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Hosoya Yoshimasa is taking a break from seiyuu related work (2017.04.24)

Due to poor throat conditions, Hosoyan has been recommended by the doctors to take a break from seiyuu related work. He plans on returning before the end of this year. 

Ono Kensho: “I’m looking forward to the return of a well rested, stronger than ever Hosoya san”  

Sugita Tomokazu: “prayer” (*referring to Hosoyan’s character song in Prince of Tennis*)

omg hosoyan noooooo you’ve worked way too hard ;—–; please take a good long break… we’ll support you always. come back soon!!! (。•ㅅ•。)♡

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pls tell me there are pictures SOMEWHERE of eunwoo's precious little hands holding the biggest items it's for science

@ PPL GOING TO THE NEXT FANSIGNS PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN skdlfjhadglka for real, reading your message already made me scream bc it made me imagine she holding like a huge bear or smth like that omg i’m crying


1. Let’s start with Rena going crazy bc of how cute Eunwoo’s hands are (skip to 12:25) (reminder that rena is the shortest on pristin and if you pay attention you can see in the 2nd pic that her hands are way bigger than eunwoo’s dlkfjalkgja)

2. Idk if any sound comes out when she claps bc honestly her hands are so tiny there is no area to create any sound lskdjgg (check the whole gifset here, done by my fellow eunwoohoo @eunwoooo)

3. Try to ignore the gayness happening Just compare the sizes of yuha’s and eunwoo’s hands I’m crying 

i’m sweating

4. Her hand vs the mic


I could srsly go on forever, no joke 

for the song “Dance!” i partnered yosuke with yu and while they’re dancing nanako just randomly yells out

“oh i know what this is! it’s called BROMANCE!”


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Hey :D Just to tell you that I absolutely love your art! :D Keep it up, you have an amazing blog and I always love passing by to check what's new (I looove your tags xD) ! Keep up the awesome work! :3

Acchan.. You have no idea how important your words were to me right now. I was feeling so sad that when i read it i instantly started to cry dshagsjsbah
Im always so insecure about everything i do that when people say this to me i feel so strong ;;;;_;;;; i cant even put my feelings into words
I absolutely LOVE your blog and EVERY THING you write i lost the count of how many times i told this to people jdbajdjajshs ❤️
Thank you again for taking your time to say this, it means the world to me.. really ; v ;

how does one draw snow in SAI again…

anyhow, here’s a fanart for @pemprika‘s werewolf!yuu AU! >w< i haven’t done any proper colouring in a while so this was sort of a challenge for me as well TwT

i hope you like this!~ ;v;

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If you and Aj are married, does that mean you guys are gonna have babies~?! -innocent anonny

lsafaksldjf @kpopperreaction AJ you can be the one to tell this anon about th ebirds and the bees

The thing I find funny about Merlin reveal!fics is how Arthur takes it so personally about the years of lying and I’m over here internally laughing like “omg Arthur he’s lied to everyone and you’re only thinking of yourself wow”


“thanks to my family i was able to get this far by myself without giving up, so thank you for waiting for me without saying much. thank you to the produce 101 staff who let me have a chance on this show. the produce 101 trainers and representative jang, you all worked very hard for us. all the produce 101 trainees, you all worked hard. this isn’t the end but the beginning, so i hope none of you give up and we meet on stage one day… lastly, to the producers who voted for me. thank you for believing in me. i will become a nayoung who always grows and develops more even after i debut. thank you.” (trans.)

Fanfic: Event Horizon

GOT7 Editors Network Fall Exchange 2015 | @imjaebumism to @got7oneshots

Title: Event Horizon (Maybe I’m Crazy In Love With You)
Pairing: Mark x Jinyoung
Genre: angst/fluffly angst??
A/N: Hi Beverly! I really don’t have an excuse for this. I saw fluff and Markjin and I thought why not add a little angst? also this is a little longer than I expected it to be which means you don’t have to read it all like right away lol if you’re, you know, busy and stuff. I hope you like it though and… yeah.

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