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Kageyama Tobio for my dearest friend, Seda ♡♡

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I can totally see Yuri dreading the time Victor and Yuuri decide to have their first child, because knowing the two assholes, they’ll put him first on the list to babysit. Also, Yuri fucking hates children.

He just doesn’t get the fuss about babies everyone is all about, even his own boyfriend seems to love babies. They’d often talk about it, because yeah, they both want to have a family of their own eventually. Its just that Yuri always pictured their family being him, Otabek and a bunch of cats.

“Its stupid, Beka! Babies are stupid and this argument is stupid! Just the thought of a loud, stinky, gross mess of a human bothering me every waking moment makes me want to barf. The smell of milk all around our apartment? Fucking disgusting! And not only that. Are you really going to tell me you’d rather have endless sleepless nights trying to console a crying piece of shit instead of awesome nights of awesome sex? No thank you.”

And Otabek would just look at him and shake his head, smiling fondly. Because he knows Yuri’s childhood wasn’t easy, and maybe he just wants a few more years to be young and careless. Otabek gets it, and he can wait to have this conversation later, perhaps he’ll change his mind.

When Victor and Katsudon announce that they’re adopting a baby, Yuri’s reaction is slightly disappointing. He just rolls his eyes and stomps out of the room yelling back to them “Congrats on the worst decision you’ve ever made, you fuckers!”. Otabek thought that Yuri would’ve given into the concept of babies a little by now, but clearly that wasn’t the case.

Time goes by and Beka slowly gives up on the idea of having children with Yuri. Maybe its true, people don’t change.

But then the Victuuri baby arrives and everybody is thrilled. Otabek drags Yuri to see it because “even if you hate to admit it, they’re your family”. He tries to avoid any kind of contact during most of his time there, deciding to go for a beer downstairs while everyone else is gushing over the baby. Eventually he gets bored and goes to find Beka so they can finally go home.

But he wasn’t expecting to find Otabek with the baby in his arms, the light hitting the room just right, leaving everything looking rather ethereal. Yuri feels a familiar tug in his chest, just like when he realized for the first time that he was balls deep crazy in love with his boyfriend.

“Beka,” he hissed with his hands balled into fists, “what the fuck?”

Otabek turns to him with a questioning look on his face, and its just then that Yuri notices the blush on the other boy’s cheeks, very similar to the one he feels crippling up his own face.

“How dare you look like this? With a baby?!” Yuri says as he takes a step forward. When he’s close enough, he mindlessly runs a finger across the baby’s forehead, then looks up to find Otabek smiling softly, and maybe wants to die.

Also, he suddenly remembers they’re not alone, and sees Victor and Yuuri staring at them, looking as mushy as always. But surprisingly, he finds himself not being bothered by it for the first time ever. Actually, makes him feel kinda warm.

So yeah, maybe babies are not such a bad idea after all.


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His eyes flickered over her face. Something broke over the sternness and the barrier he was so good at putting up. She caught its blinding flashes, felt the heat of his glare: longing. Or something an awful lot like it.

“Why do you get to be happy?,” she asked, wanting to unstick the words from the bones in her throat, “and I don’t?”

The Good Girl by attica ( @basicaquatics )

OTP Idea #789

Person A, who dreams of being a pro artist, is sketching in a bookstore. Person B walks up and offers some drawing advice to A. After that, they regularly meet up at the bookstore to swap ideas and tips, but usually devolve into conversations about everything else, as well. Little does A know that Person B is a world renowned professional artist.

cred to anon <3

Modern Day Hamilza Headcanon's

I appreciate your art because it gives me life, and because I can’t offer you art in return (yet, I’m working on it) I thought I would give you a gift in written form.

Here are my headcanons of high school Hamliza because how cute would they be?

• Okay so Alex is the New Guy™ at school and he’s from a big city and everyone (guys, gals and non-binary pals) are already so in love with him after day one and he’s just like B))) used to it (he’s still a arrogant arse)
• Eliza shares 1 class with him though, and that’s English, and in English he isn’t the way he is in the hallways. He’s different, and she realises that when his eyes light up at a short story assignment or when their given an essay to discuss representation in women in literature.
• One time, they were given a poetry assignment and the teacher picked him to read out his poetry “the first duty of society is justice” and she can’t stop thinking about him in ways she knows she shouldn’t.
• She still rolls her eyes in the hallway, when he’s with his friends, but not because of the way he’s acting but because now she’s seen what he’s really like, and she can’t help but wonder why?? Why act this way, when you are so much better??
• “come to the party” Maria had said, “it will be fun” she had said and so there she was. She got Angelica and Peggy to cover for her and she left and now she’s standing uncomfortable in the kitchen, clutching her cup and trying politely to move away from the guy in her chem class who is hitting on her.
• That’s when Alexander sees her, he vaguely recognises her from his English class “the girl who said that being a homemaker doesn’t make you any less of a feminist, yes I liked her”
• He is completely heart eyes for her fishnet tights and a metal version of a NSYNC band shirt, her brown eyes and long brown hair.
• He gets angry when a guy is coming closer to her, he sees how uncomfortable she is and decided to step in.
• He comes up to her and wraps an arm around her shoulder “hey babe, you okay?”
• “Ummm…”
• “You can go now, Thomas, thanks.”
• when he leaves she turns to him, a certain glimmer in her eyes and she says sternly “I don’t need saving you know, I could have handled it.”
• He saw her cheeks turning red with anger and he decided “yes, I really like her.”
• he introduced himself, to which she says she knows and he smirks “So, you’ve noticed me.”
• “We take the register in English, don’t be so arrogant.”
• He likes that she can call him out on his shit and she likes when he’s having an actual conversation with her and not being “hallway Alex”
• They soon become A Thing™ and the most perfect couple on school??
• People roll there eyes at how sweet they are, they hold hands in the hallway and he drops her off to all her classes and they sit next to each other in English now??
• Sharing Lunch
• After their third date, Alex went in for a kiss and holy shit when did he ever wait this long?? Shit she’s making him feel things.
• He drops her off one day and her dad opens the door. And it’s awkward because Alex is standing in front of this mansion with a rich guy who could very well deem him inappropriate for his daughter who he is slowing falling in love with.
• Time to turn on the charm.
• “Mr. Schuyler, it’s very nice to meet you.”
•"…“ *shakes hands awkwardly*
• “Dad, this is Alex, remember the guy I was telling you about.”
• He’s stone face, and the meeting is awkward and Alex scurries away knowing he’s blown it.
• he calls Eliza as soon as he gets home “He hates me, doesn’t he?”
• “Baby, it’s okay, he wants you over for dinner though.”
• In the end he gets Phillips blessing (not like that’s was going to stop him anyway)

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I know that prompts aren't open but what about headcanons? If they are can you PLEASE do some Yuri on Ice hcs? I love your writing! <3

YURI ON ICE TICKLY HEADCANONS INCOMING ! Sorry for making you waaait~ My friend’s showering and preparing for our day out so I am quickly spamming this. Ohohooo:D

I don’t wanna list all character names and I don’t wanna make this too chaotic either like I often do with my headcanons, so now it’s gonna be pairing based. Sorry but I’m a shipper-girl *////*

[Including Victuuri, Otayuri and… also some Chris/Phichit yeeeesss I kinda ship them]

Victor / Yuuri

♡ Biggest tickle dorks you’ll ever meet. They’re both superb switches, both highly sensitive aaand a day in their lives together goes barely by without a case of hysterical laughter and flailing limbs.

♡ Not only hysterical laughter. Both of them are very cuddly and love pleasant soft tickles. Yuuri is so hypersensitive that even the normal things that aren’t meant to tickle- lead for the couple to break out in a cute tickly session.

– Such as Victor washing his hair (ticklish ears and scalp ftw), washing his back (Yuuri keep stiiill!- halfhearted victor-whines), helping him fix his necktie (yes that tickles) or his buttons (Victor likes being caring and also Yuuri just. can’t. stand. this. And mooore:))

♡ When they are in bed, it’s even normal that Victor curling his toes against the tops of Yuuri’s feet will have him giiiggle and have them break out in a feet-tickle fight. Just with their feet. It is possible.

♡ Let’s not mention lick- tickle fights but just kind reminder these two are unbelievable dorks.

♡ Victor is stronger than Yuuri and it keeps surprising Yuuri how immobile he is when his coach pins him down and tickles him mercilessly.

BUT once Yuuri lies his fingers on Victor’s ticklish body and catches him off guard, all of Victor’s strength goes to minus 4032658 because omg he is so ticklish and him being stronger doesn’t mean Yuuri isn’t strong. When Yuuri manages to tickle Victor, it’s his victory of the day… or night ;)))

♡ Like I already showed in my GIF thing huehue, it occurs that one of them brings up tickle-related stuff while they’re around friends, and the other gets flustered but he does react to it, resulting in hilarious situations.

♡ Yuuri likes to tease Victor by making sudden fake attacks like suddenly reaching out with grabby hands or a finger ready to poke without even touching Victor. It will make him jump and squeak in surprise! (He will have to make it a real attack soon or Victor will retaliate fast as punishment for teasing him)

♡ Most of the time they are *cautious* around each other even when they’re outside but especially at home, because tickle attacks for both of them are always waiting around the corner.

♡ Yuuri has very ticklish hands and Victor loves to hold his hand and trace his palm and lightly scribble his fingers all over the top of it while they watch TV/a movie and hear Yuuri giggle. He is especially sensitive between his fingers, and Yuuri will make cute whiney sounds and bite his lip in the most adorable way.

(others under the cut)

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