Aoi: Wait what, like the clothes you wanna try on?

Reita: No they just bring a bunch of stuff up and I just try it on, and then they bring more stuff (laughs)

Aoi: Oh u famous huh

Reita: (laughing) No no no it’s just – [the store] goes all the way to the basement, so –

Aoi: So just go down there yourself. 

Reita: Nah I’m just like “bring me something good please.”

Aoi: (whispers) Damn,,,,,,,,,,,,

Reita: (laughs) But yeah I don’t really like going to clothing stores…so what, you buy them online?

Aoi: Yeah I do. 

Reita: Yeah I feel u. But you get the size wrong don’t you (laughs) 

Aoi: Yeh….yeh I do…….

Reita: Ruki used to always give me clothes that were the wrong size (laughs) he always gets the size wrong

Aoi: But even when it’s the same brand, sometimes the sizes are a little bit different depending on the thing, you know? 

Reita: Yeah totally.

Aoi: It’s unbelievable. 

Reita: It happens…like u get a shirt that’s way too small for u

Aoi: Like if it’s too big I can deal with it…but when it’s small

Reita: (laughs) if it’s small u can’t do shit w it

Aoi: Yes…

Aoi and Reita discuss girls who pee together (Rajigaze Jan 20)

(Dark Side Mail) 

Reita: “The other day I had a negative conversation with my coworker, and it reminded me of this story from when I was in high school. One day after school, I went out to eat with my friends and one of their friends, there were maybe 4 or 5 of us. We were all having a good time, when one of my friend’s friends said they had to go to the bathroom. They stood up and were like, ‘I bet you guys are gonna start talking shit about me as soon as I’m gone.’ We weren’t thinking that in the slightest, but they weirdly convinced me that some people actually do that. Since then, whenever I go out with two or more people, I’m a little scared to go to the bathroom. I do think it was that friend’s Dark Side, but couldn’t you say I have a Dark Side too since they influenced me? Are you two more positive people or negative people? Are there ever times where you think, ‘wow I’m being really negative’? I’m negative in that if a group of people near me are laughing, I assume they’re laughing at me….Happy Birthday Aoi-san.”

Aoi: Aww thank u for that!!!

Reita: “We Rock.”

Aoi: Hmm but like…idk I feel this! I’m pretty negative so 

Reita: Yeah but like (laughing) do you say “I bet you’re gonna talk shit about me as soon as I leave…?” Like, I’ve heard that girls say that kinda stuff but…

Aoi: I say that sometimes!

Reita: Huh??

Aoi: Like, heard u was talkin shit


Aoi: Like, U THOUGHT

Reita: Oh you say it like that huh

Aoi: Ye

Reita: Yeah but at least that way it sounds tough u know?

Aoi: Yeah for sure

Reita: I feel like you’ll get shit-talked because you said that tho (laughs)

Aoi: Ah yeah…hmm…..

Reita: But I guess some people are just like that huh.

Aoi: No but, if people around me are laughing I also think they’re laughing at me!

Reita: Really!?

Aoi: Yeah! That’s why I don’t like trains and buses and…public places like that…

Reita: You think people will talk about you?

Aoi: Yeah, and it’s not like I’m overly self-conscious or anything, I’m just thinking like….what if…..

Reita: What if it’s me [they’re laughing at etc]?

Aoi: Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Reita: Ahhhh….

Aoi: Hmmm…yeah…

Reita: I never think that, like, what if they’re laughing at me and stuff

Aoi: Yeah u don’t huh

Reita: But one time in Shibuya Uruha heard someone say “that dude’s hair is long!!!”

Aoi: (laughing) omg really??

Reita: (laughing) Yeah, like, there’s definitely ppl in Shibuya with longer hair! Why are you talking about him?

Aoi: Right…

Reita: But anyway, I heard girls invite other girls to go to the bathroom with them so they won’t talk shit [while they’re gone]. 

Aoi: Really?

Reita: Well idk if it’s true but I’m sure some of them do 

Aoi: So what do they do about…u know…peeing together…the sound…u know…we’re fine bc we can just hit that angle [where the pee doesn’t make noise gwuhisdolgh] can girls do that too?

Reita: Girls can probably hit some angle too 

(both laugh)

Aoi: Man, I’ve always wondered about that so much! Cause like, it’s water underneath right?

Reita: Omg right

Aoi: Right

Reita: Tru

Aoi: Tru…like..what do u get out of peeing with ur friend

(both laugh)

Reita: Yeah and like, with guys it’s standing, right, so we can stand next to each other and have a conversation, but girls have stalls, right?

Aoi: Yeh

Reita: Wouldn’t you be scared to have a conversation in stalls? (laughs) Like if someone came in…

Aoi: Totally…idk….

Reita: Like why do they invite each other to the bathroom? 

Aoi: Hmm…

Reita: Is there some reason they don’t like going alone?

Aoi: Hmm…

Reita: Omg wouldn’t it be scary if like, you had a group Line with 5 friends, and then like 3 or 4 of them had their own group line??

Aoi: Ahh, it happens.

Reita: ……..Can I see ur Line groups

Aoi: No no no no no no

Reita: (laughs) U guys don’t have a Line group?

Aoi: No no no no no. Trust me!

Reita: But I bet kids at school totally do that. I would feel so bad…if I was a principal I would make it so that the school didn’t get service

(both laugh)