Cold (Michael imagine) PART 2!

Word Count: 1.6k

Requested? About ten times omfg

A/N: I was really surprised that the first part went down as well as it did so I hope this does it justice! (also this is highkey extremely angsty) 

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Masterlist | PART 1

“It’s been three hours and she’s still crying!”

You run a frustrated hand through your hair as you stare at the baby lying in the crib in front of you. It’s been a long night and all you want to do is sleep but, unfortunately for you, your newborn isn’t complying.

“Try feeding her?” The voice of your best friend, Abby, comes drifting down the line and you groan, shaking your head.

“I’ve tried it a million times! Nothing I do will make her stop, Abby! I just want to sleep,” As you stare at your six-month-old daughter, a pang of love flashes through your chest.

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