When he comes up to Sophie, he’s hawt.
When he changes into a bird, he’s hawt.
When he expanded his mansion, he’s hawt.
When he talks to Calcifer, he’s hawt.
When he wants a hot bath, he’s hawt.
When his hair is blonde, he’s hawt.
When it turns to orange, he’s hawt.
Don’t forget when it turns to black. So hawt.
The fact that he has earrings, is hawt.
When he flies, he’s hawt.
In Sophie’s dreams, he’s hawt.
When he protects people, he’s hawt.
And omfgwizz, when he is naked with a towel over his cute butt, he’s pretty hawt.
His voice is hawt.
How he bleeds is scary, but hawt.
Everything he says and does is hawt.
Howl is just. HAWT.

I may sound like a big nerd,

but omfgwizz, I just went on skyward and I saw a message from my math teacher and it said that an extra credit packet will be given out tomorrow so that we can do over break :D if I do it… IT BETTER BE WORTH IT! better be a 100 as a test grade! You know what’s better? HAVING A 100 AS TWO TEST GRADES, oh yeaaaaah.


My house is like under freaking construction. THE WHOLE MOTHER EFFING THING. There’s this paper thing on the ground and then huge plastic bags EVERYWHERE, covering everything. Like, if you’re not going to work on that area, take that ish down. Cover that station when you’re working on it. NOT NOW. I just had to walk down the street and use my neighbors restroom. That wouldn’t be necessary if you didn’t cover my parents restroom. You know? SOMETHING YALL WERENT WORKING ON. Ugh, I need to shower too because for some reason my hair is feeling super oily. ommg, someone, let me borrow your house please. And they keep playing this weird music, singing to it weirdly. IS THAT THE ONLY SONG?! And one of the workers keep looking at me. omg, take me to church now. I’ll be two hours early for my choir practice.

On some days, I ask myself why I’m alive.. I do the same thing everyday and nothing really even excites me anymore.. Where is my motivation. But then I think about Co Phi -____- EVERYTHING RELATES TO HER NOW. I must thank God every morning for blessing me with another day.