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A couple of adorable moments during JunGyu’s night eating show-

  • Mingyu accidentally cut off Jun’s “Say the name” intro, so he had to restart
  • Tried to introduce the show in English with Mingyu being Mingyu, and Jun cutely parroting what he says (”Joshua, Vernon, are you guys watching?”)
  • JUN CALLED OUT THE8… as usual. I knew it was coming sooner or later but not that soon (”The8, are you watching? We’re having lamb skewers”)
  • They mentioned that Woozi likes coke
  • Mingyu showing Jun how to eat noodles properly, actually a huge proportion of this is Mingyu lecturing Jun how to run the show properly lol, and taking care of him like a mom (passing him eating utensils, feeding him, etc) I’m sorry but which one of you is the hyung again
  • Except for that one time where Mingyu accidentally burned the meat and Jun told him to put it on the sides
  • Mingyu randomly put his arm around Jun, it was adorkable. You could see him contemplating whether or not to do it lol
  • Jun’s been hinting for Mingyu to feed him
  • And for Mingyu to be fed by him
  • Mingyu did feed Jun lol, it was very sweet because Jun was talking about how he would stress eat, and Mingyu chose that very moment to feed him and say, “Don’t feel stressed~”
  • Jun comes to Puppygyu’s rescue when the meat won’t come off
  • Jun trying to air draw China and Mingyu following along
  • While Mingyu was trying to describe what lamb skewers taste like, Jun put a lamb doll on his shoulder
  • They mentioned that S.Coups really hates doing commercials(?)
  • Mini Chinese lesson from Jun about how to order one serving of lamb skewers
  • For whatever reason Mingyu really likes calling Jun by his full name
  • More Mingyu feeding Jun + Mingyu eating Jun’s leftovers (indirect kiss) then getting shy about it
  • Mingyu praises Jun and gives him a highfive, Jun just gives this cute little shy laugh they were so adorable just look at the gif (were they holding hands under the table?)
  • When they were deciding who to call, Jun immediately brought up Seungkwan (just saying, I’ve always had this suspicion that they’re wayyy closer than what their on-screen moments suggest)
  • Seungkwan, DK, and Joshua apparently watch cooking shows while they’re dieting
  • On another note, Jun’s “names” for them: Seungkwanie, Dokyeomie, Josh-hyung
  • The fans commented and gave suggestions, Mingyu was reading them out and he was like “The8-” and Jun immediately repeated “THE8!” bruh get your obsession checked out
  • Hoshi “has problems” so they can’t call him
  • Mingyu helps Jun wipe his mouth
  • Jun tells a story about how he brought back Chinese food, put them in the fridge, and then found them gone the next morning. The culprits were Mingyu and Seungkwan, he could tell from their breaths (I wonder if he went around smelling everyone’s breaths…)
  • CAN I JUST SAY THAT THE WAY JUN TEASES SEUNGKWAN BEFORE THEY CALLED HIM IS SO ENDEARING OMG (”Are you watching now? Hm? Are you drooling? ewe”) //if I were Seungkwan I’d punch him
  • JUN ALWAYS EATS WOOZI’S PORTION OF FOOD seriously how many off screen moments go on man
  • Jun gives Mingyu posing advice
  • I live for them feeding each other (Jun is very insistent on feeding Mingyu LOL, “Am I eating too much?” “No, you have to eat more *proceeds to stuff more food into his mouth*”)
  • Joshua, Seungkwan, and Mingyu have similar taste in food
  • Joshua and The8 like Chinese food
  • DK is a good friend to eat with along with Seungkwan and Woozi according to Mingyu
  • Jun doesn’t eat rice with meat
  • Woozi and Jun like to eat rice (Woozi eats a lot of rice and coke)
  • Mingyu accidentally said that he’s 150cm instead of 186cm, Jun choked
  • THIS ADORABLE CONVO: “I used to be 185cm, now I’m 186cm. I hope I don’t grow taller or I can’t be in SVT anymore.” “No way, even if you’re 200cm you’re still SVT~”
  • Just… just Jun being so supportive of Mingyu through the whole thing I swear THEY’RE SO SUPPORTIVE OF EACH OTHER SSGJSHJSL:HALHA
  • Jun patting Mingyu on the back when he choked
  • Mingyu being super hyper and happy when they changed their photos to better ones on the Naver main page
  • Them originally planning to pose like they’re going to feed each other, and Mingyu being like, “Aren’t you going to feed me??? DD:”
  • “Dear son, eat a lot. My son.” - Jun while actually feeding Mingyu //Jun why /we have a new branch family aside from Jeonghan and Dino the competition is intense
  • Jun literally stuffing Mingyu with everything on the table and Mingyu glaring at Jun for not saying anything to the viewers while he’s chewing (and the first thing Jun says after that is, “Eat more”) Jun what exactly are you plotting
  • “Please stop feeding me” - Mingyu
  • After he finally swallowed everything, the first thing Mingyu said was “Moon Junhwi”… why is he so random I swear
  • “As we’re coming to an end his Korean suddenly became so fluent” - savagemingyu
  • “I will feed you, you did it to me.” - Mingyu’s revenge + Jun’s nervous laugh
  • Jun randomly repeating each dish’s name in Chinese with his mouth full (because Mingyu keeps stuffing him)
  • “You do it.” “I don’t do that. You need to do that.” (why so mean to Jun, Gyu)
  • They play rock papers scissors to see who gets the last one, Jun feeds Mingyu again I’m crying

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Y'all I'm am shooketh. For a WHOLE YEAR AND A HALF. I thought Camila's first verse in WFH was "I ain't worried 'bout nothing, I ain't worried about nada." I was just innocently riding my bike today when I heard the song Apple EarBud clearly. This bish says "I AINT WEARIN' NADA"???? OMG. I died. I wasn't ready. Flew off the bike along with my life, wig, and wig's price tag. Now I have to rewatch all the performances. Sexy AF mija. I'm GONE!

Enjoy your sexual awakening, my child. Lol 😂🙌🏻

EXO Reaction when they find out you are 10 years younger

Exo’s reaction when they find out that the girl that they like is waaaaaaayyy younger/olfer than them (example: 10 years) lol ^^- Anon. (I’m just gonna do younger :) ) 

Xiumin: You’re how old!? 

Luhan: oh shit, now I seem like a pedophile…

Kris: WTH, I’ve gone for young, but not this young! 

Suho: *his day suddenly turned dark* 

Lay: *gif says it all* 

Baekhyun: Omg what am I going to do now? She’s not even legal yet..

Chen: Why do you look so mature? *speechless*

Chanyeol: OMG what is this?

D.O: Well, I think I’m just going to go cry myself to sleep now. 

Tao: I’m sorry ten years younger you say?  

Kai: Gurl, Are you lying to me? 

Sehun: I’m sorry, but I think it’s time we change your birthday 

Gifs not mine :) 

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Liz, my love, Rate these beautiful Setter moments: 1) Suga tossing after Asahi calls for the toss, 2) Kageyama and the 'How about it?' moment, 3)Oikawa and that final toss to Iwa-chan across the court, 4)Akaashi setting to Bokuto at training camp when 'they're no longer paying attention to our Ace, and 5) Koganegawa's super-sized gone into space set for Futakuchi.

Carole this is amazing look at all the beauty you sure know how to kill me with setters gahhh okay let’s try this

  1. Kageyama’s how bout it moment (i love it a lot)
  2. Oikawa’s toss (are you trying to kill me i had to go back and re-read it and now i am crying and not prepared for the next few episodes it’s so beautiful)
  3. Suga tossing to Asahi (it’s a classic gotta love it)
  4. Akaashi and Bo (such a good moment omg)
  5. Koga’s super sized toss (it’s so great lol)

i guess in the end i ordered them according to the feels level haha. thank you!

give me five…