Been busy on Tera Online (and sleeping cuz of depressions) but I`ve spent a lot of my time leveling alts, thanks to Tera Club benefits, its going smooth. Now 4 of 8 characters have left Arun, and 3 are still stuck in southern Shara. Warrior main shouldnt be in the count, but it sounds better that way. So lvl 55 archer (which finally broke the 54-spell!) lvl 42 priestess, and lvl 41 berserker now made the big step into the new world.Still need to work on my lancer, sorceress, mystic and slayer… bleh.

Eerina is doing what she does best, which is farming da gold with dailies, earning in about 1,5k gold a day. But set back 8,5k when I got the chance to buy a elin swimsuit from a guildie really cheap, and I couldnt stop myself. The swimsuit is my favorite costume skin, and i missed it sooooo much. Too bad I got the sunny one… Yellow is my least favorite color. I hoped for pink this time, since I had blue the first time. But Im still gonna strut it and have a big photoshoot soon. ^w^

Sive have returned, stalking da channels in the weekend evenings, so be warned. ;3

Valentines was a disappointment… they could have done so much more with such a cute day. Like in NA where they had a screenshot contest, or make some fun quests to give chocolate to someone… maybe next year.

*goes back to stalk and fangirl the male castanics of Mahou Shojou*


I had a photoshoot in honor of my orange swimsuit as its last day passed… so what better place than enjoying my favorite place; Cutthroat Harbor! I love it there, the sound of the sea, seagulls and wood creaking and winds whispering in the trees. Brings me back home.. And who can deny that summer feeling?

And a quick trip to the creeks of Dragonfall too, to get some midnight shoots. ^.^

Unyaaaa.. rambling, desu.

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I`ve had a lovely summervacation! ^_^ … and its not been fun playing Tera because Toma-kun have been so busy and neglecting - and thrown the whole guild responsibility on me. =_= Yes Toma, I know you read my blog, and feel guilty, but Im not cut out to be a GM. Same goes for you, obviously, since you feel the same about this responsibility. ><“

Anyways - Im hyped about the new patch coming, really! But Im gonna cheat on Tera with FFXIV Online occasionally… and all these dating sims I have gotten on my phone, gawd they are too addicting! I spent almost 100$ on one game just to progress one character (ehem, NinjaLove, ehem, Goemon)! Im ashamed! XD

And I will end this rant with a picture of these lovely swimsuits that Im DYING to get my hands on! >w< Plz plz plz be purchasable from store…!

Summerlove from

~ Eerina