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sekai 16-17-20 :s pls ~ ps: i love your blog :)

SEKAI: things you said with no space between us

sehun presses his shoulder against jongin’s, leaning into him as they watched the credits roll on tv. surprisingly, they were the only two who decided to stay home on one of their rare days off, opting to marathon transformers instead of heading out with chanyeol and baekhyun for pizza. they sit in silence, waiting for the other to get up and skip to the next movie they had queued up. sehun’s pretty sure he has to get off jongin so that he can move to press next but he doesn’t really want to move because he was so comfortable and the other boy was warm. and he figures that this was a good time to finally tell jongin about his feelings (sehun grimaces because that sounded so corny in his head. ‘feelings’ urgh) because if things didn’t work out, he could lock himself in the bathroom or just run out of the house. he really hoped that things would work out.

he turns to face jongin after telling himself that he was ready, waited for him to look back before speaking. “i like you.”

jongin blinks, momentarily taken aback by the sudden confession. “i like you too.”

“no, i like like you. as more than a friend,” sehun pokes into jongin’s side with a finger, lips turned down into a frown. he shouldn’t had said anything today, he was so dumb. now things were going to be weird between jongin and him.

jongin chuckles, grabbing hold of sehun’s hands and lacing his fingers with his. “i know. i like you too, as more than a friend.”

SEKAIthings you said that i wish you hadn’t

“did you think i wouldn’t find out?”

jongin glances up from his book, brows furrowed in confusion. “what are you talking about?”

“you know what i’m talking about,” sehun huffed, narrowing his eyes at the boy sitting on his bed. “you and kyungsoo-hyung. i’m not blind, i can see how you are around him, i can see how different he treats you from the rest of us.”

“you’re being stupid. kyungsoo-hyung and i are just friends,” cautiously, jongin sets his book down beside him, sliding off the bed. he probably shouldn’t get too close to sehun when he was angry, sehun probably didn’t want him getting close but he didn’t care. sehun was being stupid, stupid because he should know that jongin would never hurt him. not like this, not ever. sehun has to see that.

sehun grimaces, taking a step back for every step jongin makes towards him. liar liar liar, he’s heard what kyungsoo’s said to chanyeol about jongin. he’s heard every word and he knows that jongin’s not just his anymore. he knows that jongin deserves someone better than the whiny childish brat that he was. “you know what, you can do whatever you want. i don’t care. i don’t love you, so i don’t care.”

SEKAIthings you said that i wasn’t meant to hear

“it’s an act, hyung. there’s nothing going on between jongin and me,” sehun shrugs, propping himself against the table, while junmyeon stands with his arms crossed. his face is expressionless, voice calm as he continues. “it’s for the cameras and the fans. you know how much they stuff like that.” jongin wonders if sehun knows he was there, one step out of his sight, right behind the wall that separates the kitchen and the walkway to their rooms.

their leader visibly relaxes at sehun’s words, reaching up to ruffle at the younger man’s hair and telling him that he understands and that he’s sorry for interrupting sehun’s trip to their room. sehun shrugs once more, face still empty of any emotion apart from possible boredom. as he hears footsteps approaching, jongin turns away and locks himself into the closest room (jongdae’s and yixing’s, he doubts they would mind).

in the silence, he pushes aside the ache in his chest and tries to put himself back together. he should have known that they were nothing but another form of entertainment, even from the very beginning. jongin had always found it unsettling how sehun was able to switch from being the boy who smiled and laughed and cried to the young man who seemed to have no emotions. he supposed this too comes easily to sehun, switching between loving jongin (he didn’t, he didn’t. it was all an act. wake up jongin.) and loving nobody at all.



summer break just started and i already don’t know what to do

Omg my nalu feels are just too much for this arc!! I’m watching the Infinity Clock arc and Natsu keeps saying how he’ll save Lucy. Lucy’s the first thing that comes to his mind. If Lucy isn’t safe Natsu won’t hesitate to save her. I just love how protective he is of her. If that doesn’t scream love then I don’t know what does.