omg am i kicked out of the fandom yet


am I kicked out of the fandom yet or

watch the first one here!!


My internet keeps d ying i’m losing my mind and Kallian’s armor does not help oh god i hate it Kallian why hhHHHhhhhh

And my alvispon has almost 300 notes and I’m so fLATTERED AND GLAD IT WAS WELL RECEIVED {MANY THANKS TO ALL OF YOU Q AQ} so i drew him with sparkles because Alvis

Also context for last pic (tho basically majoralink‘s fault):

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You know it’s the Heneral Luna fandom when
  • First of all, they’re also called LUNAtics.
  • They call an ensaymada their son
  • You say/show anything Goyong/Gregorio del Pilar and you hear several ovaries explode from the distance.
  • Bayani (Hero) is called   B a e y a n i.
  • Nicknames for the following historical figures: Aguinaldo = Aguigago, Gregorio del Pilar = Gregorgeous del Pilar, Mabini = Mabaeni/Mabinibini, Paco Roman = @chinupacoroman
  • They relate someone’s hair to a coffee table
  • They have a lot of things to say about Aguinaldo’s hair.
  • They can recite the Artikulo Uno
  • They say ‘Punyeta’ with intense feelings
  • Screaming of “TRAYDOR”(TRAITOR) and “DUWAG”(COWARD)
  • How could I forget “Negosyo o Kalayaan. Bayan o Sarili?! PUMILI KA!” (Business or Freedom. Country or Yourself?! CHOOSE!)
  • States quotes like “Nasubukan mo na bang huliin ang hangin?” (Have you ever tried to catch the wind?) / “Ganito na ba talaga tadhana natin? Kalaban ang kalaban, kalaban ang kakampi”(Is this really our fate? An enemy is an enemy, an enemy is a friend) — And many more (you’ll know it’s a quote from the movie when they get that really dramatic tone in their voice)
  • There is a certain aura/atmosphere of hatred when someone holds/see/hear of the 5 peso Philippine coin.
  • There is also some kind of fangirling and praying to the heaven for forgiveness if the 10 and 5 pesos of the Philippine coins are added together.
  • They stare at a ketchup bottle.
  • Bringing unoccupied coffins to sass someone out seems to be a good idea.
  • There is also the line “I am quite sequestering this train”
  • You don’t English them in their own country.
  • It really hurts them: Mabini’s resignation letter to Aguinaldo, Rusca as the lone survivor of the Luna assassination, Joven Hernando in general– Buencamino and Aguinaldo being a bunch of liars.
  • Ensaymada is the food of their life or something.
  • ODK(Oh Diyos Ko) is the OMG(Oh My God) and Ensaymada is their Cinnamon roll.
  • They really pray a lot.
  • Because they really sin a lot.
  • But none confessed though so far, I believe

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