omg! that's awesome

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hi so um I have a G+ account & I'm in the pjo community where someone posted a screenshot of your dark!Leo hcs and I wrote a short drabble off it and wow I just found your account today and I'd like to show it to you if you want+ you have a nice blog

OMG YES THATS AWESOME I WOULD LOVE TO SEE IT! where can i?? and thank you xD

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I left my old school and went to one that actually cares about how I'm doing, I got councling and the teachers have meetings with me to make sure I understand everything

thats awesome omg. having support and help at school is so important. i hope all goes well for you

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hey tash! congrats on 800 omg thats so awesome <3 ✨⚡️ if you don't mind? thanks!!

thank you so much ally! <3

harry potter aesthetic ⚡️:

house: GRYFFINDOR | ravenclaw | hufflepuff | slytherin
blood status: muggleborn | HALF-BOOD | pureblood
era: founders | MARAUDERS | golden trio | next gen
wand core: UNICORN HAIR | dragon heartstring | phoenix feather
favourite spot in the castle: common room | great hall | dormitory | BY THE LAKE | quidditch pitch | library | room of requirement
quidditch position: seeker | CHASER | beater | keeper | commentator | crowd
fave subject: defense against the dark arts | CHARMS | history of magic | potions | herbology | transfiguration | astromony | arithmancy | ancient runes | muggle studies | divination
friends: Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley, Neville Longbottom

marvel aesthetic ✨:
skill/power: super serum | mutant | IINHUMAN | s.h.i.e.l.d. agent | alien | other (i.e. bitten by radioactive spider etc.)
role: superhero | AGENT | scientist | sidekick | rogue | villain
team affiliation: avengers | young avengers | x-men | DEFENDERS | guardians of the galaxy | rogue/no team | hydra
location: stark tower | xavier’s school | s.h.i.e.l.d. hq | baxter building | OWN APARTMENT
friends: Jessica Jones, Matt Murdock, Claire Temple
enemies: Kilgrave

want one?

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fahc smg for a phone case? Also I legit found you on redbubble a few days ago and I'm currently saving up to buy something from it

Omg dude really? Thats awesome, also PLEASE LIKE WAIT, gimme like a say or two like everything on that is old and gross like I said I forgot it existed until yesterday, it needs a major overhaul but eee thank you💙

Thank you to really awesome people in this fandom who keep on top of print articles, e-articles, entertainment talk, and everything else. The fact checkers, the positive vibes squad, and everybody who contributes to making sure we’re on our game during this super hectic and exciting time. 

genuinelybelieve diggingandfluff theirstoryofevents bulletproofhalo sundy and SO MANY OTHERS I would tag if I wasn’t mobile, as I usually am lately. I’ve been so busy but I’ve been meaning to make a post like this for a few days. 

If you’d like to reblog it and tag somebody awesome in it that you see contributing to fandom in a positive way, PLEASE DO SO.

These lovely humans have had their work cut out for them lately, and they do this solely to provide us with good information. You’re all wonderful.


*breathes into paper bag*

Jared and Jensen signed my Impala’s sun visor and customized it the way I wanted (so rare omg). I could die.