omg! i cried!

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Your artworks are honestly one of the best things I could ask for, they always brighten my days and make me smile and I would say that I really look up to you when I draw, it's happened many times that I scroll through your art tag for references (especially for anatomy tho I'm still really bad at it), you're also an extremely kind person and yours is hands down my all time favorite blog on tumblr

Cries// omg I didn’t answer this earlier bc I was actually pretty sick earlier (I tend to get sick a lot recently TT ^ TT) But alksdfjslkf thank you so much!! You really are so kind and this makes me so happy! And don’t worry! I believe in you! Everyone has to start somewhere, and when I first started to draw, my art was total shit, but I love looking back at it haha I was actually part of a whole magazine club back in middle school where all I talked about was my OCs and it was so fucking embarrassing ahaha. Tbh, that’s where I first talked about Rein (his old name used to be Ryu LMAO)– and now I’m just rambling oops. But yeah, thank you so much love!! <33

Be careful with your spoilers, guys!