If everybody could just tag their US politics that would be GREAT.

I feel like this election has been going on for two years and all I want is a couple months or even weeks of peace before I finally have to vote. Just… I need it out of my head for a while. Some safe space where I can pretend my country hasn’t lost it’s damn mind. Just for a while. And obviously FB isn’t that space. Post about it to your heart’s content just please tag it so I can blacklist it and breathe for a goddamn minute.


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Thank you.


Q: If I were the main lead, who is the prince that I might fall in love with? (amen to all)

Before I can register what’s happening Dean is stepping toward me, quickly closing the space between us, his hands find my cheeks, cupping them gently, lips pressing against mine. The warmth of his mouth sends a current through my body; I feel as if I’ve found a moment of forever, like this is how we should always be. My mouth opens to his, and our tongues meet, it feels like finding an entire half of me that had been missing. After a moment, Dean pulls back far enough to look into my eyes. I can feel myself trembling with the need to touch him everywhere at once, or to feel him touch me. I twine my arms around his neck and he presses his forehead against mine.

“This is why I can’t do this. I will want you every moment of every day, you will consume my thoughts, my actions, everything. And the thought of having to take all of this away from you, will hurt more than hell.” Dean whispers breathlessly against my skin.

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