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These underage girls formed a "groupie group" and they went to his apartment wearing silk robes and lace tops with flowers in their hands bc they want to "inspire him" by being his groupies. They contacted and met up with famous groupies from the 80's for advice too. Its too scary and creepy. They are plannimg on cornering him at the backstage of his shows. They think music is created bc of groupies.

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I feel like there aren't enough phone sex fics in the fandom. Could you please take this as a prompt?

Hey anon, I’m not sure you really meant me? I’m not known for writing smut (cause I can’t write it). But I tried and here it is. Set in “Chinga”, NC-17 (I suppose). You get a read more cause it’s loooong.

Four rings before Scully picks up the phone and puts Mulder out of his misery.

“Hm, yeah.” Scully’s voice is nothing more than a tired mumble and yet Mulder finds himself sigh in relief, and grin stupidly, upon finally hearing her voice.  

“Hey Scully, it’s me. You weren’t answering your phone earlier and I – wait, I’m not interrupting anything, am I?” Mulder is cradling his basketball in his arms; he better not be interrupting anything. What was the guy’s name Scully kept mentioning? Jack? He grimaces when he realizes that he’s been stroking the basketball, treating it like a lover. He lets got of it, watches it fall to the ground with a soft thud, and roll away under his desk. Wishing it was Jack’s head, kind of. Mulder has been trying to reach Scully for hours now (Is Jack to blame? He’s not sure he wants to know). He is not going to tell her how close he’s come to flying out to Maine.

“I was sleeping.”                                                                      

“It’s only… oh, it’s already 2 am. I’m sorry, Scully. You uhm, like I said, you weren’t answering your phone. I was worried.”

“I’m fine Mulder. Just really tired.”

“Some vacation, huh?” Mulder knows that he should say his goodbye now, let her go back to sleep. Except he’s so happy to hear her voice, as exhausted as it may sound, that he’s unable to be reasonable. He hasn’t seen her in days. He hasn’t heard her voice in hours. He can’t just hang up now.

“Yeah.” Scully yawns. “Mulder, was there anything you wanted? It really is late.”

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sometimes I wanna read some langst but then people write langst in a way where they forget the team canonically loves, cares for, and deeply believe in Lance and so he’s thrown under the bus by his own friends and is consistently doubted by them instead of just exploring the depths of his insecurities and depression and y'all literally need to learn how to write angst

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Hi!! I loved your Harry Potter au for Wanna one and if you're familiar with the Percy Jackson series (most ppl aren't so I wouldn't be surprised tbh), could you do w1 as demi-gods? Like how they got to camp, their godly parent, camp life etc

omg no percy jackson used to be my life when i was in highschool thank you so much for this ask!!!!!!! im mainly familiar with the first 5 books though, i havent really kept up to date on the roman versions so it’ll just be camp halfblood. also if theres any inaccuracies i apologise, i havent read them in a while :(

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awawawa in say yes to the dress they had this lesbian couple and they wanted to know if theyr dresses went together well but couldn’t see ach other so they blindfolded them and had them hold hands in front of their friends so they could check if they went well together and that was so cute and im cryin