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Yuugi falling asleep with his glasses on while he’s studying. And said glasses are all askew and Atem thinking it’s the most adorable thing. He’d eventually take them off Yuugi’s face, cause falling asleep with your glasses on is a good way to break them. But not before taking a few pictures, it’s too cute not to.

Bonus if Yuugi is flustered about said pictures later.

Extra points if they are posted to social media with cute tags.


Don’t worry, @kimicapucciny.

Mochitalia will not let themself be forgotten.

(( I did a little something for @evilgsanchez because obviously senpaaaaai and I owe you a drawing since like 7000 years xD so here he is.
Pure suffering,the mega psycho HAHAHAHA *heavy breathing* ))


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contemplating collarbone tattoos hm hm hm

Who else here is just as afraid of success as they are of failure, raise your hand. 

Imagine: Tessa and Scott practicing a program dancing around Scott’s kitchen.

oh wait-

BTS reaction to you initiating a cuddle sesh

This is in the context that you guys are just friends.

Yoongi/Suga: He’s a bit of an awkward person when it comes to affection so he’d likely be mildly uncomfortable but try to play it off as not that big of a deal. Like you guys would just have been working all day and you’d just randomly lean your head on his shoulder and sigh tiredly. And I’d assume that this would have been like rare and probably the first time you did something like this so he would just be low key stressed but like physically he’d have like nO REACTION WHATSOEVER GOTTA KEEP THE COOL GUY POKER FACE.

Seokjin/Jin: He seems like the type to naturally be affectionate like he’s called Mama Jin for a reason right? So he would probably love it when you would initiate skinship of any sort with him because he loved coddling you. I would think that Jin would be a little bit taken aback if it was like uncommon or if you guys just weren’t at the stage where you just cuddle all the time but he wouldn’t be the type to bring it up and make you uncomfortable or anything.

Hoseok/J-Hope: I honestly have no idea how he would react bc he’s so extra on camera but I feel like he’s also so normal and calm irl??? So I don’t think he’d react too much like he might just go into ‘Oppa Mode’ and like try to be casual. But could Hoseok actually be casual like he might just be super extra to cover up his nervousness like you never know actually. He could either be as casual and cool as Jimin or as awkward as Yoongi or he could just start screaming to try and distract himself from the fact that you aRE CUDDLING HIM.

Namjoon/Rap Mon: Nams is like sex on legs so he’d be super cool like whatta cool kid. He would try so hard to not react at all like he’d be super nonchalant like this is normal this is fine. But you’d just look up at him like damn really no reaction? I feel like you would’ve done this specifically to try and get a reaction like your friend or one of the boys would’ve hinted at the fact that Nams had a crush on you so this would’ve been your ultimate test but he wasn’t reacting so you suddenly weren’t so sure anymore. But like you’d talk to him and he’d just awkwardly stammer and poor Nams his crush would be so transparent.

Jimin: Such a cuddler like don’t even try to tell me that he’s not. Like he would be a little awkward if he like had a crush on you or something but he would be a lot less awkward than the others since he is a pretty affectionate person himself. Like it might even be a little anti-climatic with Jimin like you’d probably have to like build up all this courage to initiate it with him and you’d be so scared that he might get awkward or feel weird or something but he would just casually sling an arm on your shoulder and tug you like this was completely normal for you. Obviously he wouldn’t be quite so calm in his head but he’d play it off. 

Taehyung/V: Who doesn’t want to cuddle Tae like man he’s so cute I just wanna cuddle Kim Taehyung all day. Ahem but yes anyway. He would be the type to immediately respond like Taehyung is a cuddler, I don’t care what anyone else says he’s definitely a cuddler. Like he’d probably be such a hugger from the beginning of your friendship that you would just feel like it was his job to be the affectionate one since he always initiated it. But one day he was just really distracted and busy so he just didn’t think to coddle you but you would’ve had the worst day and you just really needed a hug and you’d just go hug him out of nowhere and he’d just gape down at you because you were so cute and small in his arms and he’s always hugged other so he’s never noticed but being hugged has a certain type of comfort and warmth, especially when it came from you and he would just be really happy okay?

Jungkook: He’s scared of girls, do I even have to tell you how he would react? No I’m just kidding I feel like he wouldn’t be scared of someone that he was friends with, we all know about his antics with that coordi noona. But he would be a little hype aware of skinship. Like yeah you guys were friends but you were still a girl so if you guys like randomly pressed up against him when you guys were watching a movie he would definitely like freeze up and casually glance over like ‘Is this normal? Is this a thing between us now?’ but he’s not so casual so he’d just look like a deer in headlights. Jungkook is like a book character, attractive, dresses well and is pretty cool but he’s shy and super dorky omg.