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Can I just say that I am so obsessed with wnfwswm that I wander the streets of New York on Google Maps? I try to find the places they would probably go and see the things they see, and I always have a lot of fun when I can do that with a story.

dude omg. but also I’m sorry because I started writing before I moved to New York and I’m worried the geography may not make any sense?? I mean I tried with subways and everything but probably like most things the details ended up being a little wonky

(but also thank you?? maybe I’ll try to poke at that fic today, see if I can’t make some strides on finishing the next chapter. I’m so excited to get to post the end of this fic, you guys, you don’t even know.)


Wahh omg I finally finished some concept outfits for Tsu..Been working on these for a few weeks in between work/school and other things…oh and Pokemon go not working for me lol. I got stuck a few times too, and I don’t even know if these are 100 % finalized but these are the types of things I envision her to wear in game. Model based on my reference sheet:

1)     Her common/everyday outfit. A gift from Nicco when she moved to Grid :>…more details about that later. The earring design seen are also designed by @niccodai (based off the baron earring set) so kudos to Nicco for that! This outfit is also makeable in game, so if you ever see me in game being casual you’ll most likely see me in it!

2)      Her ‘travel’ outfit, a sort of thing she’d wear for long trips, as its function is meant to be durable during harsh conditions while also managing to keep her presentable. Inspiration comes from the Midas Chestpiece, and Melfina’s outfit from Outlaw Star.

3)      Songstress outfit – Tsu herself is a singer, and eventually stars to perform publicly. Though I don’t feel her songstress look is defined to just one outfit (I imagine her changing garbs depending on the song/scenario) I wanted a defaulted songstress look for her. This outfit gave me the hardest time personally, and it went through many changes. I initially based it on the in game expeditioner’s set cuz of the in game sash, but the final version just didn’t look right, so I scratched it and started over. Took some inspiration from ffx-2 outfits and Macross influences as well. I hope to work on more songstress/singing type outfits in the future!

4)      Training/Combat outfit – While her main in game ‘job’ is Astrologian, she wishes to become stronger physically, and decides to start training on Nicco’s tutelage while living with him, though more into knife wielding than hand to hand combat. Based heavily on my current ninja outfit in game, though I removed the overly large pauldrons generally found on that shirt. Also added bandages (bandages when se?? and not just for mnk pls). Also yeah, a bandana too, cuz yeah w/e gotta get all Narutoe up in hereyah. I may come back to this someday and edit it a bit, Idk…

extreme concert going guide

So as you may know, I go to a LOT of concerts (here’s my concert list). Some of them are single shows, some of them are even entire tours, most of them are outside my country. The most common reaction I’ve been getting is “omg you’re so lucky! how can you afford this, you must be so rich!”. So I’ve decided to explain in detail how I do it. A guide under read more, enjoy and hope it helps!

PSA: I’m writing this as an European, this may not (fully) apply to other places!

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Ok so this video has a long intro but it’s so important. Some of this we knew a bit about from his blog he wrote at the beginning of the year but he goes into more detail here and adds to it and MY HEART omg honey. And then he sings this song. I have never felt more for a song the first time I heard it IN MY LIFE. By anyone. Just. Wow. Make time to listen to this. Please. 
I tried to write out the lyrics. Lmk if you spot any little mistakes. It was 3am when I finished. lol my life.


I think I’ll take a second chance
I won’t be passing by these waters again
Wanna feel redemption’s hand
See this life only for what it, what it is
I know the river’s not too wide
I can see it for myself with my own eyes
Someone out there’s on my side
It’s not my place to question why

Everybody needs time away
To wake up with the sun on their face
I’m not there yet but i know
That I don’t wanna feel numb
Falling over all of my shadows
Yeah I’m all done
Cuz none of that ever really mattered
It hurts to live so wide awake, oh
But it’s a chance I can take
I won’t run run run

Cuz I don’t wanna feel numb

So deep inside these hills I run
To a place where I can see til Kingdom Come
See the days one by one
And love this life only for what it, what it is
I hear the whispers in the stars
The words that tell us more of who we are
Someone out there’s not that far
Everything I need is here now



A tidal wave brought to life
Rushing over every doubt of mine
Open soul in an open sky
Everything, everything is right
I don’t wanna feel numb
Falling over all of my shadows
Yeah I’m all done
Cuz none of that ever really mattered
It hurts to live so wide awake, oh
But it’s a chance I can take
I won’t run run run (x2)

I don’t wanna feel numb (x3)