vernon as a boyfriend pt.1

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  • this awkward meme is new to relationships so bear with him. 
  • him being nervous about skinship at first, but then being obsessed with it.
  • like for real, always has an arm around your waist, holding your hand, cuddling you etc.
  • lowkey, random AF dates
  • like movies and snacks.
  • or just chilling at the dorm.
  • constantly making fun of that boy because he is SOOOOO easy to make fun of. 
  • the guys always making fun of you two
  • but are secretly obsessed with your relationship, and wanna know ever detail
  • “DAMN *insert group member* BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH THE *insert color* VANS”
  • making fun of his raps but deep down loving them
  • you only make fun of them to see him pout tho
  • constantly trying to out dance each other while listening to ‘Hotline Bling’ equally terrible drake impressions
  • matching 'hotline bling’ sweaters because #relationshipgoals
  • being lazy one minute, and then chasing each other around the house the next.
  • cute AF selfies
  • sleepy kisses while cuddling in the morning  (HALP IM CRYING BRB)
  • playing video games with you in between his legs
  • stealing his clothes
  • him not noticing until one day he shows up at your door at like 3AM after practice and being like ???
  • and you being like “BOI I WAS ASLEEP”
  • really bad puns
  • like painfully bad
  • watching movies together, and then for like a week none stop puns about said movie
  • once you watched harry potter and he was like “hey y/n what are you doing?” “i was planning on going to bed” “well, mind if i slytherin?” “BOI IF YOU DON’T GET YOUR GREASY SELF…”
  • him trying to be romantic but then fails so bad its almost embarrassing.
  • but its lowkey the cutest thing ever
  • giving him random compliments and MAKING HIM BLUSH (OHHH MYGOD HALP)
  • putting makeup on him because lord help those eyebrows
  • the boys constantly questioning the sanity of you two
  • him making really bad jokes and you bursting out laughing like its the greatest thing ever
  • and the guys looking at each other like ???
  • having a relationship where people question if you two are dating or are best friends

i have so many more for vernon so i may make a part two.

i had to stop so many times and take a breather because FEELS

i also wrote in like 1 hour and im really tired so im sorry for any mistakes.

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LMAO omg ily so much rn. I’m up working on homework, slowly dying, and your comments are giving me life. I 100% agree with everything you have said omfg i legit squeal (and not in a cute excited way) whenver i accidentally look at the julian/corrina posts LOL im literally satan i think. omfg. i STILL wanna cry when i think about it lmaooo. 


The big project that I’ve been working on the last few months is finally done and I’m really really happy with how they’ve turned out. It was fun looking through character tags on Tumblr and flipping through the manga to find stuff to write on the magazine covers! I’m really excited to share this with you all now that its finally done and I can’t wait to see what you think!

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“Missing her again

In my little world I do what I must.

Waking up in lost dream’s dust

Lusting for a life I long to be free

My past is like a knife that sticks in deep.

A twister of love left nothing standing.

What I had to have left me crying.

Now I find myself where the sun won’t shine.

Stuck with memories of those cherished times.

My heart in pieces, in a garbage sack

Wishing for someone who’s not coming back.

On a dead-end street out in the cold

Without the truest love I’ve even known.”

- Jim Morrison

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