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Ransom and Holster Get Married.

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  • It’s spring semester of their junior year and Holster is the one who asks Ransom to marry him.
    • He’s only got a partial scholarship from the hockey team and with so many younger siblings, his parents can’t afford to help him with the rest of his tuition. He has to get a loan or he just can’t afford it.
    • But the school has different loan rules for students who live on Frat Row for a certain amount of time and since they’re going into their third year living in the Haus, Holster’s eligibility changes.
  • It should be really easy to get married, but Ransom’s Canadian status throws a little wrench into it. Instead of just going to the nearest courthouse and getting married, they actually have to go through more steps.
    • Green cards get confused, because Ransom already has one for school. But he doesn’t have a work visa, which complicates the marriage visa.
    • They have to actually go through a series of interviews with a government agent, who wants to make sure they’re not getting married just to get Ransom citizenship.
      • It’s ironic, really.
  • It’s almost too easy for them to convince the government official that they’re really in love. They pass all the interviews with flying colors.
    • Maybe there’s a reason why their “fake relationship” seems so real?
  • They don’t tell anyone. Primarily because they don’t want their plan to get out, but also because they do it all over spring break when everyone else is gone.
  • Their wedding is super small, just Ransom’s brother and Holster’s sister as their “witnesses” at the courthouse.
    • Their siblings are in on the deal, and know that the plan is to get divorced after they graduate.
    • Their siblings also know how they really feel about each other and exchange looks during the ceremony as they pledge their love for each other.

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