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NHL!Bitty: Floor People

Jack and Bitty both deal with playoff losses a little different than in college. (Not that different, though)

Fits into @whoacanadaโ€˜s NHL!Bitty verse.ย 

Jack is on his way to the door, keys in hand, in the entryway, leaving to pick Bitty up from the airport when Bitty slogs through the door, past Jack, and dramatically sprawls out on his stomach on the floor.

Jack looks down at his husband, then to the open door. He looks at his watch, and then back to his husband, whoโ€™s on the ground.

โ€œI was on my way to pick you up from the airport?โ€ he asks.

Bitty grunts in reply, from the floor.

โ€œBut youโ€™reโ€ฆ here?โ€

Another grunt, partially directed at Jack but mostly to the hardwood floor.

โ€œThirty minutes before your plane is supposed to land.โ€

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