Frank Iero


YEAH this is everything I use for watercolor. I think you mean the white pigment ink pen; I use it to make the white dots, otherwise everything else is just watercolor!


2. WATERCOLOR PENCIL [PRISMACOLOR] - I don’t actually own these, they’re my sisters L O L I just use either light pink or grey to sketch before yeah.

3. WATERCOLOR BRUSHES - Right to left, Winsor&Newton Cotman III; Princeton Art&Brush Co. 5/0 Round; Winsor&Newton Cotman 3mm/1/8”. I use the 3mm one the most, and the 5/0 one for smaller things like eyes and whatnot.

4. AQUASH WATERBRUSH MEDIUM - I don’t really use this that often, only for like, when I want to gradient colors, like blending two colors since it has water, it’s easier hohoho.

5. UNI-BALL WHITE PIGMENT INK -  This is the shiny thing, idk, for like highlights and white LOL IDK, what do you do with white, whatever you want.

6. WINSOR&NEWTON COTMAN POCKET BOX - The colors are pretty good, like I use this box for the red mostly because the red is different from the red in the Sennelier box, but I prefer the Sennelier box over this one because the colors go on more smoothly and, idk, I just like the feel of it in general.

7. AQUA-MINI SENNELIER WATERCOLORS - I LOVE THESE COLORS SO MUCH THEY’RE AMAZING like they can dry, but won’t flake like the Cotman box so I CAN REUSE THE COLORS afte rlike 3 days I love it. It’s all the colors I ever need for all my drawings, on occasion, it lacks the red the Cotman box has.

8. WINSOR&NEWTON GOLD INK - I L O V E GOLD INK IT’S AMAZING, the only downside is that you keep having to shake the bottle for the gold to come back up every 5 minutes, but otherwise, its’ quality is amazing.

P.S. I GOT A LOT OF THESE FROM KEL for my birthday I LOVE THEM SO MUCH, cuz tbh IDK where you can buy half these things argh; SHE GOT me the Moleskine, waterbrush, and Sennelier box G GG GG URGLES THSNK U FOR THE BEST GIFT.

Ehehe. I’m on mobile right now, so I PROMISE I’ll put this in read more once I get to a computer.
Funny enough I ship all of these with the exception of ImmortalFox. NovaHD fo’ lyfe bitches. Anyways. Never really full on tried writing anything RoyalChaos but here. Prompt yay. Also I’m tired so it sucks okay.

Pairing: RoyalChaos
Warnings: Mild language
Word Count: Idontevenknowanymore
Genre:OS/Fluff ~

Steven sighed as he pushed yet another large cardboard box aside, tossing out DVDs, old controllers, photos, and other seemingly pointless items onto the floor of his new apartment. It was an unbearably hot day- nothing new for his new home, though. The blistering heat was all part of the experience. At least, that’s what his friend Anthony told him. He had always poked fun at Steven’s residence (wherever that may be), but was always eager to come and visit the young college student. Of course, Steven was happy to accept his visits, despite the two being so distant in terms of miles. The two were close. There was no denying that. Chilled was the Anthony (literally) to Ze’s Ian. The Chip to his Marshall. The yin to his yang. The two were so comfortable around each other, and it showed. Sure, Steven had bonds with plenty of his other fellow video makers. GaLm was always a fun addition to “Lets Plays.” And of course his work with the Creatures was always a joy to the young man, but it was almost as if it felt just- right to work with Chilled. It just felt… natural.

Ze unpacked several more boxes, nearly dropped a textbook onto his Wii, and endured a few hollers and yells from the neighbors until he had finally had everything unpacked. He slouched down into his desk chair, right in front of his new setup. Brushing his fingers across the keyboard, he booted up his computer with a few clicks and taps. Quickly, he was greeted with several new Skype notifications. Sly complaining about Hordan, Immortal showing up drunk, or some sort of predicament the kid got himself into- nothing that he felt very compelled to respond to. That is until, the newest notification marked under his favorites appeared.

ChilledChaos (Anthony): Hey!!!! How did the drive go!? I mean you’ve been there for like a week already but whatever. Wanna play Payday 2 or somthing oh wait you cant lol nvm anyways talk to me when you get this k bye!!

Steven broke out in a light smirk. He had remembered he told Anthony he’d call him once he got into Arizona, but he just almost immediately forgot. He felt an overwhelming sense of guilt, after all, Chilled did want to make sure he was all right, and that his trip went smoothly. The last thing Steven wanted to do was make him think somthing bad had happened to him. He fidgeted in his seat, adjusting his wrists against the desk and keyboard. He began typing a message to Chilled, but realized he couldn’t think of the right words- which was weird to him. Why couldn’t he just tell him he was fine? “Hey Anthony, trip went fine-” No. That was too boring. “Hey man! Everything’s fine!!!-” No, what if he thinks that he was being too eager to talk?-even if he was…

Ze groaned and leaned against the back of his rolling chair, staring at the flickering Skype screen. Then it came to him- if he couldn’t type it, he’d just say it. He reached for the ‘Call Skype’ button, breaking out into a smile as it rang. “..Steven!!” The zealous voice said. The young student grinned, and laughed enthusiastically. “Hey! Man I’m so sorry for not talking, everything’s been kinda out of place since the move… sorry for not calling Anthony, I really am.” Ze was preparing for the ‘You’re my friend you have to keep in touch! You had me so fucking worried!!’ speech. Instead, Chilled simply chuckled through the speakers. “Hey I understand, why would I be mad? We’re talking now, aren’t we? Loosen up a bit Steven, don’t let all this ‘errmagerd school moving youtube’ stuff get to you.” Ze let out a relieved breath. “…Oh thank god, heh. I thought you’d be mad or some shit. You know, once my classes settle down, you can come and visit, and hopefully help me get that stupid fucking game to work. Damnit PayDay 2.” Steven replied. Chilled again laughed through the speakers. “You know, I’ll have to take you up on that offer sometime. I miss you, and I sure know you miss me, heh?” Anthony teased. Ze simply laughed, despite the fact he really did miss Chilled even if he didn’t have the nerve to say it. Steven told him he’d call him back tomorrow. He knew it was rather late in New York, and the time difference made a pretty big impact on when they could talk to eachother. Steven reluctantly ended the call, leaning back and sighing. There was always somthing about talking to Anthony. Somthing that Ze couldn’t really explain. He knew he’d felt it before, but he never thought it’d come to him for Chilled like it did in the past. It was the feeling that made his heart beat a little faster, the feeling that made him smile for no real obvious reason. The feeling that made him more content when he was around. A natural feeling.

He wasn’t sure if this feeling would ever be anything, but he knew he didn’t want to let it go. It was somthing he knew he would regret if he didn’t do anything about.
But the fear of rejection and intolerance haunted him like a shadow, always there, no matter how much light surrounded him. Ze tossed his fears aside, like he did with the box of controllers and DVD’s from the 90’s. He let them forget themselves. He had more important matters to attend to.

Steven ran his fingers across the keyboard one more time, hopefully being able to send one last message before Anthony turned in. He shook lightly, almost cringing at the thought of what might happen next.

ZeRoyalViking:Hey dude? 12:38 am
ChilledChaos(Anthony):What’s up? 12:40 am
ZeRoyalViking:Thanks for being there man….
I love you. 12:43 am

ChilledChaos(Anthony):…I love you too man. It’s kinda natural
if you ask me. :) 12:58 am