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yuuri going for a run during a winter morning. ironically slipping on a tiny patch of ice at the top of some concrete steps and somersaulting down the whole way. it's like five in the morning, so everyone else is snoozing. also his phone breaks on the way down.

HOLY SHIT. OOH MY GOD. OHHHHH MY GOD. THIS IS TOO GOOD. i absolutely love this trope. holy shit. you hit the nail on the head with this one oh my god

  • imagined if it happened in russia?? where everything is unfamiliar to yuuri???
  • it’s very, very early and there aren’t hardly any people out yet. 

  • viktor is still sleeping back at the apartment. yuuri just wants to go for a run, like he’s done many times. 

  • he doesn’t wake viktor up or leave a note to tell him he’s leaving or where he’s going, because he’ll be back in half an hour anyway. viktor’s tired from training and coaching and yuuri wants to let him sleep.

  • it’s a long set of stairs in a secluded area.

  • he doesn’t even see the ice. his foot hits it and he has absolutely no hope of stopping the momentum that throws him down the steps head first. 

  • the fall is a complete blur. something cracks, but he doesn’t know what.

  • when he comes to a stop at the bottom, in a terribly mangled heap, the air’s been completely knocked from his lungs. he can’t breathe and he can’t move

  • it takes a long time until he can take little hitching gasps of air.

  • when he does, the pain hits, and it hits hard. it hits everywhere. for a while he can’t even pinpoints the places he was injured, but gradually the pain moves into localized areas. 

  • it starts in his shoulder first. something is definitely very wrong there, but he doesn’t want to move it to find out what. there’s a place on his shin that’s in absolute agony, and something feels like it’s digging into his side. there are other places that hurt, too, but he can’t tell if he’s very injured or if they’re just scrapes and bruises, because he’s sure he has a lot of those.

  • his head also hurts, but it’s a dull pain.

  • he’s panicking. he’s lying at the bottom of a staircase in st. petersburg, a good few kilometers from viktor, and it’s 5 am so there are no people around and he can’t get up. 

  • he’s terrified to move because he knows he’s injured badly, but he doesn’t know how badly. he knows something is very, very wrong, and he can’t work up the nerve to try to assess the injuries.

  • he lies there for a long, long time, trying to keep from hyperventilating. he’s definitely crying. 

  • by the time he works up the courage to pull his uninjured arm from underneath him, he’s shaking from head to toe and the pain hasn’t faded at all. 

  • he very, very carefully pulls his phone from his pocket, a huge feeling of relief building in his chest.

  • but then his phone won’t turn on. it’s completely dead. yuuri is filled with sheer, icy terror.
  • that’s also when he notices the blood leaking out from under his head.
this is all i’m going to be thinking about for days. bless you, thank you

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Tom: U-Uh, what…? Are you ok…? Do you need a doctor!?!? OMG SOMEONE CALL AN AMBULANCE OUR FRIEND IS GONNA DIE

fic prompts
  • youre in the car next to me 
  • my friend is trying to get with your friend and we end up on a double date  
  • i see you at starbucks all the time and you always get the same thing wth
  • so youre that guy that bought 10 industrial sizes of cheetos
  • my computer broke and i know nothing about technology
  • i happened to open my window just in time to see you trip and fall outside and i laughed so loud you heard me
  • it is 3 am tell your pet to shut up
  • i found your pet in my yard
  • i was at the book store and tried to get a book on the top shelf only to make the books fall on you in my failed attempt
  • im in the tampon aisle and so are you for whatever reason why do you look so confused
  • you fucking took the parking spot i was gonna get
  • you took the last cereal at the market you ass i know you saw me getting it
  • you were playing with your pen during class and it somehow flew out of your hand and hit me
  • your hair is on my desk oh wow it’s so pretty wait how did i end up playing with your hair
  • i saw you walking your pet and i thought you were pretty hot so i decided to get a pet so i can walk with you and strike up a conversation
  • im a waitress and i accidentally got your order wrong  
  • im a waitress and you ordered something youre allergic to, what do you mean you didnt know you were allergic to this omg call the ambulance  
  • i “accidentally” spilled some type of liquid on you oops
  • you are buying quite a lot of [insert food here]
  • you saw me sneaking out of my house at like 1 am, what do you mean what am i doing, what are you doing outside at 1 am
  • your dog shitted on my yard and this is not the first i s2g if you don’t pick this shit up
  • i work at ups and always deliever things to your house, why are you always ordering stuff online and did you just order a giant dildo wtf
  • you almost ran me over  
  • i saw you on the roof of your house at night looking at the stars
  • i was taking a walk and saw you outside washing your car in a swimsuit
  • you were playing with toy guns at the toy store where i work with your friends and you accidentally hit me
  • i thought i was the only person in the manga section at the bookstore gdi
  • i keep going to the place where you work just so i can see you but i don’t have the courage to actually try and talk to you
  • youre new here and asked me for directions
  • you’re in the choir and i’m the pianist 

·He’s the visual (ofc) and main dancer of the group.
·Usually takes off his shirt in concerts…and in fansigns… And in interviews…. He do it very often bc he knows how good looking he is. Btw he is very proud of it.
·He’s the guy who get to act at a lot of dramas roles bc the world know he’s good actor and he’s good looking it’s a bonus.
·Learn his parts at the songs and the coreographys faster then the other members bc he’s SO MUCH DEDICATED
·Usually argues with the hairstilyst bc she really want cut his ponytail. Don’t. No one understand that his ponytail is the font of his superpowers lol
·Sometimes get into alcohol and cigarettes scandals when the group are having a bad time :((
·He’s the maknae of the group and the shortest member as well. Poor him.
·The fans ALWAYS ask him to do aegyo bc he’s too cute for his own good.
·A lot of times he get scolded bc he skipped pratice to play games. But he always asks Zen to help him to catch the moves.
·He’s the cook of the group -at least he tries- well, his ramyeon is the best.
·In the concerts, when he see the fans giving him love, he cry and this is the cuttest thing ever, someone hug him
·He is the member who recieve more stuffed animals from the fans, his room is full of them,  707 lose his bed for the Yoosung bear’s collection.
·She’s the manager-nim. Everyone respect her so much bc she’s soo good in her job.
·Like a big mom she tries to keep the boys in the line. Poor Baehee
·She’s always working to keep them popular (looking for trends for example), and to get concerts and interviews for the boyz. Like 24/7.
·Everytime that the boys are performing, she feels so proud, she loves see her and the boys efforts giving amazing results.
·Bc she’s so pretty, Jaehee has her own fanclub among the fans of the boys, and recieve a lot of presents. But who says that the boys don’t get jealous?
·Even she needs keep her posture as manager, secretly she’s the biggest fan of the group and keep fangirling alone in the dark of her apartment.
·Also she’s the president of the Zen’s fanclub. But no one knows it.
·He’s the lead vocal and his beautiful voice make all the fans die. And if he do some highnote OMG CALL THE AMBULANCE.
·Even if he is the oldest member, he causes trouble too. Once he tried hide his cat in the dorm, but how Zen is his roommate, he was totally exposed.
·He’s way too much possessive with the fans and get jealous if they not give him full atention.
·How he got the money he don’t suffer like the other members in the staff hands. Usually eat expensive stuff when the others are eating Yoosung’s kitchen disasters.
·Sometimes people talk about how he are popular thanks to his family background but he doesn’t care. This boi knows he’s talented as fuck.
·He’s the leader, the rapper and the happy virus of the group. Always joking and doin’ pranks on the other members.
·This guy is the one who give Jaehee hard times more frequently. Yoosung is always his target. Jaehee needs protect this little boi everytime.
· Fansign King/Variety King. He’s the guy who every variety show asks for. He’s playful, funny and do the best imitations of his sunbaenim ever.
·Even if he’s always joking, he still is the most protective member. Always when the group have hard times he’s the first one to try find a soluction.
·When he recieved his first good payment he bought a sport car. That was he’s dream. A beautiful dream come true.
·He secretly enjoy reading fanfics, he always laugh when have some love scene with Yoosung, and to tease him, he start reading in loud voice. Someone stop 707, before he gives us more fanfic material

Notes: So, yeah I finally finished and I hope you guys enjoy it… So this is like my first headcanon and if you guys like it, I can do more, ofc I probably can’t draw everytime but yeah. (and I’m sorry,I didn’t draw Baehee bc I was running out of my time, so I promise next time I’ll do it).AH, PLEASE DO NOT REPOST THIS WITHOUT ASK ME FIRST, AND PLEASE GIVE ME CREDITS

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Bts reaction when they say something funny as you eat and you end up choking plss

So i did as its not you choking like dying mode but like you get the food in the wrong tube. Hope that`s ok <3

Kim Seokjin/Jin:  

His *mom mode* will turn on and he would pat your back and run to get a glass of water “here you go jagi, please drink it will help you” he would then kiss your cheek and make sure your throat gets better.

Kim Namjoon/Rapmonster:

He would first get a small shock that you were suddenly choking, but as the leader of six idiots he would be calm and know exactly what to do. He would kiss your temple, smile and say “you are so silly, but at least i make you laugh”.

Jung Hoseok/J-hope:

He would be screaming “OMG MY JAGI IS DYING!! CALL THE AMBULANCE OMG!!!! WHAT TO DO!!!” when you stopped choking he would hug you tigh kinda choking you again and say “i thought you were going to die and then it would be my fault!!! PLEASE FORGIVE!” he is scared for life.

Min Yoongi/Suga:

He would give you a pet on the back and continue eating like nothing happend because Min Yoongi is MIN YOONGI AF! *im serious about this though, he is Min Yoongi i dont give a fuck except my swag* He knows his funny but h would be careful from now on every time you eat.

Park Jimin/Jimin:

Jimin would be so worried, he would get water and more water and he would be to scared to touch you because “boobs” but he would save you simply by smiling (he is such an angel! Dont you dare say otherwise).

Kim Taehyung/V:

He would look at you confused of what just happend, and when he finally got the point that you were choking he would stare. When you were done he would begin to giggle a little “jagi you looked like a smurf turning so blue”.

Jeon Jeong Guk/Jungkook:

He would tease you so much, like he would mimic the way you looked when you choked on the food and omg you will never hear the end of this. You are teasing material, you brought this on yourself buddy. *this gif though*



Exo reactions when you accidentally killed someone
  • Xiumin: *dumps body*
  • Suho: ok ok calm down do not panic *panics*
  • Lay: call the ambulance
  • Baek: omg!! what the fuck did u do *cusses in incoherent dialect*
  • Chanyeol: well I guess we're fucked
  • Kyungsoo: welcome to the club
  • Tao: HOLY- *screams and faints*
  • Kai: this is not true i must be dreaming *goes back home to sleep*
  • Sehun: bitch I'm outta here
—  So I got a call for a person who had been assaulted. His injuries were very minor. Basically a bruised, swollen upper lip. While he was deciding if he wanted to be transported to the ED by ambulance (omg) I grabbed a cold pack, popped the bag so it would get cold, handed it to him, and told him to put it on his lip to help with the swelling and pain. He grabs the bag, looks at it curiously, rips it open with his teeth, and proceeds to try and eat it. Yes, EAT IT. Basically I am losing faith in the human race. Dude must have thought it was a turkey sandwich. Wtf.