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OMG ZAYN IS REALLY ALADDIN!!!! Gurrrrrl his new pics im DEAD

Zayn just decided to casually stroll up to a major motion picture shoot looking like a living Disney prince, nobigdeal, just another casual weekday for Zayn

Meanwhile I’m just. HOW CAN ONE PERSON CONSISTENTLY KEEP INNOVATING WITH THEIR HAIR GAME AND FASHION GAME AND SKINCARE GAME? HOW? When will Zayn teach a class at The Learning Annex so I can learn? When will @wikileaks expose his intensive and game-changing skincare regimen? These are the answers I want on my Wednesday. 

Magi 333 -Spoilers-

Magi 332 Spoilers -Clic Here-

Here it is Magi 333 translation

Before Reading i’d like to point out a few things:

- My translations are from Korean, that means I don’t know Japanese –yet ;D-

- My translations are most probably not 100% accurate so you may find a few mistakes

- If you are going to use them, please credit back to me =D, @maumauxmau and @itsdanystormborn

- Again, my Korean is basic so this might be wrong and have some mistakes

- I want to thank @maumauxmau for English translation, thanks hun!

- Thanks a lot for the support @itsdanystormborn (You are amazing, hun, thanks for all) and @braveblume =D (I love you, *-*) 

- These translations belong to me, @itsdanystormborn and @maumauxmau, thanks Dany for your cooperation to this post = D

- Last but most important: Please support the official release! Remember this belongs to Shinobu Ohtaka and she needs all of our support so please be sure to buy the magazine or manga!~

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Let’s Do It!

Night 333: A gate to the Sacred Palace

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Regarding the previous post..

This is how I envision the Overwatch Aladdin AU to be like:

You artists may feel free to run wild with this concept.  Please be sure to show me your artwork if you choose to do so.  I would love to see it.

Plot Twist:

What if Ohtaka wanted to pair Aladdin and Kougyoku from the very beginning? Remember that omake from Volume 6 where Kougyoku went to a fortune teller to check on her future husband, and at the end where she stormed off, the fortune teller said, “Miss, there’s more”, do you remember Aladdin’s reaction? And also that silhouette from the anime where Kougyoku imagines her future husband. Many people would think that it’s Judal. But what if it was actually Aladdin? OMG I’m a paranoid now.