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There's all this tak about Diana Prince sort of adopting Peggy and teaching her everything, which I'm ALL ABOUT THAT! But now I imagined Diana taking Peggy to Themyscira, and then one day finding that scrawny fight-me boy in Brooklyn who is basically everything little Diana was, only that he's a boy. But Diana does what she wants, so she takes Stevie with her too. Both Peggy and Steve are raised by Amazons (probably giving Hippolyta a heart attack)

Omfggg like what if she finds them when they are orphans living in NY??? Did you see her face when she saw that baby??? She would see scrawny but street smart Steve and Peggy and just be like I will take you with me. And honestly how can Hippolyta say no to their little faces. Peggy and Steve would fit right in with all the amazons. Omfg the amazons teaching them how to fight. I mean Peggy and Steve are already so extra in canon so imagine how much more extra they become when raised by amazons LOL.

The largest and blackest cockerel Nanny had ever seen had settled on Mrs Gogol’s shoulder. It turned on her the most intelligent stare she had ever seen on a bird.

‘My word,’ she said, taken aback. 'That’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a few in my time.’

—  Terry Pratchett, “Witches Abroad”

happy birthday, chae hyungwon! // 160115 #chaeprinceday #happyhyungwonday

you’ve grown on me so much these past few months, and i love how honest and unafraid to speak your mind you are. please never stop being our, sassy, chic, model-esque praying mantis! here’s to another amazing year of your life~♥ /wraps you up in all my scarves and gives you candy crush to play to your heart’s content ;~;