omg and the pooch

Sherlock was always upset that he couldn’t have a dog because his dad was allergic.

He comes back after his long, horrible absence and not only has Molly “moved on”, she’s getting a dog with old Meat Dagger McGee.

The internal heartbreak:

pixeltrashcan  asked:

This is late(sorry I suck), I know things have been a little tough lately so I sincerely hope you had the happiest birthday yesterday, one filled with lots of love and cake and deep deep belly laughs and sooo many super cute pooch kisses. Happy, happy birthday girl.

OMG YOURE SO SWEET!!! Thank you so much, don’t worry about being late I miss people’s bday’s all the time its okay!!! But this was so so so sweet you’re amazing thank you ❤️

I just asked dad if he would be mad if I bought a dog and he was like “hmm I don’t know that’s a hard one” so hey looks like that’s a yes and I can get another POOCH to be friends with Smithers omg