omg I get to be a princess!

booksmage  asked:

I hope this isn't unwelcome, but I have book recs for your Goodreads challenge! The Misadventures of Benjamin Bartholomew Piff, School of Fear, Sister's Grimm (it's a whole series, I love them), Gallagher Girls, Wait 'Til Helen Comes, Wide-Awake Princess, Brand New Emily, Replay, and Etiquette & Espionage are the ones that come to mind right now. I don't know how many of these you've read, and a lot of these are easy, light hearted reads, but they're short and I really enjoyed them.


Also lol don’t worry, definitely not unwelcome! I always love getting book recs and I literally asked you :)

I have read the first book in the Etiquette & Espionage series. I might actually continue with that one since I can borrow them from a friend (I’m a little broke right now lol).

I don’t think I’ve heard of the rest but I am painfully intrigued by Sister’s Grimm and School of Fear! I’ll definitely look them up.

(Hope you don’t mind me posting this. I’m at work and so I can’t add them to my TBR right now :))

anonymously (or not) send in a cat!
  • snowball:your blog is very calming
  • spots:i think you're funny
  • shadow:your posts are interesting
  • bandit:i think you're fun to talk to
  • gabriel:you're very reliable & helpful
  • lexy:i like your blog aesthetic
  • lady meow-meow:i like your theme
  • pepper:i'm scared to talk to you
  • pickles:i get nervous around you
  • speckles:i want to be your friend
  • willie:i love your edits
  • dottie:you're very friendly
  • tabitha:you seem like a good person
  • callie:i care a lot about you
  • princess:i have a crush on you
  • saint purrtrick:you're an inspiration
  • ms fortune:you're very charming
  • mr meowgi:you're a good teacher
  • conductor whiskers:you're a good listener
  • sassy fran:we should talk more

story: my best friend 100% reminds me of Napstablook and once I was trying to text her about time-sensitive plans and she wasn’t responding and I was getting impatient so I sent “ANSWER YOUR PHONE OMG” and she finally responded with “well excuuuuse me, princess” and it was the sassiest thing I’d ever heard her say to me and I didn’t know whether to be insulted or proud

(◡‿◡✿) MY SUPER AWESOME GIVE AWAY! ( Also Win a drawing of your Mayor and villager!)

hi guise! *-* in celebration of me making a new ac blog i got really excited and decided to host a give away! 

I love give always so much, they are so much fun just because I get to see everyone’s reaction and stuff omg ;_; so okay there will be 3 prizes!! 

1st Prize:

- Princess set

- Mermaid set

- Dollhouse dress 

- Choice of a drawing of your favorite villager(humanized) and your mayor in one drawing (or just one of them) drawn by kyoto-princess. 

- Marina the normal octopi (okay i know that she’s a lot of people dreamies and if you don’t want her that is totally okay but keep in mind that you can do whatever you want with her and i know that she goes for a lot bells (i’m very against auctions but the winner is free to do whatever they want with their prize yanno!) Anyway, if you don’t want Marina she will just be simply go to the 2nd prize winner and if that person doesn’t want it then to the 3rd prize winner, if NO ONE wants her in the end she will be put into a raffle give away on the bell tree forums :)

2nd prize:

-Hair bow wig

-Weeding day set (flower set)

- Pink roses (10)

- Blue pansies (5)

- Purple pansies (5)

-1 mil bells

- Choice of a drawing of their favorite villager(humanized) or just your mayor. drawn by kyoto-princess

3rd Prize:

-Mush set

-500k bells 

- Pink roses (5)

- Purple pansies (5)

-  Royal crown 

- Choice of a drawing of their favorite villager(humanized) or just your mayor. drawn by kyoto-princess.

To enter this give away all you have to do is follow me newleafbunnie (I WILL CHECK)

and reblog the post as much as you want!

Give away will end on January 15 at 8:00 pm EST

it’s as simple as that guise, i wish all of you luck!!!! 

there is now art included in the give away thanks to kyoto-princess who felt like being generous!!! i strongly suggest that you should follow this lovely human being who is making the giveaway even more fabulous and awesome!!!! ^o^ <33333

i want a kid’s cartoon where a knight in shining armor hears there’s a princess locked in a tower and goes to save her but he gets there and she’s like twelve so he’s like “kay well.. do you wanna be a knight” and she’s like “omg yes” and the rest of the show is her learning how to be a knight while also learning how to act like a normal person because she’s been in a tower talking to birds for most of her life and the knight who saved her is like “dear god she doesn’t know what a chicken is i didn’t think this through” but they end up being the brotp and she ends up being the most badass knight in the kingdom like i just need this in my life


“One of my favorite lines is when Cinderella is getting out of the carriage. She says, ‘I’m frightened, Mr. Lizard. I’m just a girl, not a princess.’ I really understand that. When I felt very nervous and felt the pressure and felt like I couldn’t do this—that I’m not beautiful enough or this enough or that enough or made a mistake—I felt like those would be things that Cinderella would feel too.”

Harry Styles Is The nicest Guy Masterpost.

So Harry was once again nominated for evilest person of the year… -.- 

I couldn’t actually find anything that showed him being evil or mean so…

I’m showing all the good. 

Lets start off with Harry and kids… to precious!

dear god someone call 911! Mr.EVIL IS HOLDING A BABY.


So now we move onto him and fans…

Their are literally THOUSANDS like these and I just wanted to put a few in!

Now lets go to princess styles.