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The worst nightmare is the inevitable and all too real: Frank is dying, and his body is shutting down. Good luck with this dream, Jones.

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He shouldn’t have had that last snot-fudge sundae, because everyone knows, sugar can give you the worst of nightmares…And boy, Jones was having one hell of a nightmare. 

In the dream, the white blood cell watched in fear and panic as the body’s critical levels went to their maximum, the screens blaring red rapidly and repeatedly, electricity crackling and finally making them burst, a rain of sparks and fire falling down onto a few innocents. The city was engulfed in large, towering pillars of flames, and thousands of screaming, terrified cells filled the streets, desperate to get away from the choking, blazing heat. Systems immediately began to shut down. 

On one of the remaining flickering screens, Ozzy saw Shane crying harshly over the lifeless body of her father in a hospital room, her Uncle Bob trying his best to comfort her. Her eyes were red and filled with tears, as she kept whispering desperately for him to come back. The cell shook his head in disbelief, taking a step back, brows knitted together as he watched the scene with sad eyes. 

Frank…He couldn’t be…

Drix and Leah…Were they dead, too? If they were…

If Ozzy had any blood in him, it would have run cold, as a deep, cruel chuckle echoed in his head above the sounds of the city breaking down, and the frightened screams of the citizens. He clutches his head, teeth grinding together as he fell to his knees, small tears pricking the corners of his eyes. 

“Can you feel the heat, Jones?”

Thrax. He was back. He was alive, and back in the body, wanting to get even with the cop.

And he had won. He had finally broken his record.

And Ozzy…He had failed.

Ozzy awoke with a gasp and sat up, nucleus pounding away in his cytoplasm as his apartment room soon came into focus before him. His breathing slowly but eventually returned to normal, and only when he saw Leah laying beside him, asleep, did he fully calm down. He watched her, then slid a hand down his face, wiping the sweat away as he exhaled, then looked out at the city from the window. There was no fire, and above the sounds of horns honking and the bustle of the city, he could hear Frank’s heart beating.

He’s still alive. It was only a dream.

Still, the mere thought of Thrax returning haunted him…But he was dead. After all, he had seen him drop down into the vat of alcohol himself. No cell, germ, or virus could’ve survived that. He then frowned, remembering the sight of Frank dead, and his daughter’s tears of despair. If anything happened to him, that poor girl would be worse off than ever. She’d already lost her mother, for Frank’s sake…Over a disease, no less.

He couldn’t let the same happen to Frank. He would die when the time was right. Hopefully in old age.

He closed his eyes and sighed, laying back down to try and get back to sleep before his shift.

Frank Iero


YEAH this is everything I use for watercolor. I think you mean the white pigment ink pen; I use it to make the white dots, otherwise everything else is just watercolor!


2. WATERCOLOR PENCIL [PRISMACOLOR] - I don’t actually own these, they’re my sisters L O L I just use either light pink or grey to sketch before yeah.

3. WATERCOLOR BRUSHES - Right to left, Winsor&Newton Cotman III; Princeton Art&Brush Co. 5/0 Round; Winsor&Newton Cotman 3mm/1/8”. I use the 3mm one the most, and the 5/0 one for smaller things like eyes and whatnot.

4. AQUASH WATERBRUSH MEDIUM - I don’t really use this that often, only for like, when I want to gradient colors, like blending two colors since it has water, it’s easier hohoho.

5. UNI-BALL WHITE PIGMENT INK -  This is the shiny thing, idk, for like highlights and white LOL IDK, what do you do with white, whatever you want.

6. WINSOR&NEWTON COTMAN POCKET BOX - The colors are pretty good, like I use this box for the red mostly because the red is different from the red in the Sennelier box, but I prefer the Sennelier box over this one because the colors go on more smoothly and, idk, I just like the feel of it in general.

7. AQUA-MINI SENNELIER WATERCOLORS - I LOVE THESE COLORS SO MUCH THEY’RE AMAZING like they can dry, but won’t flake like the Cotman box so I CAN REUSE THE COLORS afte rlike 3 days I love it. It’s all the colors I ever need for all my drawings, on occasion, it lacks the red the Cotman box has.

8. WINSOR&NEWTON GOLD INK - I L O V E GOLD INK IT’S AMAZING, the only downside is that you keep having to shake the bottle for the gold to come back up every 5 minutes, but otherwise, its’ quality is amazing.

P.S. I GOT A LOT OF THESE FROM KEL for my birthday I LOVE THEM SO MUCH, cuz tbh IDK where you can buy half these things argh; SHE GOT me the Moleskine, waterbrush, and Sennelier box G GG GG URGLES THSNK U FOR THE BEST GIFT.