omfggg what


happy birthday, chae hyungwon! // 160115 #chaeprinceday #happyhyungwonday

you’ve grown on me so much these past few months, and i love how honest and unafraid to speak your mind you are. please never stop being our, sassy, chic, model-esque praying mantis! here’s to another amazing year of your life~♥ /wraps you up in all my scarves and gives you candy crush to play to your heart’s content ;~;

flyhalf-number10  asked:

"What the... that's even worse! Oh my god, we are /not/ having this discussion again!" //i am dying 😂

”Okay, okay … I will shut my mouth.”

”…. Would it make it any better if I named it “my Great Dane” instead?”

Absolutely pun included … Otab/ek won’t stop, can’t stop.

{{- @delayutistoriya -}}