omg I get to be a princess!

He went for a morning jog before coffee. 

Anatomy practice ‘cause… reasons. 

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What do you think were the best nalu moments in this arc so far?

Hmm~ This is a good question!  I had to go back quite far for this one, but I think you’ll like it!  It’s gonna be a long answer, so let’s get started!

First off, we have Natsu coming back from his year long training session:

I mean, in the entirety of chapter 418 we see just how much Lucy misses Natsu (and Happy too of course), but in this page, you can see how happy she is that he’s back.  She looks almost relieved (not that she wasn’t thriving on her own, but she had a hole in her heart).  Natsu looks ecstatic to see Lucy (we even get a little blush).

Moving on to chapter 419 (don’t worry, I won’t be going through every chapter like this lmao) but OH MY GOD LOOK.  Natsu had no idea how hard Lucy was working and how broken she was losing Aquarius, everyone, and HIM all at once.  I think this is where he truly understood her pain whether he knew all the details or not.

Also, how can we forget how “first chapter” this page is.  It’s almost like Lucy can’t believe it.  He’s back and so is Fairy Tail.

Here, it’s pretty clear that Natsu has learned how much him leaving as well hurt her.  I think this is v important for their relationship…  Which they still have yet to “resolve” though I don’t think Natsu leaving was entirely “selfish”.

I think here Natsu is trying to gain Lucy’s trust again.  To prove himself to her, and honestly I believe that this scene is very intimate between them and the way their relationship is.  Not so much romantically, but their trust in each other.

We also get a LOT of scenes of both Natsu and Lucy reacting like this to one another… 


Okay, okay I know, I’m nitpicking everything- HOW CAN I PICK JUST A FEW FAVORITES??  But alright, I’m going to get into general, overarching moments that I think are the best and really love!

There is A LOT under this break and there are also spoilers of the latest chapters!!  Please read with caution :)

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What if the hand is a goodbye?

No, hear me out. What if Kylo managed to break Rey out after he’s had to watch Snoke torture her. The outreached hand occurs here. It’s a rescue after she thought Kylo had betrayed her after she thought she could trust him. When she realizes he’s risking his life to help her, she takes his hand

The flames are from his explosive power that he once inadvertently used to destroy Luke’s temple. This time he’s fully in control for good. They’re making it through the Supremacy’s hangar that’s now in flame. Snoke is still alive, and Kylo spots Finn with Rose.

Finn wants to kill him on the spot. He’s itching for a second go with Kylo, empowered because he just took out Phasma.

Rey says, “He’s with me!”

Kylo knows how to get a ship out of there, and guides them through the hangar.

But as the flames rain down, they reach a small ship. It’s the Silencer. There’s obviously not enough room for them all. It’s like cramming four in a Porsche. But he knows it’s well-armed, the FO wouldn’t dare fire on it, and it has the speed to get the out of there.

Kylo knows he’s not leaving. He also knows that he needs to face Snoke. That’s his destiny.

No one else knows he’s not getting on board. Rose and Finn start boarding, and he starts talking about some nuance about jumping it into hyperspace.

“Why are you telling me?” Finn asks. “I can’t fly this thing!”

Kylo answers, “I’m not telling you. I’m telling her.”

(Wasn’t there some detail that came out this summer that the Silencer has special modification that he added to it.. Well it’s constructed like something he knows like the back of his hand.)

He looks at her and tells her the hyperdrive controls are just like the Falcon’s

A beat and she realizes he’s not coming with them. Her eyes tear up.

An explosion. There’s no time. She realizes he needs to do this.

Unspoken respect occurs between Finn and Kylo. It’s the “The Princess, you have to take care of her” moment from ESB.

Rey gets her emotional space kiss as they say their farewell. Another person in her life is leaving her. He knows it as he shares that life-long loneliness.

We can get a reverse l love you. It comes from him. She answers, I know.

He promises to find her. Unlike the others who have left her life. And she believes him.

An explosion rocks the hanger. There’s no more time. They board, blast out of there, and he vanishes into the smoke and fire.

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BTS reaction: their s/o asking them to choke them or tie them up during sex.

Anon requested: 

Hello! If you have time, can you do “BTS react to their s/o asking them to choke them or to tie them up during sex”? Thanks!!

A/N - NSFW!! (obviously). Also, I need some holy water after writing this. 


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You were sitting on Jin’s bed almost fully naked, as he was taking his own clothes off, when you decided to ask him the question that you’ve wanted to ask him for a really long time.

“Daddy?” You asked while watching him take off his T-shirt.

“Yes princess?” He asked, pausing. 

“I know we’ve never done this before but, can you tie me up tonight?” 

Jin didn’t know how to react at first.

“Are you sure you want that princess?” He asked with a kind of concerned look on his face.

You nodded and his concerned expression was replaced with a smirk as he took off the rest of his clothes.

“Your wish is my command!”


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The two of you were about to reach your climaxes as Yoongi was thrusting into you from behind when you half-shouted:


Suga smirked at that getting even more turned on. He gripped your chin with his hand and made you look at him. 

“What did you just say? Can you please repeat that princess? What do you want me to do to you?”

“Omg I’m so close!” you moaned before repeating your request. “I WANT YOU TO C-C-CHOKE ME! P-PLEASE!” 

Yoongi let out a low chuckle before wrapping his hands around your neck and sqeezing, not too hard, but just enough to satisfy you.


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Hobi’s head was between your legs as he was eating you out - his tongue sliding up and down your slit while his thumb was massaging your clit. You were moaning his name out in pleasure, but you wanted something more. 

“H-Hobi?” You managed to whisper in between moans.

“Yes love?” He asked and pulled away so he can look at you, his lips covered in your juices.

“C-can you please…tie me up?” You asked shyly.

Hoseok smirked at your request and looked at you. 

“I would love to do that,” he said with a devilish look on his face. “But only if you ask properly.”

“Pease Daddy! Please, tie me up to the bed and fuck me senseless!” 

“With pleasure.” he said before leaning in and kissing you, a little too roughly. 


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You were riding Namjoon, raising and lowering your hips and slowly increasing your pace. That’s when out of nowhere you moaned out:

“C-choke me!”

Namjoon smirked and raised an eyebrow, surprised.

“What was that?”

“CHOKE ME!”, you repeated louder this time. 

“Am I going crazy? Or did my pretty little slut just asked her Daddy to choke her?”


“As you wish…” He smiled and started choking you, just hard enough for your eyes to start filling up with tears. 


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When Jimin walked in and saw you laying on his bed, wearing nothing but one of his ties he immediately attacked your lips with his pressing you to the bed. He pulled away just so he can pull of his shirt and unbuckle his belt. 

“What’s the tie for?” Jimin asked, looking at you.

“Well, I actually wanted you to tie me up with it…” You answered quietly. 

“Ah!” He said smirking, “I knew it had a purpose!”  

The two of you chuckled and he tied your wrists together behind your back and left a hickey on your neck before pulling away.


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You were riding Taehyung’s thigh, his hands sneaking around to squeeze your breasts as he was enjoying it just as much as you were. You were close to reaching your climax. 

“OH MY GOSH! TAE PLEASE CHOKE ME!” You moaned surprising yourself.

He gripped your chin and you felt his hot breath on your ear.

“Are you sure about that?” He whispered in your ear in his deep voice. “Because, once I start being rough with you I won’t be able to stop…”

“Yes, please!” You moaned quietly.

“Okay then…” He answered, nibbling on your earlobe slightly, before fulfilling your wish.


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You were making out on his bed, your make out session slowly getting more and more intense. At some point the two of you were completely naked, you straddling his lap while he watched you, devouring you with his eyes.

“I want to try something new tonight…” You whispered in his ear.

“Oh really?” He raised an eyebrow. “What is it princess?” 

“I want you to tie me up and fuck me harder than you’ve ever had…” You said in the most seductive voice you could manage. 

Jungkook gave you an uncertain look. 

“It’s okay Jungkook…Show me exactly how rough you can be…”

“Will do, princess…” he smirked.




ML Headcanons...

I’m still sick, so I just sleep and dream up headcannons…

  • MariChat scenario where Chat comes to visit after Mari has ONCE AGAIN stolen Adrien’s phone
  • Enchanted AU where the roles are thus: 
    • Adrien = Giselle (cause OMG he is such a flippin’ princess and I wanna see him sing a bunch of vermin to help him clean XD)
      • (although at the same time I see the appeal of Mari playing this role too, because cutting curtains into super cute outfits omfg)
    • Nino = Prince Edward (because fight me, that’s why)
    • Plagg = Pip (for obvious sass reasons)
    • Nathaniel = Nathaniel (LOLZ)
    • Chloe = Narissa (Don’t get me wrong, I believe in her redemption, but she would make the PERFECT Narissa so deal with it)
    • Marinette = Robert (because I see her being practical and rocking that “WTF Why are yousinging in the middle of the park?!” attitude)
    • Alya = Nancy (Because, again, FIGHT ME… also, that scene at the end where she throws away her phone… you don’t understand how much I NEED that)
    • Tikki = Morgan (because OMG CUTE!!! Plus, who else is gonna convince Mari to take a deranged man in a poofy gown standing on a billboard in the rain back to their apartment?!)
  • Ladrien or the OT4 engaged in a prank war (like, can you imagine omfg XD)
  • Chat/Adrien being harassed by a squirrel for no explainable reason (like, the little critter is just always there throwing nuts on him and tearing holes in his bag, etc)
  • Alya screaming incessantly the first week after she gets her miraculous everytime she sees any of the OT4 (they are all very worried)
    • Like, literally, Mari arrives to class late and Alya just screams wordlessly, scaring everyone
    • Alya goes over to Nino’s to hang out with him and Adrien and just shrieking like a banshee when she walks into the room
    • She never offers an explanation and pretends nothing has happened each time
    • Inside she is dying
  • Nino after he gets the turtle miraculous being easily unbalanced when pushed
    • Like, Chloe knocks into him and he falls on his back on the ground
    • And, for the life of him, no matter what he does he CAN. NOT. GET. UP.
    • Adrien is so confused as to why Nino is flailing around like an overturned roach
  • Marinette going to take Adrien some schoolwork he missed while he was out sick, except once she gets inside she gets lost and sees Gabriel turn into Hawkmoth
    • Cue freaking out and Ladybug kidnapping Adrien
  • MariChat truth or dare game, Mari dares him to do a pole dance using his baton
    • He does it
    • He is exceedingly good at it
    • Mari stuffs his belt with monopoly money
    • Life is good.

…as you can see, I have been on a lot of medication.

I may do some of these… but first I must get better… and find a job…

I am a tired turtle…

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You know what I think about often? A JayTim harem au. Can you imagine Tim covered in gold and jewels, in crisp blue silks? Lithe muscle made for performing. And Jason, adorned more simply in charcoals and deep reds, less ornamented but still just as catching. Jason the bad boy who's always testing the rules ;D

UMM YESSS?? but like you have no idea, I LOOOOVE these types of things, like what if Tim was like a new addition and what if Jason had a problem with like, fraternizing with visitors/clientele and he gets CAUGHT and has to go hiding from the guards or whatnot…

“I didn’t think anyone ever came in here,” Jason says, waving a hand near his face the create a breeze. “It’s so fucking hot.”

“So leave,” Tim tells him, not lifting his gaze from the book in his hand. The place is a greenhouse, after all.

Jason squints, mouth devolving to an irritated pout. He stalks towards Tim, who’s seated at the pool’s end, wearing jewels that match the water’s languid color. Jason leans over, close enough to read the text, and snorts.


He’s in Tim’s space, and Tim simply rolls his eyes and shifts the book leftward, where Jason’s slanted jaw doesn’t block his view.

Jason remembers why he and Tim never talk; no matter how pretty the kid is, he’s obviously got a stick up his ass, and isn’t concerned about having friends.

“The master give you that or something?” Jason tries a different angle, because he’s seen ones like Tim come and go, fledgling servants desperate for praise and competitive, like they think they’ll get masters to love them or some other horseshit.

Tim surprises him by saying, “No.”

Jason snorts. “He’s gonna be pissed you took it then,” he says, because the library is off limits and that’s the only place anyone can find reading material.

At that, Tim’s eyes lift and there’s a sharpness there that seems, all at once, daunting.

“As pissed as he’ll be at you for fraternizing?”

Jason wants to laugh, because hell - who would have thought that the little find off Drakeshore had such a mouth on him, but he’s got a reputation to keep and he can’t let these prettier captives think they know their way around him.

Reaching forward, he pokes Tim two-fingered against the chest, just enough to make Tim lose his balance and go flailing backwards. He snags the book before Tim splashes back into the crisp waters, and rights himself to smirk, as if he’s proven a point.

When Tim emerges and pushes up to his feet, Jason laughs. Something in his throat catches when Tim drags hair back from his face, making the pale pallor of his skin more evident, his eyes more piercing.

He looks familiar, and Jason’s struck with an undeniable fear he can’t place.

“I hate you,” Tim says, and Jason can’t help but feel the words are loaded.

…have they met before?

“Yeah, well,” Jason takes a few steps backwards and sets the book on a glass table, almost nostalgic for the way real bound-leather feels against his calloused fingers. “I’ll remember that when you come asking for help.”

Tim looks livid. “I’d never come to you for help.”

It’s hard not to feel bad for Tim; he’s so much like the others, under an odd notion that they carry any type of control. It’s only a matter of time before Tim breaks, Jason thinks, and realizes he’s owned.

Jason offers a knowing, two fingered salute, knowing that will only piss Tim off more.

You’ll come, it seems to say, and when Tim whirls his head to huff, Jason can’t help but see something like fire in Tim’s eyes.

It’s alluring, and he hopes it will last.

To be honest, I’m not actually worried about Sofia putting the charm offensive on Oswald.

We know that she’s going to use tactics that will change how Oswald sees the “I am a rock, I am an island” method protecting himself from emotional manipulation.

Oswald doesn’t have the kind of defenses to protect himself from this kind of manipulation, but we’ve seen him be three steps ahead of his competition. Yes, he’s having a moment of weakness in 4x05, but I imagine that when he gets space and distance from the event, he’ll do what anyone else does in his position and kick himself for falling for her trap. This time, she didn’t seem to get anything out of it, other than seeing Oswald in a vulnerable state, but next time, he’s not going to be so lucky.

It’s either that, or he will get suckered and subsequently burned by Sofia, but it’ll be the sharp lesson that Oswald needs to not let himself be vulnerable in that way.

Okay, I’ve wandered off the point, but the thing is, Sofia tried the seduction path, and Oswald visibly recoiled from it. She’s using the familial mother’s-love alternative and she’s either going to fuck Oswald up worse than he already is about his mother, or she’s going to put her foot wrong and Oswald is going to snap out of it and get her good because Sofia can’t afford to make mistakes where Oswald’s concerned. He’s already acknowledged that he’s not like Carmine. New order, new rules.

I can’t put my finger on why, but I’m not worried about Sofia and Oswald becoming a romantic pairing.

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HC: Roman is actually the one who gets picked up and hauled around the most, especially when he's being overbearing. Singing too loud? Carry him out of the room. Blocking your path by gesturing dramatically? Put him on the counter. Need help lifting something heavy? Grab him and bring him to where he is needed- "Put me down, villain! I am a KNIGHT, not a damsel!" He secretly kinda likes it, though.

///omg I actually really love this

-With as many princes, princesses, and other forms of royalty Roman’s often stealing off with in his arms from towers and dragon caves, it can be a nice change of pace to be the one toted off every now and again

-Patton is very intent on making vanilla cookies for Halloween, shaped like ghosts and jack-o-lanterns; Roman confronts him in the kitchen and blocks his path to the ingredients, insisting that they’re not “real” Halloween cookies unless they’re pumpkin flavored, and not boring old vanilla.

-In one movement, Patton grabs the prince and hoists him up onto the counter. 

-“Now, Roman, you know Logan doesn’t like pumpkin flavor. But if you really feel that strongly, you can make your own batch! I’ll help you out if you need it!”

-(Roman’s too flustered to reply.)

-One of their meetings isn’t going well: Both Roman and Logan are opinionated, that much is clear, and although they had all been getting better at compromising, it’s simply a stressful day, and they’re going in circles with their arguments, voices getting more and more heated.

-When it looks as if they were both about to say something they’ll regret, Virgil intervenes by walking over to Roman’s side of the room and tossing him over his shoulder.

-Roman’s kicking a bit and spluttering out protests (”Unhand me, you– you sparkly Twilight villain! I have vanquished fiends ten times as emo as you!”), but Virgil says, “Alright, I’m busy enough as it is without you two bickering. We’ll finish this later.” He sinks out with the prince, who is doing a lot more stammering and a lot less arguing.

-Later, Roman appears in Logan’s room, ready with an apology and a potential compromise; it doesn’t go as planned, however, when they disagree on one part, the affects of the room begin to kick in, and the compromise begins to fall apart.

-Logan, thankfully, calms down enough to say, “I’m getting you out of here,” and scoops up Roman, bridal style, in his arms.

-Roman is exhausted, and simply allows it, letting himself be carried out, enjoying the physical closeness, how he’s able to let himself be cared for; he hadn’t realized he’d craved it so much, until now, when he had it, and had become too proud of to admit it

-The next thing he knows, he’s being set down on the couch, the cushions pulling him down into them. Roman feels better, but…tired. Almost exhausted. Whether it’s from being in Logan’s room or from all of the fighting, he’s glad to simply lie down and rest.

-The sound of the TV being turned on opens his eyes; Sleeping Beauty is playing, the volume low. Roman blinks, and Logan is kneeling in front of the couch to meet his eyes.

-”I’m sorry. You came to try and fix things and I…well, I assuredly made them worse,” Logan apologizes. “And I know you’re a prince, but I assure you that transferring you here in that manner was necessary.”

-Roman shakes his head. “No, it was…it was necessary, and not…altogether unpleasant. I suppose I cannot be the savior all of the time.”

-They plan on meeting again elsewhere to truly compromise under better circumstances. For now, though, they enjoy each other’s company while the movie plays.

A-Z Book Recs

I’ve been AWOL for a while on booklr while I finished up at uni, but now I’m back and to celebrate I am giving you a WHOLE 26 BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS by doing @macrolit‘s A-Z of book recs! Click on the links to read me reviews! Here we go:

An Abundance of Katherines by John Green- his best book in my opinion, showing a generation of young people that it’s perfectly okay not to be a genius.

Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson- a poignant and beautiful poetic memoir of growing up black in America.

Court of Mist and Fury (A) by Sarah J Maas- the second in a series but a fantastic read of overcoming loss and trauma while kicking serious ass and saving the world.

Dream Thieves (The) by Maggie Stiefvater- also the second in a series, but the best one in this quartet of friendship, magic, and history. 

Eragon by Christopher Paolini- somewhat of a pastiche of high fantasy but still a fabulous read.

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell- a great college-set read for the Potter generation about overcoming anxiety, finding your voice, and making new friends.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn- a gripping twist-filled crime thriller. 

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by JK Rowling- my favourite of this phenomenal series!

I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai- an inspiring non-fiction account of an incredible life. 

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte- my favourite classic novel, very accessible and perfect for curling up with in the winter!

Kite Runner (The) by Khaled Hosseini- a fantastic and emotional panoramic view of Afghanistan.

Little Princess (A) by Frances Hodgson Burnett- my favourite children’s classic!

Martian (The) by Andy Weir- OMG THIS IS FABULOUS GO READ IT

Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen- the protagonist is the original fangirl and this short classic is so worth your time!

One by Sarah Crossan- get ready to ugly-cry, a perfect YA verse novel

Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie- a beautifully intricate novel set in Nigeria. 

QI: The Book of General Ignorance by John Lloyd- I’m somewhat of a QI nerd and this book of fun facts is interspersed with jokes from the show!

Room With A View (A) by EM Forester- a gorgeous novel from the early twentieth century.

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo- a fantasy novel combined with a heist novel with brilliant characters! Go read!

Tar Baby by Toni Morrison- set in a sultry, humid atmosphere, romantic, dark, and full of beautiful writing, I highly recommend. 

Under the Hawthorn Tree by Marita Conlon-McKenna- a children’s book set in Ireland during the famine in the mid-nineteenth century.

Voyage of the Sable Venus and Other Poems by Robin Coste Lewis- a poetry anthology celebrating the black female body and reclaming beauty.

Wrath and the Dawn (The) by Renee Ahdieh- the first in a duology.

Year of Lear: Shakespeare in 1606 (The) by James Shapiro- a non-fiction in-depth look at the context of one year in the life of Shakespeare.

I don’t have one for Z, can you recommend one? 

RFA + V/Saeran realize it’s MC’s birthday

Hey all! It’s my birthday today, so I figured now’s as good a time as any to post birthday headcanons. Since I just moved to a new area and know very few people here, I went with more of a “Oh, it’s your birthday???’ vibe rather than (most of them) having known when MC’s birthday is all along.

Requests are open.~


  • you had surprised him at rehearsal with some lunch just bc you wanted to see him on your birthday
  • your phone was blowing up w/ messages from your family
  • he didn’t mean to look, but he glanced and saw a “Happy Birthday!” text
  • s h o c k e d why didn’t you tell him??
  • soon as you left, he was calling Seven
    • “Of course I knew!”
    • “Why didn’t you tell me???”
    • “Figured she’d tell people if she wanted them to know…”
  • welp he was supposed to be rehearsing all day but he wasn’t about to spend all day w/o you
  • so he told his director who totally understood and then left
  • showed up with a dozen roses
    • “Happy Birthday, my princess.”
    • “How did you–”
    • “I saw your phone - I’m sorry. But you deserve to be spoiled today.”
  • spent the rest of the day doing just that


  • bright and early, Seven was calling him
  • he figured this boy needs all the help he can get
    • “Today is what?!” omg what is he going to do he’s got nothing planned!
  • spent all morning shopping - flowers, groceries, he has everything put away before you’d even had your usual morning call
  • when you did call, he hoped you’d mention your birthday but you didn’t
  • he invited you over and you happily agreed
  • you were totally shocked when you arrived and his apartment was decorated for your birthday
  • and something smelled wonderful
  • greeted you at the door w/ a kiss and flowers
    • “Happy Birthday, MC~!”
  • he cooked two of your favorite meals for lunch and dinner and you spent all day cuddling and watching romance movies


  • she had asked you a while ago because she kept all the files of RFA members up-to-date
  • she’d made a note on her calendar and had it remind her a week in advance there’s no catching her off guard
  • but you hadn’t mentioned it since? to her or any of the members?
  • you forgot she knew tbqh
  • she assumed this meant you didn’t want a huge fuss but she wanted to do something
  • she ended up making a small cake for you the day before to wake up to the next morning
  • and she turned off your alarm she had worked through enough birthdays and you deserved the day off
  • closed the bakery early to spend more time with you
  • you couldn’t believe she remembered! you didn’t think you could love her any more but you were wrong
  • spent the rest of the day cuddling under blankets watching whatever you wanted to watch Zen’s musicals were definitely part of it tho


  • you had pointedly not told him bc you knew it would be over the top and you felt guilty
  • the boy already buys you basically anything you show the slightest interest in
  • you breathed in the direction of a designer toilet seat once and it took like three hours to convince him it wasn’t a hint that you wanted it does anyone need something like that jfc
  • but he found out on the day of, when you got a call from your parents singing Happy Birthday to you
  • you were embarrassed
    • “I didn’t want to make a big deal about it…”
  • too late, he had already picked up his phone
    • “Jaehee, cancel all my plans for the day. It is MC’s birthday.”
  • bc it’s Jaehee, she foresaw this outcome and had not scheduled him anything today anyway
  • he made you strawberry pancakes and served them to you in bed
  • had the chef make your favorite meals the rest of the day
  • bc he couldn’t resist, he bought you a new dress and jewelry to match but otherwise did a good job respecting that you didn’t want it to be a spectacle


  • he knew of course, he’d known since day one
  • but you didn’t know he knew
  • which means his surprise party would be extra surprising he only hoped you liked that kind of thing
  • sent you on a scavenger hunt while he got everything ready, your party was totally space-themed
  • by then, you realized he knew
  • but you thought the scavenger hunt was it
  • so when it led you to his house, you were just expecting him with a goofy grin and honey buddha chips or something
  • then the door sang Happy Birthday to you which you loved
  • when you came in and all of RFA yelled “Surprise!” you almost cried
    • “I didn’t want anyone to feel like I was expecting anything so I didn’t tell anyone…thank you so much.” you felt so special
  • lots and lots of kisses and cuddles and making everyone tell you two to get a room


  • you were cooking lunch when you finally said something out of necessity
    • “Oh, my parents are insisting on taking me out to dinner for my birthday tonight…I’d love it if you came, too.”
  • you heard him set his pipe on the table and you turned around
  • he was silent for a moment
    • “…It’s your birthday?”
  • he looks hurt oh no this is not what you wanted
  • you had started to ramble, wanting him to understand
    • “Oh, I didn’t tell anyone! It’s honestly…just another day for me. I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it.”
  • he made his way to the kitchen and placed a kiss on your cheek
  • felt around for your hands and laced his fingers through them
    • “Of course I’ll go to dinner with you. But can I make the day at least a little special for you?”
  • how can you say no to that
  • so you two dressed up and took lots of pictures together and he takes lots of you
  • they turned out amazing even with his limited vision


  • woke up w/ a groan and Saeyoung standing over him
    • “So what are you gonna do for MC for her birthday?”
  • what
  • was he supposed to know it was your birthday?
  • is that a thing he’s supposed to do? shit
  • deadpan stare, Saeyoung was almost sure he was gonna get punched
    • “…got any ideas?”
    • “Oh! Oh! Tons!”
  • he turned them all down
  • in the end he went with something pretty simple
  • surprised you with ice cream and your favorite cookies
  • and promised to do whatever you wanted all day pls don’t abuse it
  • you were super touched and looked at him with surprise
    • “But…how did you know? I didn’t tell anyone.”
  • you both ended up glaring at a snickering Saeyoung
  • while you were both secretly grateful bc it was a really nice day 


Request: Omg i love your roan x reader imagines! Could you do one where the reader is from the sky people and she’s considered “the princess” of the sky people and a total badass warrior fighting for her people and when roan finally meets her he instantly fall in love and tries to make her HIS princess but quickly find out that she is determined to to stay loyal to her people so she play hard to get to. Her people and azgeda decides to show loyalty to each other and marry their princess and roan together

Roan paces through the camp, his eyes narrow as he watches you training. He’s never seen anything like it. The way you move quickly yet quietly, striking down your opponent with ease. Bellamy stands next to Roan, noticing the princes’ parted lips.

 “Mhmm.” He smirks, “Our princess has that effect.” 

“She’s your princess?” He questions, his eyebrows raise when he sees you smiling and laughing as you help your opponent up. 

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anonymous asked:

Okay reader and Ethan go to Disney World together. Omg I'm excited just thinking about it.

I love disney i fw this so hard

•eth planning a 5 day trip there

•"okay so monday we go to magic kingdom, and then tuesday we go to hollywood stu-“
“Ethan its okay, we’ll play things by ear”

•ethan and you getting matching ears

•cute photo ops with characters

•ethan taking a pic with cinderella because his hair matches her dress

•eth making jokes about how its your castle because you’re his princess

•eth referring to you as princess for the entire trip

•taking little vlogs of your trip to disney

•you and eth splurging on star wars merch

•"do you think i’d be a good luke?“
“I think you’re a good ethan”
“Thats cute but what about luke”

•light saber fights

•you & eth swooning over cute babies in costumes

•taking a corny kissing pic in front of the castle (and inspiring so much fanart)

•watching the firework show together


•when you get back to your hotel n you guys are about to fall asleep eth looks at you so dreamy

•"hey (y/n)?“
"Yeah babe?”
“Thanks for being my princess”


BTS reaction seeing you practicing pick up lines dressed sexy in front of mirror.

anon: Hi! Can I request BTS seeing yourself in front of the mirror wearing lace tights,their shirt and full glam of makeup practicing pick up lines to get them turned on but, the pickup lines would be weird and you would make the most unattractive faces while practicing.For example “ Would you like a burrito and a relationship well I could be your baerrito” or “ Do you like Nutella well you could look into my hazel brown eyes” their is hazelnut and the color of chocolate is brown. Lol I’m so sorry😄           

I still can’t get over this request. I spend 5minutes dying from laught with my bff 😂 I can imagine how can this look like and omg 😁 You made our day! I hope you’ll enjoy this ^^


Originally posted by suga-com

y/n:“Jinnie, are you a Disney princess? Cause you’re cinderHella fine!”

After hearing it he sneak in your room and watched what are you doing. There you’re - in lace, in front of mirror, talking to yourself. He was surprised and now he knew how boys felt when he is making his uncle jokes. He don’t want to distrub you so he go to the kitchen thinking what he can do when you’ll use it. You look sexy in this lance but your faces and pick up lines can ruin atmosphere. Really hard thinking how to play it out. Then he’ll back to you and start kissing you before you would say anything.

“Is Y/B planning to use it at me? Gosh. No. Maybe I’ll just act like I didn’t hear it?”


Originally posted by yoonmin

y/n: “How much does it cost to have you to night? Cause damn, you look expensive!”

He were just standing in the door trying hard to not laught. But he can’t hold it and started to laught. When you turn on to see him you were schocked. Yoongi looked at you, walking closer to you and eyeing you. He’ll remeber this for all his life and sometimes tease about that.

“Y/N is this t-shirt mine? I want it back so take it off. I would say that you look so damn sexy but it was too funny.”


Originally posted by huang-zitao

y/n: “Didn’t You Wear That Yesterday? Your shirt has to go, but you can stay. ”

You wanting to lure Hoseok on with this lines was the most hilarious thing that he saw today. He knew that you are trying hard so he won’t tease you and just back hug you, softly touching your lance thights and starting to taking off his t-shirt from you “playing your game”

“Yees. I wear it yesterday. Maybe you’ll do something about it?”


Originally posted by ksjknj

y/n: “You like maths? Cause I want to ADD to you my life, SUBTRACT your clothes, DIVIDE your legs and MULTIPLY ourselves.”

Seeing you dressed like this would turn him on without even your trying. Buut look it’s not over. You wanted to play it like in drama witch you were watching in last week. Namjoon was focused on your legs, ass and everything. After hearing your pick up line he get distracted. What are you trying to do? He didn’t think too much about it and go towards you to started what you planned.

“Maybe we’ll skip this foreplay and straightaway go to the highlight?”


Originally posted by princejimineee

y/n: “Are you religios? Cause you’re the answer to all my prayers.”

Jimin wouldn’t care about your pick up lines or faces which you were doing. He focused on your look. Lances whiche bought you for your birthday, his shirt which was too big for you and you looked so hot. You transform Jimin from fluffy Mochi to Daddy Jimin.

“And now come to me. Your angel will take care of you.”


Originally posted by taedamn

y/n: “What’s that on your face? Oh, must just be beauty. Here, let me get it off. hmmm. and I’ll kis him and say- Hey, it’s not coming off!”

Thinking how cute and sexy you’re in the same time. He thinks that it’s weird but normal people are boring. Enjoing the view of you sexy dressed and imagining what he’ll do with you. Tae would let you end your pick up lines and after that he’ll take care of everything.

“Now let me take a lead. You started and I’ll end”


Originally posted by officialwookkibby

y/n: “ Which is easier? You getting into those tight pants or getting you out of them?”

Making fun of you so hard. He can’t stop laught even when you were calming him down. When his laught attack would end he’ll take to salon and starts playing Overwatch. You were so pissed that he ruin everything when you were preparing all day. Still wearing lances and his white t-shirt you were sitting on the couch cringed. When he finished, he looked at you focusing on your legs and gived you small smirk and this glance which you loved.

“I thought about your question and I think that for you, it’ll be easier to get me out of them.”


Ken’s reaction when Hani was announced as the first girl in the hot seat (the rose game, where the boys appeal to be chosen by the girl they like). - All the Kpop, Ep 33

[After a “Big Four” training session]

Rapunzel: Everything hurts.

Jack: Bitch me too.

Rapunzel: What’s a “bitch”? Is that bad?

Jack: Uh… It’s a loving or endearing term for a close friend or family member.

Rapunzel: Oh, well thank you! I also think you’re a bitch, Jack.

Jack, trying not to laugh: Thanks Princess, that means a lot.

[Rapunzel gets up and starts to walk away.]

Jack: Wait! Where are you going?

Rapunzel: I’m going to go tell Hiccup he’s the biggest bitch I’ve ever met!

Jack, seriously trying not to laugh and crying a bit: You do that. He’ll love it.

anonymous asked:


*sdfbwrogoboiwrobg* starts playing. HELL YES, I CAN. I never knew how much i needed this until now. I love her, oh my god. (I imagined if Allura ever got short hair, it would be fluffy, big and all over the place.) 

My Kallura shipping ass has got some theories about how allura would get short hair below: 

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Photoshoot (Minhyuk x Reader)

Admin: Candi
Request: three words. Monsta X. Minhyuk. Smut – anon”
Fandom: Monsta X
Member/reader: Minhyuk x Reader
Genre/warning(s): smut, dom!Minhyuk, daddy kink (I was saving this one for a good fic ;) ), public sex if bathroom counts as public??, choking, orgasm denial, slight language
Words: 3.2k
Authors note: Boy oh boy am I excited for you all to read this. He’s my wet dream tbh. Also, I know I’m shading starship in this a lil but they deserve it lmao I hate what they do to Monsta X bye.

Minhyuk: Hey princess, I have a photoshoot today that I completely forgot about so I’m gonna have to cancel our plans

Y/N: That’s okay baby, we can rearrange them

Minhyuk: You can come to the photoshoot but it might be a bit boring

Y/N: No omg that’ll be so much fun, I’ll make my way to the studio now so I can go with you!

Minhyuk: Perfect, I’m so excited, I’m glad you’re coming. I’ll see you in a few

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