Is Ameripan getting more popular, or are we all just becoming a tight-knit group of dorks who love the ship?

I mean I’m not complaining either way. xD I’m just wondering

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omfg, i really love that Frank Iero + Scorpio characteristics thing you did, and if you ever get the time you should do one for Virgo (if you have already, could you link me to it or something?) also i love your blog haha 😊😊

Aww thank you! but to my bad luck my laptop doesn’t work well and I can’t edit for now, but when it gets repaired i’m work on that and i’ll tag you in the post! Thanks for the suggestion <3


5 years ago, a member from Bangtan posted a post on PANN and it’s been screenshot

his name was Min yoongi. the post was written on April 22nd 2010.

It was before he became a trainee and was promoting as an underground rapper named Gloss.

He wrote a post saying that he was a composer and lyricist.

the video was shot and edited by Suga.

for reference, the 518 from the title comes from the democratic movement of May 18th 1980 until the 27th of the same month.

It was a pro-democracy movement that happened in Gwangju.

here are his lyrics

(cr: siobhandestele)
go go go go go five-one-eight(hands up!!)
go go go go go five-one-eight(hands up!!)
five-one-eight from the o to the six two!!
five-one-eight from the o to the six two!!(x2)

The head getting into the rhythm of this rough song
062 The hardship for the rights of this place
is written down in history,
To feel human rights that is carved by their will
Did what become their moving arms and legs,
and fill the scars on their gashed body with Taegeukgi (T/n: Korean flag)
For you, I keep up your will like it’s burning.
My brother, I constantly recite wounded Korean history.

A sprouts shot up on the ground full of murky wind
5-1-8 the dark bygone night is passed and be borninto a new history
Hands up for it hands up(x2)
go go go go go five-one-eight(hands up!!)
go go go go go five-one-eight(hands up!!)
five-one-eight from the o to the six two!!
five-one-eight from the o to the six two!! (x2)

go go go go go five-one-eight(hands up!!)
go go go go go five-one-eight(hands up!!)
five-one-eight from the o to the six two!!
five-one-eight from the o to the six two!! (x2)

and this is the reason Suga wrote the song:
I wrote this song for the ‘Cheong’ music festival in Gwangju in March but I got eliminated from the first roungㅠㅠI didn’t want to throw this song just like this so I uploaded as a video on NATE instead.

the leader of D-Town, Nakshyeon hyung nim performed the rap and Gloss was the one who created it

The title 518-062 comes from May 18th, on the day of Gwangju’s democratization movement and the area code of Gwangju, which is 062.

“five-one-eight from the o to the six two” represents 5.18 Because people are starting to forget about this issue, I made this song to remind us of what happened in 5.18’s democratization movement.

518-062 might make you think of a postal code (If you didn’t think of it, sorry) I thought of the title while thinking about a postal code.

I wish this song 518-062 becomes a postal code and send massages to people to not forget the 5.18 democratization movement.

(T/n: wow!/Yoongi, did you really compose this?/fighting!/etc)

the comments from the post were all Suga’s friend because he has sent the link to his friends to listen ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Source: pann-choa and pann

IwaOi Week, Day 5: Promises

“We are each other’s harvest ; we are each other’s business ; we are each other’s magnitude and bond.”

Learn Korean for FREE

Okay so I’ve been receiving some asks about learning Korean online/for free, so I decided to gather some of the links I have…I hope they will be useful ^^

Hangul (ALPHABET) and reading

So in these you can see a few tutorials and lessons on how to memorize the Korean alphabet, how to pronounce the letters, how to combine them in syllables :)

Omniglot - basic introduction

Koreal Alphabet + Construction of Words

Goethe  - you can download a free audio book with tips on reading

KBS World - learn the alphabet + some useful phrases

Korean Wiki Project

Vocabulary and Phrases

You can use those to learn some common and useful phrases, also start memorizing words :) Also once you’ve gathered enough of those, you can always look for different flashcard apps or websites, if you have questions for those, PM me :)

Talk to me in Korean

Sogang University

Genki Korean

Lingvo Zone


Vocabulary Quizzes


So basically these websites are what I advise you to go for…

They are covering the basics of the Korean language - Hangul + Grammar

Korean From Zero - a workbook with more than 400 pages; it is really good and I advise you to download it!

HowToStudyKorean - it has more than 120 lessons, everything is explained really nicely with very good examples


Korean Wiki Project

LiveMocha - requires registration

Byki - requires registration

Useful Youtube Channels 

These are some of the many youtube channels I’ve found useful, they cover most of the things a beginner would look for, starting from Hangul, Phrases, grammar, even Korean traditions and culture :)

Pinsleur Audio Lessons

I managed to find these, once again they’re mostly covering phrases, but they are really useful, you can listen to them and hear a clear pronunciation.

Also, while you’re repeating it, you’re bound to remember them so go ahead! ^^

Download link


in Russian: (i am sorry, i am not entirely sure what is written in here, but it should be a Korean textbook in Russian)




so here it is! Fnaf in what i could try to do in SU style. who knows maybe if you guys want me to i could draw them like this more, maybe make a comic or something!

Btw don’t repost this anywhere. but im sure you all knew that right??