Oh my gosh

Did any of you notice that in the new Sonic Boom episode, that when Sonic said “She’s not my girlfriend” that the thing that pretty much says “Wrong Answer” beeped? Dude, I just now noticed that.

Eggman: And you’ll never win that couch for that whiny girlfriend of yours.

Sonic: She’s not my girlfriend!

Beeper: Wrong answer! 


I’m pretty much that first guy.  I have gotten outside confirmation from my friends and wife, and they agree.

I think he sees himself as a life consumer, and a man who embraces life. He doesn’t use the terms villain or hero. He does talk a lot about God; I think he’s slightly jealous of god. I think he has a battle going on there, and I think that if there is a God, he’s trying to annoy him as much as he can. I think that is his little thing. He doesn’t see himself as above life, but he does like to play god. I think he finds that interesting.