omg I get to be a princess!

Gangster Tikki’s Rap:

Yo Chloe stop hatin’ on my gurl Marinette,
You ain’t got the stuff to beat her set

At least my gurl doesn’t have to compensate.
You haven’t had a date since Adrian’s play date!

And while you’re at your stupid malls and beaches
Adrian’s hanging out with Mari and her dad’s quiches!

After Rap Battle~





Idk why I did this XD this as last minute but i decided why not? It’s a sucky drawing, but it’s something

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I blame @princess-sakura-serenity and @valory-pierce from the stream and their hilarious impersonation of Tikki just having enough of Chloe

EXID as mlm girlfriends
  • Solji:she's like the #1 mom friend u know she'd rlly take good care of her girlfriend. Texts u lil updates abt what she's doing all the time so u know that she's thinking abt u whenever she does anything. Hand holder af she would love just keeping her hands on u whenever possible. Snapchat selfies.
  • Hani:she'd be so giggly and precious omg. Willing to fight anyone for u like she's rlly ready to throw down. Calls u princess she rlly loves calling u that. Meme gf I stg she's constantly making jokes at inappropriate times. She'd love holding you and giving you kisses on the cheek. Also very greasy like cheesy pick up lines 24/7
  • Hyerin:always has food 4 u all the time she's making sure ur eating good. Cute as heCk she's so good and pure she'd like just chilling and playing w/ ur fingers. Touches u w/ her cold feet. Gets hype when telling u about her 62 rattata's on Pokemon go. Stares at u a lot and just says "hey u know who's gay? Me"
  • LE:takes pictures of u when u aren't looking and makes them her phone background,, raps abt random things all the time like she'll just start little rap battles and stuff too but they're super light hearted and funny. Supportive af like aggressively "hey !!! That's my girlfriend !!!!! I freaking love !!! Her !!! I'm so proud of my gf !!!"
  • Junghwa:good morning/night texts she's the type to never fail like even if she wakes up @ like 2pm she still texts u good morning,, big spoon she just really likes hugs. I feel like she's dog filter af she's all thru her day she's just snapchatting her gf. Loves holding hands and would probably be 100% wearing couple outfits.

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So Tes, I think I'm already hooked and in love with By Royal Decree ! I can't wait to see the next part, see how "our" relationship will evolve, if he's going to stay cold or not (makes me think a little to princess Mia in Princess Diaries 2 in the way she's forced to get married [but not for the same reason though]), I really loved that first chapter ! <3

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“By Royal Decree” Part 1

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Omg I love these things! Being the princess of SAMCRO (it can be any members daughter, your choice) would include?

Literally everyone is always watching over you, keeping you safe.

Your dad, and all his brothers, ready to set the world on fire for you

Getting babied all the time

Gemma taking you under her wing and showing you the ropes as a woman involved with the club

The prospects always being a little scared of your power and trying to keep their distance, not wanting to piss off your dad

Having constant body guards

Wanting to tear your hair out during lockdowns (including dad designated home lockdowns)

Helping Gemma get dinner ready every Sunday

Taking care of the boys by doing simple things like cleaning them up

Croweaters making sure to always respect you

Making an example out of the ones that don’t

Wonwoo // Angst + Romantic

Inspired by a Volcaloid chorus I had found online and I absolutely love it~~~ Just need to get that out there: Megurine Luka is my waifu, even though I’m a slut and Meiko is like omg… This is like picking a bias… 
I’m salty about not going to the 17 fanmeet here… its okay tho… TT TT
- Admin Jackolantern

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Original Picture here

★ Cinderella

I met him at the annual ball at the palace. He would hide in his room with the doors locked every single year, refusing to step outside. Princesses were too stuck-up, noisy to him. He would rather be in his own room where he could enjoy the peace and quiet.

Books were obviously better than people, right? The answer to that would be a definite yes if it was Wonwoo. He loved the way books always brought him to the world much better than the real one. The fantasy of mystical worlds or the future made his eyes go wide. The dying romance between a couple made adrenaline rush in his veins. Knowledge made his brain more open-minded.

His smile was crafted by angels. His eyes were made to freeze and intimidate whoever chose to cross paths with him. The way he looked at people made it seem that he could be a little more than blunt. Still, upon meeting him, I knew that he was an angel who came down from the heavens.

“May I have this dance with you?” I remembered him asking in the softest voice he could possibly do. His voice was so deep that it hit the earth’s core and made it tremor. His eyes, as I remembered, were gentle and amicable in some way. The prince would never leave his room but this man seemed to perfect to be a commoner. Out of curiosity to know more, I said, “Sure”.

I gladly took his hand and we waltzed towards the dance floor, his hand on my waist and mine on his shoulder. It all seemed to natural, it was as if we had been dancing together since the start of forever and nothing and pried us apart.

That was too perfect.

He wore a black coat which covered all of him from behind. The top button was open, to reveal collarbones as deep as the marina trench. His hair was styled in a way which made his sharp features stand out. Under his mask, the brown in his eyes stood out. The galaxy getting clearer in his eyes, the longer I stare at them.

Thank goodness he never noticed this. It was not that he never noticed, it was just that he was doing the exact same thing but in a more subtle way. I placed wrapped my fingers around his shoulders, steadying myself. His grip around my waist tightened as he pulled me closer to him.

“Who are you?” I caught myself muttering the question as he pulled me closer to him. I felt his breath on the crook of my neck before twirling me again. He caught me before I could fall in his arms. It was at this moment when he leant in closer and whispered, “I’m your prince for  tonight, princess.”

I gulped, hearing that title. I got up, my hands quickly adjusting my gown as I stared at him. He was caught off guard at the sudden action. “Are you alright?” He asked. I made him believe I was a princess, damn it.

“Y-your majesty, I’m not a princess, I’m a commoner,” I told him. He arched an eyebrow and replied, “So? I’m not a prince either.” I could not help but fake a cough to that. He couldn’t possibly be.

“Take off your mask,” I demanded as the moon shone brightly. I stepped closer to him, my hand landing on his chest. “Please…” His heart hammered against his chest, telling him not to do it. He shook his head, refusing to my words. This was too important to him, he could not mess up.

“I am so sorry, princess but I need to go,” he said before running away, his hand holding onto his mask for dear life.

“Your majesty, please come back!” I shouted, my hand extending out to him. “At least tell me your name…”


Years went by like water which flows through a stream every morning when I woke up. The water never splashed out of the river banks, made a ripple or stopped flowing – it was unchanging and nothing happened. The boy was as clear as the water which flows.

Sometimes, I would lay in bed while thinking of him. I never knew who he was, or where he came from. It irked me to the core when I realised that I never knew his name. I somewhat did – Prince Jeon Wonwoo. I guess that was his name because I knew I saw those pair of eyes before on television.

Perfection like him could not just be found on the streets, wandering around to buy vegetables from the market. Since that day when we met, I never knew that he refused to take his mask off. He couldn’t risk losing his identity even though everyone already knew. That night, he felt the spark of true love – something which he only had heard of in fairy tales.

Every day, he looked out of the window, to hopefully catch a glimpse of his memories again. It was foolish to think that the night could ever replay again in real life but he could dream all he wanted. He would have thought that he had moved on but four years went past and those memories of the night were still fresh in his handsome mind.

Damn it.

I strolled past the castle, my hands full of milk and fruit from the market. To my luck, there he was, sitting on a bench with a book in hand. The mask from four years ago still covered his face as he read and the sun made his jaw look razor-sharp. He crossed his leg as his wrist held up his chin.

He wore a plain white shirt with jeans, his bed hair damp from the shower. How can anyone look so perfect? I couldn’t find it within myself to approach him again, it was like I was anticipating something to happen. The epitome of perfection sat still, flipping pages only every once in a while. Until he realised someone was staring for a little too long.

He looked over in my direction, eyes full of relief and shock. Clearing my throat, I dragged myself to see him up close. Everything about him seemed so damn familiar. “Your majesty, I’m sorry about pardoning you-”

“You know my name, right? Just call me by my name,” he cut me off with a smug smile on his face. He stood up, his hand resting on my shoulder as he looked at me in the eye.  

“Wonwoo… Why did you run away?” I asked. He looked down to the ground in shame as he grabbed my hand. He could never accept the reality of wanting someone he could never have in his lifetime. He pulled me along, quietly and without much thought. This moment felt like nothing but adrenaline-pumping. I felt a sense of excitement, I just wanted to see him again.

He stopped when he reached a familiar door. Clearing his throat, he opened it and ushered me inside. There was a king’s sized bed at the side with a few windows letting light in. I sat on it, not knowing where else to sit. He followed me, taking the seat next to me. He wrapped an arm around my shoulder protectively before letting me lie down.

He moved on top, his head leaning towards mine. None of us knew what we were doing as his actions were limp and slow. He leant his head closer, his lips pursed into a thin line. Knowing it may not matter, I took the mask off and placed it next to me. The galaxy in his eyes was much clearer and brighter than ever before.

“Why did you run away from me?” I asked again but softer. He sighed again, placing a light peck on my lips before replying, “I’m sorry if I’m so selfish. I can’t lose someone so beautiful…” He got off, sitting next to me. He took his mask and placed it in his pocket before looking at me again with sullen eyes.

“I never forgot you, it would mean everything to me if I could have a dance with you again,” he stated calmly. “I don’t know how you feel but when we danced together, it felt perfect and it was like we were just meant to be.” I nodded in agreement, my fingers brushing a lock of hair from his face.  

Chuckling, I kissed his cheek. I offered him my hand and said, “Let’s dance, your majesty.” He chuckled and helped me up. He bent down to kiss my knuckles with a soft blush on his cheeks. My hand went to his shoulders and his hand went to my waist. As we moved, his hand pulled me closer, his grip tightening.

“Let’s do this more often,” I said, placing my nose on his. The apples on his cheeks glowed a brighter shade of red. I placed my hand on his chest, making the smile on his face brighter. His heart hammered against his chest, telling him to say yes.

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If Warren and John got in a fight over that, that's when you need to stop being a Princess and turn into a fucking Queen and bring those bad boys to heel. And/or give them non-violent ways to compete against each other, such as whomever brings you a pack of gum the fastest gets to take you out on the weekend.

I’m crying omg

OMG chapter 498!

Don’t get me wrong, I love Juvia, she’s a sweet princess, but it’d be AMAZING if Invel’s plan worked!
Gray as a villain is something I’d really love to see (I appreciate good villains much more than heroes, plus I miss his avatar look everyday lol), and if juvia died by his hands everything would be much more intense, specially at the Gray x END battle! Omg omg omg this battle has so much potential!!
I know it probably won’t happen, because well, it’s still fairy tail after all and no one dies (which kinda sucks tbh), but I’m looking forward to the next chapter! And hopefully that friendship or love power shit won’t be enough to break those chains.

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alkjsfhlrua you're such a lil slut for luke omg like at some party you'd keep teasing him and you would know the consequences he was gonna give you but you always loved it and wanted more from him so you kept teasing him all night til the party was over and he wouldn't even talk to you, just grabbed your arm and jumped into the uber and you'd be a lil lost til he whispers into your ear 'im gonna fucking destroy you when we get home, just wait princess' and grabs your thigh, gently squeezing it

fuCK I’D BE SO EXCITED kfjsdgnakfhn i’d live to tease him just so he’d fuck the shit out of me BYE 

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I request a h/c about Doflamingo having a girlfriend who is a mink tribe woman, and they have a four year old half mink and half human daughter together. The type of mink his girlfriend would be is a rat mink.

I’lljust do some general stuff about this situation, so feel free to ask of something more specific if you want to ^-^

Doflamingo with a Rat Mink girlfriend:

  • He calls them his little mouse just to mock them.
    “Doffy, I’m a rat.” - “Aw, come on, mousie… You know that I love you!”
  • Pulls their ears or tail when he desperately wants their attention.
  • And while doing the NSFW.
  • OMG the height difference would be so darn cute.
  • He always keeps them close. (Don’t dare to touch them.)
  • Sly grin and sexual innuendos all the time.
  • Not around his daughter though.

Doflamingo with his daughter:

  • Daddy’s little princess!
  • Gets her custom made dolls that look like her and her mother.
  • Super protective.
  • She has her own servants.
  • She’s allowed to sit in his lap whenever she wants to.
  • Is defenetely not the “Daddy, let’s play tea party”-kind of dad. Nope.

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AU: omg aurora, do you like lily don't you? #cute I totally ship you too, like, #YASS #queen #slaymama

Lol welllll… ngl she’s very pretty but I don’t know her that well yet haha

#idtapthat #threalquestionis #doessheliketheladiestho #therespotential

but omfg if we did get together tho what would our ship name be??? #askingtheimportantquestions

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#4 for the LoZ asks!

4. What’s your favorite sidequest?

ahhhhhhhh i can’t decide!!! i am sidequest trash.. i guess the howling stones in twilight princess?? i know that’s kinda lame but i just find it so cool that you get to train with your distant skeledad?? idk i just love it (expect would wolf link please get in key omg it hurts to listen to at times)

OMG, pants less Nami is reprint.

My fear that opdb team might put 3* in character shop and i will never get 5* (like Princess Vivi) have gone.

but where is my Hancock-Summer-? She is the only free Summer leader that not get reprint yet. I hope she will appear in SDH during 22-28 Aug.

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Ship me to someone hahaha exo (I know who you'll say) and bts 😏😏 (this shall be interesting)



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I ship you with Chanyeol, please get married already, he’s even wearing a suit see???


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I ship you with Seokjin, bc we all know a princess like you deserves a beautiful prince and I trust him to take care of you.

Only you hahahah, ily  💖 💖 💖

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can you please write a jealously smut for theo from princess of Monaco? it's not their first time.

OMG HAHAHA. SHOW YOURSELF. Let’s chat, please? :>

I don’t get to talk about Theo or the game at all. The fandom appears to be dead, so you’ve given me quite the surprise, anon XD

…jealousy smut… I’ll try okay? I owe some fics right now so I’ll try to put it up maybe next week. Also, have this random screenie of him from Charles’ route just because. ~(*A*~)

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AND THE PLOT THICKENS!! OMG MCKAYLA YASSS!!Thank god she finally got the shit beat out of her that bitch crazy😂😂 looks like Youngjae may be next 🤔😫!! Great job this chapter was AMAZING and I loved that cute vampire part!! Oh and I just got to read the Jimin scenario and hot damn🔥🔥I swear if you do a Suga or Rapmon one someday I will DIE!! But omg Jimin's new blond hair (I smell a comeback)🙏💦 I love that precious baby so much💖 As always much love and get plenty of rest💕 ~Anon Princess👑

“She finally got the shit beat out of her” I’m done 😂😂😂 And with Youngjae we just gotta wait and see!!! His character was the hardest for me to write because I kept going back and forth with his personality. Ahhh, thank you love!! I liked writing that part! Vampire! JB sounds hawwwt. 😍 OMG YOU READ THE JIMIN SCENARIO! I’m glad you liked it!! 😊 I really want to write a Yoongi scenario soon too. My Wednesdays are dedicated to him. 😂😂 Take care of yourself dear! Stay healthy and hydrated too! Much love! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

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99, 129, 145, 146 :) ok it was really hard to process all those numbers so I hope I remembered them right lol hi

I KNOW! I always reblog these ask things and I rarely get any asks but when I do I’m like.. Oh no I have to go through that list and answer them UGHH I’ll do it later lmao. BUT I still love them thank you!

99. Have any pets?
I have a beautiful yorkie princess Maisy. The light of my life. I live for her kisses on my nose. She is too pure for this world, the reason I get up in the morning ❤️💖

129. What your zodiac sign?

145. Tea or Coffee?
Coffee! Nutella lattes and Caramel Affogatos are amazing. Although I recently had a mango iced tea that is to die for omg

146. Was today a good day?
Yes I think so! I organized the apartment a bit and got rid of the huge mess on the floor to give Maisy some room to run around. Though she mostly just likes to snuggle with me. Then I had Nutella toast with whipped cream for breakfast and Oreos dipped in milk while I watched some more Voltron on Netflix. I’m a healthy boy. All in all a nice day. Might go out to get some iced coffee before work soon. Thanks for asking! ❤️😊

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OMG BUT "Hello sir, what can I get you today?" "You." "Excuse me?" "I want you princess. I see the way you look at me." OH MY HOLY GOD WHAT IS THIS WAIT I'M GOING TO READ THE REST OF THE CHAPTER KEOEK2 IDK IF I SAY SOMETHING AFTER I READ EACH CHAPTER OR IF I SAY AFTER I READ ALL THE CHAPTERS OMG WJSKWKW -joyhope