omg!! thank u ily

othello, there! a few weeks ago i hit 2k on this blog & I’m crazy surprised & honored ☺️ idk hOW this happened but thank u for sticking with me on this journey, you’ve just made it a 1000 times better <3

i’ll be doing blog aesthetics where i’ll make a moodboard of pics which i think are ur aesthetic! i’ve never done this before so bear w/ me for the time & mistakes xD

for a blog aesthetic:

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that’s about it, i really liked this idea & wanted to do it haha,,, thank you all for this amazing community & for ur kind words, they will always mean a lot to me. special shoutout to my friends on here, i love u all so so much. 💕 thank u for always being there for me. 

hope yall have  a great day,

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Dudebro your humor is so funny like it doesn't make sense but it's still good, the one time you were takin about how you and your girlfriend has been together a while and the tag was "dab on em boi" and I think about that every day like how was that tag so perfectly accurate I don't understand it but I love your humor and your art also congrats on having a girlfriend I wish I had one okay love ya bye๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž

what the fuck this is actually the sweetest thing im mcdying

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YES GIRL YOU ARE EVERYTHING. ur aes ur art and ur fashion like!!!!!!! b i t c h. also ur s.e asian bitch me too??? (im malaysian) and let me just say thank u for representing and being such an i c o n............................i lov u and relate to u on every level thanks for existing and being cool k thanks

wow why am i crying

yooooo thank you so much for 5,000 followers! that’s a lot of people and to be able to get that many in 6 months is pretty awesome omg🤧im very thankful that y'all are following me and supporting me, showing a lot of praise and appreciation for my content. i didn’t think id get here so fast and im literally so grateful for every single one of you! thank you for showing a lot of love for not only me, but for other writing blogs too as well as continuing to support and love nct❤️honest to god idk what to say other than thank you and i love you like asdfghjkl 

i want to do something to say thank you, so if u have any ideas, pls let me know and ill see if i can do them! (id do a follow forever but i don’t follows many people)

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AH what about one where shinsou confessing to his crush lolol thank u ily

omg i really feel like this is OOC so im sorry in advanced :((( 

What if I can..No wait, that’s stupid who would even like that?, Shinsou thought as he crossed out another way to confess to his crush, y/n. The crush he has has exceedingly gotten worse, as he stops in his tracks just to see them walk by, while his heart pounding. Shinsou let out a sigh, figuring that the only way is to tell them in person himself.

The following afternoon, he finally opted a plan on how to confess. As you walk into the class, making your way to your desk, you notice a bouquet of your favorite flowers and a small note accompanying it.

Stay back after class” it wrote, following a small x and a heart. In your head, it was a little cheesy but nonetheless it made your heart swell and cheeks blush. You decide to go along with what the note wrote, curious as to who gave you the flowers.

After longing hours of classes, you stay back, slowly putting in your stationery as if you were actually doing something. Suddenly, you hear the classroom door creak and then close. You turn around to see a lanky violet blue haired boy that’s in your class. You hum to yourself to find the name that belonged to that familiar face.

“It’s Hitoshi Shinsou, if you forgot,” he blandly states with a small smile. You nod your head and look down at the bouquet and then back at him.

“So, you did thi-” He cut you off and said,

“Yeah, excuse the cheesiness but I’ve been looking at you, not in a weird way of course, and I would like for you to be in my life,” he paused, looking frustrated. You assume it’s due to the fact he couldn’t find the words to say.

“How I feel is beyond words and I’m beginning to ramble but it’s alr-”

“No, it’s alright. It’s cute,” you intercept. You walk up to him and peck a kiss on the tip of his nose.

“Would you do me the honor in dropping me home?” you joked. He let out a breathy laugh and nodded.


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do you have any fav malec headcanons?? btw i love your blog!

oh boy, do i ever!
- the first time magnus says ‘i love you’ he doesn’t really realise that he does it, he just casually throws a ‘bye, love you’ at alec when he’s leaving
- alec says it back that night when they’re lying in bed, curled around each other under the blankets
- magnus sometimes leaves random little notes around the apartment for alec to find
- alec is super touchy-feely when he’s tipsy and won’t leave magnus’ side for a second
- magnus cant cook to save his life but on valentine’s day he tries to make pancakes and almost burns down the entire kitchen in the process
- alec never officially moves in with magnus, he just slowly starts leaving more stuff at magnus’ place and stays less at the institute until he doesn’t sleep there at all anymore
- magnus insists on having a movie night at least once a week where they cuddle and watch a movie and eat too much junk food
- alec has a weakness for magnus’ hair and plays with it constantly
- magnus has a scrapbook full of things he collected from dates alec and he went on and other little things
-alec loves sketching magnus and he has several sketchbooks filled only with sketches of magnus

so @cassandrapntaghasts (whispers @miriaas follow 4 more cool art) drew me a thingy bc poppy n zev are literally rapunzel n eugene 

(they’ve got the whole…… cute blonde healer thats lived in a tower her whole life meets handsome, snarky n loveable rogue by chance™ thing going on)  

i am a worm that doesnt deserve it but there u go give mongo all the love n praise 

also bonus lil thing:

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Ok ok jily #15 (that number was made for them)

15: Loud, so everyone can hear (prompts list here)

Lily has never found the enormous double doors quite so–daunting

Like–honestly, they’re just…doors. Colossal slabs of ancient wood that separate the main hallway from the Great Hall, yes, but they’re still just doors. They can’t–they can’t hurt her. 

Her heart still thunders painfully, though. 

“So, like,” James says conversationally, “I mean–we’re doing this, aren’t we? Telling everyone we’re official, in a very dramatic manner worthy of Sirius? Yes? We’re doing this?”

He’s rambling again, the way he does when he’s nervous. Lily thinks it’s a little nice, actually, to know that that makes two of them.

She nudges his shoulder. “Of course we are. But we’re not married yet, or whatever else you plan to try to do, so you’d better watch your step, Potter.” 

Yet?” James repeats, one eyebrow arching, and Lily has to smile. Really, it’s hard not to smile when she’s with James. 

She reaches out and takes his hand, and the warmth from his palm seeps into her own. In this moment, she thinks perhaps all of him is seeping into her. 

Well. She supposes that’s just how much she…loves him, to trust him with her whole being, her very soul, like this.

They exchange one last nervous smile before they step into the Great Hall together, hand in hand, shoulders straight, beaming into the silence. The silence, because–the laughter and chatter and clamor of fork against plate have all ceased. 

It’s dead, dead silent. Silent as the grave. All eyes are trained on them, and then–

Half of the Gryffindor table stands up. There’s applause and cheers and whistles and more cheers, and Sirius is shouting, “I knew it!” A smile is splitting his face practically in half. “Knew something was going on. Called it, I did!”

“Is that James Potter?” A whisper, from the Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff tables. In the sudden chaos, it’s hard to tell. “WIth Lily Evans? How’d he get her?”

“With my charismatic personality and dashing good looks,” James mutters, and Lily finds herself smiling again.

Then he says–or rather, he bellows, really, loud enough for the whole room to hear, “Yes, everyone. We’re going out. We’re in love, actually. And, yes, I’d move mountains for her, and–and fight the sun, or whatever other poetic bullshit there is. I’d do all of it. For her. That’s it. That’s all. Please feel free to return to your meal and stop fucking ogling us at any moment in the very near future.”

This statement seems to make everyone else realize the fact of their rude stares, and their attention is redirected to their breakfasts, and rather meekly, too. 

Later, when they’ve found seats next to Remus and Sirius and Peter, Lily says, “You’re too scrawny to be able to move mountains, Potter.” 

James grins back. “Really? You think so?” he challenges. “You want to bet?”

“Five Galleons,” Lily offers.



“All right, then. Seven Galleons. You are on, Evans.” 

The next morning, James conjures a miniature replica of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in America. It’s probably two feet or so long, made out of plastic and beautifully rendered, and Lily’s about to step over it, but James kneels down beside it and pushes it out of the way for her.

Lily doesn’t give him seven Galleons, but she does laugh till her eyes leak and her stomach feels as if it’s caving in. And she showers him in a lot more than seven kisses, too.

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honestly when i first found you i was like "she's so friendly and funny" and now i'm like "she's so friendly and funny and fULL OF SIN",, ily

PPFFFT OMG thank u buddy aw man D^’: !!!! im so honored to be considered the 3 f’s huE