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i am not even sorry just take this



4am messy sketches. Wanted to sketch out @motherish and @zenshousewife‘s DnD characters!!! Just seeing the chat when we were discussing it, I can tell it’s already going to be a disaster, but I’m excited lmaoo.

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Youre so racist for shipping otayuri!!! Thats racist against america and the correct age of consent that shoul be universal. Otayuri shippers are dumb uneducated racists

So first of all, I know I once said hate would be deleted without comment, but this absolute pearl cannot go unseen. It will be the only time I answer one of these, though.

Second, I cannot quite believe that this is supposed to be serious. *squints* Poe’s Law?

But well, anything’s possible, so third, I must admit I’ve always wanted an opportunity to be rude enough to use this, so here is something that sums up my reaction to this:



     Mahogany Sawyer was thought to never let weakness in. It’s how you survive, there’s nothing holding you back. Or no one on that matter. However, Mahogany never believed in that. If there was someone in her life she cared about, she knew for whom she was fighting for. Even if she never believed love was weakness, she still was loyal to HYDRA. So when she was asked to go as undercover agent for SHIELD, she said yes in a heartbeat. 

     Mahogany wasn’t the only one who went undercover as a field agent, in fact Grant Ward joined her as well. Two heads are better than one, referred Garrett as he faced his two students that day. It was easy pretending to be loyal agent for SHIELD for months. However her loyalty was being tested when a girl going under the name Skye was recruited into Phil Coulson’s team. Mahogany never thought she will have to choose if she wanted to stay with HYDRA or SHIELD.

    Oh yeah, not to mention, she was in a relationship with Ward.

While I was gone for few days I’ve hit 4k followers here and this is… wow.. 
I just drew something to say Thank You to all of you :)

Before I can register what’s happening Dean is stepping toward me, quickly closing the space between us, his hands find my cheeks, cupping them gently, lips pressing against mine. The warmth of his mouth sends a current through my body; I feel as if I’ve found a moment of forever, like this is how we should always be. My mouth opens to his, and our tongues meet, it feels like finding an entire half of me that had been missing. After a moment, Dean pulls back far enough to look into my eyes. I can feel myself trembling with the need to touch him everywhere at once, or to feel him touch me. I twine my arms around his neck and he presses his forehead against mine.

“This is why I can’t do this. I will want you every moment of every day, you will consume my thoughts, my actions, everything. And the thought of having to take all of this away from you, will hurt more than hell.” Dean whispers breathlessly against my skin.

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