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Yooran Week Day 7: Pokemon Master and Slave Saeran-zard

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HERE WE ARE. THE EPIC *cough* CONCLUSION TO AN EPIC *splutter* WEEK-LONG (PLUS SOME) BATTLE! Angel Yoosung and Devil Saeran end up as Champion partners in the Pokemon-verse! THE PERFECT ENDING AMIRITE?!? I MEAN, LOOK - SAERAN IS SMILING!!!! OMGOSH

Thank you everyone for joining me on this crazy and highly questionable journey. I hope you’ve enjoyed my crack take on the Yooran Week prompts as much as I’ve enjoyed doing them. The week has been fantastic and as Mod Amy I’m really happy to have seen so many of your amazing entries! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST MUCH LOVE <3333

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Seventeen’s One Fine Day in Japan - Jeonghan cuts

cr: Y_1004_JH


“After that’s done we’ll have to figure out what to do with–” Dean noted the sudden starry look in Cas’ eyes and then suddenly it was as if Dean wasn’t there at all. “Hello?” he said gruffly, trying to draw the angel’s attention back to him. “Hellooooo? Cas!”

But Cas might as well have been on a different planet. His face was lighting up and all his attention was fixed on you as you breezed in through the door, looking a little windswept from the autumn breeze outside and juggling to hold the books in your arms, your coffee, and your tea.

Dean followed Cas’ gaze and decided to give up for the moment… Cas’ mind was clearly elsewhere… So, Dean patted him hard on the shoulder and left him to it.  


♡ ♡ This is honestly what the blog is about.:’) To help others see and embrace the positive and understand the negative, y’know? Especially in ourselves. And I am SO thankful you both have reached out to me in telling it has somehow helped you, however small a way it was. ♡ ♡

Thank you my sweet angel babies. It’s messages like these that keep me going tbh. Keep being lovely! ♡


 STATS  /  HC  001.    on  julia’s  eighteenth  birthday,  her  parents  bought  her  a  horse  as  a  present  because  she  loves  to  ride,  and  she  adored  horses  a  lot.  hers  is  caramel  like  colour  with  long  white  hair,  and  a  saddle  of  deep  green.    the  other  reason  is  she  always  loved  riding  on  sven  when  she  was  a  kid,  but  sometimes  kristoff  wouldn’t  let  her  because  he  gettin’  old  bruh.   which  explains  why  i  have  a  horse  on  my  promo  /  aesthetics  of  her  <33    tagging  frozen  family  @arendclled  @wintrheir  @glowtheft  bc  reasons.