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Hosoya Yoshimasa is taking a break from seiyuu related work (2017.04.24)

Due to poor throat conditions, Hosoyan has been recommended by the doctors to take a break from seiyuu related work. He plans on returning before the end of this year. 

Ono Kensho: “I’m looking forward to the return of a well rested, stronger than ever Hosoya san”  

Sugita Tomokazu: “prayer” (*referring to Hosoyan’s character song in Prince of Tennis*)

omg hosoyan noooooo you’ve worked way too hard ;—–; please take a good long break… we’ll support you always. come back soon!!! (。•ㅅ•。)♡

how does one draw snow in SAI again…

anyhow, here’s a fanart for @pemprika‘s werewolf!yuu AU! >w< i haven’t done any proper colouring in a while so this was sort of a challenge for me as well TwT

i hope you like this!~ ;v;

  • karen page: * kills a guy who was threatening her best friends and still regrets it every day. clearly comes from a difficult and possibly abusive, traumatic background. is framed for murder, arrested and almost strangled to death behind bars. is regularly kidnapped, threatened, beaten, shot at, sometimes twice per episode. is cheated on and lied to. suffers the loss of loved ones. *
  • y'all: why is this whiny needy bitch always crying?? omg i hope she dies soon

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uhhh 48 and EreRi?

i have the perfect one for this omg

#48: “Boo.”

Eren didn’t want to get up in the morning. The morning he was usually super excited to be awake, like a child, but not this year. Or for the past two years in fact. So he laid in bed, staring at the ceiling with an aching heart. It felt as though his chest was empty and he sighed. 

“Eren?” There was a knock at his door and he groaned. “Hey, c’mon, get out of bed. We have a big day planned for you.” 

It was his birthday, not that it really meant anything to him. It kinda stopped meaning anything after his 21st birthday which was the only one he had been most excited for because that meant he couldn’t get in trouble for drinking. 

“I don’t wanna,” he groaned again and he moves to hide under the covers. “Just leave me alone.”

“Nope.” The blanket is ripped away and he whines. 

“Mikasa,” he whines. He really didn’t feel like leaving his room. Would much rather sulk alone and maybe cry. Eat a tub of ice cream or two. “Seriously, I’m fine.”

“Yeah,” she scoffs, “and you’re straighter than a pole. C’mon. Let’s go. Armin is gonna meet us for breakfast.” She opens his curtains and pulls him up before moving to his closet to pick him out an outfit for the day. He sits there, watching with a glare and too many hateful thoughts to be said aloud.

When she leaves with a smile, he grumbles to himself and drags his feet along the ground. He pulls his clothes on —with quite a bit more difficulty than there needed to be— and makes his way to the living room after grabbing his phone and keys. 

“God, I hate you.”

Mikasa hugs him. “I know. And I love you too.” 

The car ride is quiet, music playing softly in the background as Eren stares out the window. Mikasa knows better than to try and start a conversation in the car, waiting until after they’ve arrived at the restaurant and Eren has some coffee in him before she and Armin strike one up.

“How’d you sleep?”

Eren looks at them over the rim of his coffee mug and says nothing. He waits until he’s set it down before shrugging and slumping down into the booth a little. 

“Same as always. Kinda shitty.” Mikasa frowns a little. “I just…” Eren pauses and he sighs a little before taking his mug and sips it idly, “miss him.” 

“We know,” Mikasa pats his hand from across the table. “But remember he said that you can try and give him a call. He knows what day it is, even if he’s halfway across the world.”

“Levi knows it’s your birthday,” Armin comments with a little smile. “Could never forget it.”

Levi was Eren’s boyfriend — they were high school sweethearts believe it or not. They’d been through thick and thin, had their ups and downs and of course, just like any other couple, had their fights. Even broke up a couple times but couldn’t stay away. He joined the military after his 19th birthday, as much as Eren tried to convince him not to. 

He’d been gone for almost two years now. Eren needed him more than he needed oxygen, more than he needed oxygen. Skype calls and letters just didn’t seem to be enough anymore. It made Eren’s eyes burn with tears that couldn’t come out because he’d already dried himself out.

Eren doesn’t say much throughout the day. They go to the movies, out to lunch for Eren’s favorite meal and he wasn’t surprised to find a bunch of his friends had snuck into his apartment to decorate it with birthday decorations and jump out to yell “Surprise!” when he walks in. 

But, he does smile. It’s hard not to because his friends are so amazing and they love him enough to try and get him up on his feet so that he doesn’t have a miserable birthday despite how much he wants to. 

They drink and play games, Eren having a surprisingly decent time when it’s time for presents and cake. As he picks at the piece of cake on his plate, his friends are all grinning and exchanging glances at each other and Eren sighs, setting his cake down. 


“Present time,” Sasha sings and claps excitedly as Connie and Jean brought in a few presents that were sitting on the dining room table. He gets a couple shirts from Jean and Marco, a new camera from Armin —he knew Eren had been wanting a new one for his hobby— and he got some movie tickets from Connie and Sasha offered to make him his favorite dinner whenever he wanted. 

“Thanks guys. You guys are the best—”

“Wait,” Marco stops him. “There’s one more gift.”

“Yeah,” Mikasa says and Eren turns his head to look over at her. “It was too big to wrap so we’re gonna have you but on a blindfold and I’ll bring it out.”

He gives her a weird face, one of suspicion but he doesn’t have any time to say anything before Sasha pulls his head to look forward and presses a blindfold against his eyes. Eren sits there with a huff, listening for any kind of clues of what kind of gift Mikasa could have gotten him. 

He’s getting a little antsy when he hears footsteps, his friends going silent as if there was a murderer in the room. 

“Mikasa?” Eren calls. “Seriously, what the fuck could you have gotten me to take this long? A horse? Already got Jean.”

“Hey—” Jean starts but stops when someone jabs him in the side with an elbow. 

Eren is about to say something else but is stopped with a voice right next to his hear quietly whispering, “boo.”

He doesn’t even need to take the blindfold off to know who it is, tears falling immediately and the blindfold is tugged off for him. When he turns around, sure enough, there’s Levi in his camo military uniform with his beautiful smile and Eren can’t breathe. 

Without warning, he jumps up, wrapping his arms tightly around Levi’s neck and legs around his waist as he sobs into his shoulder. Levi holds him just as tightly, fingers clutching Eren’s shirt and they stay like that for what feels to be forever. 

Finally, Eren pulls away and sets his feet on the ground, only to pull Levi into a much long overdue kiss. 

“Happy birthday,” Levi whispers with a small smile against Eren’s lips and Eren smiles wide and genuine for the first time in two years. 

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Who are your best friends on here?

uhhh. do i even have friends
ok no… fight me if you think we’re good friends but i didn’t include you in this (i’m going through my blogroll for this, the commitment???)

firstly, we have the #drag gang/squad:
@alexchambos @aubameyangs @bergkampp @diego-simeone @foodball @iwobifc @lewadnowski @loserpool @oblaks @seadkolasnacc … i think ,,

secondly, we have the schalke squad:
@johannesgeis @mjhummels (<– she actually hates me) @benehoewedes @love-schalke1904 @matchlessfootball @rallefahrmann @meggiesobsessions (i think putting you here’s a right choice…) @delilah229 @stichflamme @kimmearth (all my schalke mutuals are automatically my good friends…i love this little gang of us) :’))))

thirdly, we have the nba squad which doesn’t include too many people:
@marcoreyus @messikobe @bendsimmons @cuadradito (come back naomi) (and emily but she’s included in the first one)

lastly, the others…
@aftgomes21 @bayer-mund @behzaintfunny @christensons @cristianinhos @edenshazards @fdvazquez @hectorbaberin @hummxlz @ikercasiillas @kimmich @leon-goretzka @mbappe @mrhugolloris @nadiemamiris @nappoli @olliewatkins @papi-pochettino @pollersbae @rauljimenez @robinholding @youmeafterthegame

(edit: newly updated th*ussy susan squad for @erikdurmfc bc uh. he’s annoying)

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pls tell me there are pictures SOMEWHERE of eunwoo's precious little hands holding the biggest items it's for science

@ PPL GOING TO THE NEXT FANSIGNS PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN skdlfjhadglka for real, reading your message already made me scream bc it made me imagine she holding like a huge bear or smth like that omg i’m crying


1. Let’s start with Rena going crazy bc of how cute Eunwoo’s hands are (skip to 12:25) (reminder that rena is the shortest on pristin and if you pay attention you can see in the 2nd pic that her hands are way bigger than eunwoo’s dlkfjalkgja)

2. Idk if any sound comes out when she claps bc honestly her hands are so tiny there is no area to create any sound lskdjgg (check the whole gifset here, done by my fellow eunwoohoo @eunwoooo)

3. Try to ignore the gayness happening Just compare the sizes of yuha’s and eunwoo’s hands I’m crying 

i’m sweating

4. Her hand vs the mic


I could srsly go on forever, no joke 

Happy Birthday John!!!!!!

Today is a very important day;in fact, today is one of the most important days of the year !, because on this date is celebrated the wonderful moment you were born!John !!!

And do not imagine how grateful and happy I feel for this, because only then did I have the great opportunity to meet and love you !!!You’re one of the most important people in my life!I really love you John !!!You are very special to me, it is the guy who teaches me a lot, this idol, I will always love and I will always be proud to say that !!!

Well … Unfortunately I can not congratulate you any more :(

On your birthday instead of celebrating, we gather in your memory, or we remind you each in your own way.

But the truth is that today it has changed.It is no longer a day of “celebration”, although we always remember with happiness the day of your birth and everything you have done.But even so, today is a special day!It’s the day when your memory is more present and alive John !!!

I love you and I will love you

All my life, John!

Happy Birthday!!

Wherever you are, your smile will always be alive in our memory and you will always be kept in our hearts !!!!!

can we talk about all the asian representation on this season of sytycd tho

i am sO HAPPY like 3 asian contestants??? 4 asian dancers????? I JUST SAW AN ASIAN COUPLE DANCING?????? TOGETHER? ON LIVE TV!!!! thiS IS LIKE THE FIRST TIME ive evER SEEN THIS