omg 4 you anon you go anon

  • aries: oh my god, do not be an arse
  • taurus: [cock screams] [cock screams intensify]
  • gemini: god can’t help you your to far gone
  • cancer: i’m not crying right now, i just have so much adrenaline
  • leo: yeah i’m 18, old enough to be a porn star (and sexy enough too)
  • virgo: i am eating a slice of cold pizza and if you don’t get here by the time i’m done eating it i’m locking the doors and going to bed
  • libra: ily omg why were you up at 4 in the morning
  • scorpio: just had an amazing convo about hot dads
  • sagittarius: so i fell asleep in my 10 am class and woke up at 2 […] with a different professor in a different lecture
  • capricorn: it’s a good video i got 102 likes on instagram for it
  • aquarius: when you’re not drunk i’ll tell you all about it. i try not to impart life lessons upon ye who are most ingloriously hammered.
  • pisces: *twirls away from rejection*

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was gonna ask, how do you feel about the teen wolf fandom? Especially Sterek. I just feel like as soon as I post anything Sterek I lose a ton of followers (not that it matters but still) and get hate from it??? Do you have to deal with that? Any tips??? I used to love being in this fandom but now it's all negative and I'm not so sure anymore...

dear anon, i have been there. it used to get me down, a lot, especially when i would get hate, or incredulous anons like “why do u ship sterek they’re not gay” or “uGH STEREK SUX” and to start with it enraged me, i would try and argue my point, apply logic, defend my shipping choices, it was hard! and it would wear me down, stress me out, fighting the shipping fight when both the writers and other parts of fandom made a mockery out of you. it made me lose heart.

but then!!! then i realised i was never going to win against a grey icon’d anon. i was never going to make them stop. and i was never going to see a sterek love story in canon from baiting jackass writers. SO. i decided to own my choice. i decided that, ultimately, i shipped sterek for myself, for my own joy, and i could only respond with humour, with a whatrugonnado attitude. some tips:

1. find like minded people. i am not a multi-shipper. and sometimes, if you’re lucky, you find people who are also OTP only minded, and you can absorb yourself in their love for your mutual OTP. OR, if it’s more your bag, find multi shippers that are chill about sterek. find multi shippers that are respectful. and be respectful yourself! tag!!! and understand, we sterek shippers, considered “the v bad sterek fandom” are now a v careful bunch. we have our own circles. some of us have been very personally, individually singled out and hurt because of our choice to ship sterek. and it’s AWESOME if you do, A+ shipping choices, i’m always down to talk. but remember that the sterek fandom as it was, does not exist. we all found our own like minded people down to a v specific sort of sterek shipping. just as there is no longer one “true” teen wolf fandom, there is also no one big “sterek” fandom. some of us are v v V bitter and do not watch anymore, but only ship sterek in fanon (hey! that’s me! sterek reuniting off screen in the rain? hell yeah that’s me); some of us are happy with what we got and continue to watch (and are rays of sunshine good LORD what u guys must go through every week, shout out to izzie who is tw’s truly biggest fan still and makes me glad about it because it’s so enthusiastic and positive, she’s great a+ recommend izzie); some of us didn’t even watch the show, but liked the look of sterek (well played u guys, u missed SO MUCH crap) ANY WAY, what i’m saying is, some people are happy to talk sterek, others may have moved on, so, find the people who are still comfortable with the ship on tumblr (not just doing it on skype where there are hotel make out scenes discussed ~cough, g). if that makes sense.

2. don’t let anyone tear you down for shipping sterek. it’s a fictional pairing, but you are a real person! (unless ure not, dun dun duhh!!!) but seriously, if someone makes you feel bad for shipping sterek, they’re maybe not for you. if someone bitches about sterek on your dash, mute them, unfollow them, do whatever you need to in order to create the best, most enjoyable shipping experience for YOURSELF. if someone doesn’t tag, ask them, if they won’t, maybe find a way around it to avoid the other pairings, or just unfollow. if someone posts too much of a ship you don’t like, unfollow! just remember it’s nothing personal. you can still respect and admire a person, but not like their shipping choices. don’t let them bully you into changing your mind, or backing down. just as many people have asked me to provide multi ship headcanons or write multi ship fic, i’ve only ever said no, and that is my choice. and i’ve had great mutuals that have been respectful of that.

3. be your own champion. create your own safe sterek space. make up your own headcanons, find fics, admire art, BATHE YOURSELF IN STEREK. they are, ultimately, why i got so deep into tumblr, and i’m personally never letting go, so, it’s always gonna be here, and somebody telling me i’m delusional or weird for shipping sterek isn’t going to make me click my fingers and go “lol ‘kay now i ship stalia, u have cured me omg thanks” nah.

4. don’t take it to heart. it’s not about you. i think maybe anons that send hate hope to stop you or change your mind, but at the end of the day, it’s not their business what you ship, it’s their choice to follow you or bother you, and it’s not your problem, it’s theirs. let them pass you by, delete them, make your tumblr your safe space.

5. fuck canon. make sterek yours. they’re ours now, anyway. oh yeHA

localhufflepuff  asked:

More pirate!nico and prisoner!will please, seriously I love it!!!! I love this whole blog ngl but this au is wonderful haha

Anon 1:  aaa you should definitely continue the pirate prompt!!!

nivennawinters:  in general I enjoy your writing, but I particularly like this fanfic, and you should totally continue this one!

Anon 2:  Just wanted to tell you I loooove your blog, I’m a bit addicted to it I guess oops x) also please more pirate solangelo AU bc it’s killing me xx

vpacheva:Hey there!I love your fics/headcanons/pieces of art!I was wondering if you were going to continue the pirat/prisoner solangelo fic?It’s amazing(like all of your writings)!Have a wonderful day filled with happiness colors and little gay cuties! xx :))

Anon 3:  Can you do more of the pirate au? I loved it!!!

Anon 4:  are you going to continue pirate au????


Anon 6:  Please, please, please can you finish the pirate and prisoner au?

Anon 7:  Please continue the pirate-prisoner AU?

Anon 8:  Please???!? Continue pirate au?!!!! You’re amazing!!!?!!

Anon 9:  the pirate au was so good???? pls continue if you have the time. it was very well written

Anon 10:  Could you please continue your Pirate!Nico and Prisoner!Will? Thanks.

dionysusborn:Pirate au is awesome, definitely in favor of it being multi chaptered 😍😍😍

Anon 11:  Please please please continue with the pirate nico and prisoner will story! I love it so much!

Anon 12:  pleaseee continue Pirate!Nico and Prisioner!Will

Anon 13:  Please continue your pirate story, it’s incredible!

Anon 14:  *whispers* can you continue your pirate!AU? It was fantastic.

Anon 15:  aaa you should definitely continue the pirate prompt!!!

Part 1

Here it is guys.

No matter how Nico felt about Will, he couldn’t deny that he fell into the daily routine rather smoothly and became reliable help on the ship. He helped out with the wounded and Hazel took a special liking to him and had him help her with her duties (mostly star-mapping). He was especially skilled with a needle and was adept at sewing skin, something Nico needed much more often than Hazel would like. While he co-existed with the curly haired prisoner, Nico didn’t know much beyond his name. 

That changed when Nico was shot.


“For the love of the gods, Nico, again?” Hazel narrowed her eyes at him and pursed her hands on her hips. “What is that, the third time? In the same shoulder? You really need to stop making it a habit of being a target for bullets. It’s really not good for you.” She had him carried down under deck to be attended to, usually by the sort-of-medic Frank. 

He held a tight hand over his bleeding shoulder and groaned softly. When he was set down on a cot he closed his eyes. Seconds or minutes passed by, Nico lost track of time, and when he opened his eyes again, a swift moving blond head caught his attention. 

“Will?” He croaked out. The blond snapped to attention, his wide, sky blue eyes landed on Nico’s face. “What-?” He tried to sit up but his shoulder reminded him of his injury and he stayed down.

“Hazel sent me. I’m good with injuries.” He moved over to Nico’s side and gently pried his hand away, pressing a cloth to the wound. “Do you- do you do this a lot? Get shot. Hazel seemed more… inconvenienced than concerned.” 

The slow process of stitching up skin followed and Nico tried not to cringe. “Third time.” Nico ground out. “How do you know how to do that? Frank usually just bound it up in cloth until it stopped bleeding.” 

Will made a disgusted face but stayed hunched over Nico’s shoulder. “That’s extremely unhygienic. That’s just asking for an infection. I’m surprised you haven’t lost your arm. But to answer your question, my father was a medic in our village. He taught me. I was supposed to be traveling to a village in the north to learn more from their medic.” 

The words until you took me were left unsaid, but Nico understood them perfectly and fell quiet. Eventually, Will finished sewing up Nico’s shoulder and advised him to get some rest and avoid stretching his arm for a few days. 

“Thank you.” Nico spoke before Will left him to return to Hazel. 

Will stopped moving and looked genuinely surprised by Nico’s expressed gratitude. Nico was starting to wish he knew what made him tick. He would love to spend hours taking Will apart and pushing every button he had until Will broke. Nico supposed that’s why pirates weren’t very favored. 

“You’re welcome. I… It’s the least I could do for you in return for not killing me. For your unexpected hospitality.” Will quickly shuffled out of the room, leaving Nico alone to his thoughts. 

God damn it, Will was quickly becoming likable. 

It’s finally here.