Mr. Hemmings Part 4 - Requested (Luke)

pizza5sauce said: Can you write a part 4 to the Mr Hemmings thing omfg I love it a lot

Read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 first please. 

“It smells great in here”, you smile hearing his voice.

“Hope you like scrambled eggs”, you take the pan from the heat and turn around. Your eyes trace Luke, you’ve never seen him like this. His wearing shorts and a tank top, nothing like he usual wears when he’s teaching. You feel your arm ache and realize you’re still holding the pan so you quickly put it down in the middle of the table.

“It’s going to be amazing”, he smiles and you sit down. “Oh I forgot to tell you. My friends are coming over tonight”

“Okay, don’t worry about me. I’ll find myself something to do”

“No (Y/N), that was not what I was going to ask you”, he laughs. “We were planning on a film night and I want to know if you would like to join us?”

“Oh”, you giggle. “I don’t want to intrude”

“You’re not otherwise I wouldn’t have asked you”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, I want you guys to meet”

“Okay, but please not an evening full of horror, I would like a little sleep at night”

“Can’t promise anything”, he smirks.


“(Y/N)! The guys are here!” You hear Luke shout, your cue to come out of your room. You sigh and look down, wondering your eyes over your clothes. You wanted to make an effort but your still wearing your usual clothes, jeans and a t-shirt. You’ve been trying on clothes for the last two hours, but still settled on this. “(Y/N)?!”

“I’m coming!”, you quickly check your face in the mirror. Your hair is up in a high bun and you’ve gone for a non-makeup makeup look. “I’m here”, you say as you walk into the living room.

“Good”, Luke smiles at you. “(Y/N), I want you to meet my friends. Calum, Michael and Ashton”, you give them all a shy smile and an awkward handshake.

“Hi (Y/N), nice to meet you”, Ashton shakes your hand and pulls you down unto the sofa.

“So you’re Luke’s student?” Michael immediately asks. Your eyes get a bit rounder and you shift uncomfortable.

“Mike”, Luke hisses.  

“What? I’m just asking what everyone is curious about. Better to get it out of the way right away”, he shrugs, not finding he did something wrong.

“I’m not her teacher anymore, she switched classes”, you nod agreeing with Luke’s answer.

“And how long do you still have to go?” you notice Ashton is trying to make you feel at ease.

“Half year”

“Are you going to study something after? Do you have a college in mind?”

“Don’t know yet”

“She can do whatever she wants”, he smiles. “She’s really smart, that one there”, you smile at hearing his words and the other ones laugh a bit. “Sorry, the teacher in me was speaking”

“How is he as a teacher?” Calum now asks you.

“Uh, great”


“Don’t hold back for us”, Michael tries to wriggle something out.

“I uh, yeah I”, you stammer as your nerves kick in again.

“Leave her alone guys, she’s not going to tell you anything when I’m sitting right here”

“We’ll ask again when you’re gone”, Michael smirks giving you a wink.

Luke looks at you, checking if you’re okay. You give him a grateful smile. “Let’s watch some movies”


“Luke?” you whisper. You don’t get a responds so you push his door open further. “Luke?” a soft groan comes from in the room. You walk in, carefully trying to find your way in the dark. “Luke?” you whisper again not wanting to wake him, but still need him to wake up.

“(Y/N)?” his sounds groggy.

“Are you up?”

“Is something wrong?” his voice is husky and sends you a shiver down your spine. He turns on his bedside light.

“I’m sorry for waking you up, but I can’t sleep”


“That last movie was too much. I can’t deal with horror”

He gives you the most endearing smile. “Come here”, he taps the bed.

“I can’t”

“Yes you can”, he laughs. He pulls up the cover and makes room for you. You wait a second, thinking this is not a good idea, but hop in anyway. He pulls the cover back down and rest his arm over your waist. Immediately the feeling of safety fills your body. He moves a bit closer to you, so he’s almost completely spooning you. “Night (Y/N)”, he says. He puts his lips on your neck and gives you a little kiss, butterflies flying round in your belly.

“Night Luke”, you say closing your eyes.


Part 5

I have had this Clean video idea for like 10 years lmao okay listen to this
so for some reason I think of a really small cottage on the beach
and I think the first shot would just be the ocean waves crashing and all and the wind really blowing and a cloud a huge storm cloud that before the song starts and we slowly come to the cottage and in through the window and it’s just Taylor sitting on a chair in the middle of this little room you know with a bed and a desk full of momentos and pics and stuff really drama
and she looks really tired lmao
I always imagine chapped lips and like bags under eyes
my attention to detail for a vid that will never happen is out of this world I s2g
but anyway so she’s there and she’s just doing the first verse and we kinda start noticing that the wind is really taking its toll on the cottage you know like dust from the support beams and stuff and it starts raining outside
and she’s doin the first chorus it’s mostly just the rain falling and stuff and by the second verse the wind is starting to kinda tear holes in the roof so the rain is coming inside now and it’s like a DOWNPOUR like this is not naturally possible but it’s fake anyway who cares
and I imagine that it somehow rains enough to be like a foot deep and her momentos are getting swept away “let the flood carry away all my pictures of you..” and like in my brain I have this really vivid picture of her just watching it happen like she wants to stop it but she forces herself to just let the water take it all away I AM SO EMO
then I always imagine “I scramed so loud but no one heard a thing” is dead on her face and she’s just…cryin…but no emotion…realy emo stuff here…and I’M emo…
but anyway second chorus the rain is still going and the water is rising and all her stuff is getting carried through the window that’s been smashed open by the storm and on and on
and then…by “ten months sober I must adit..” the water is up to her chin and then “ten months older I won’t give in….” all u can see is her eyes before she gets swept underneath the DAMN! WATER!
and then omfg I love this part as soon as the instrumental starts up she’s sinking ot the bottom of the cottage just going down down down….all through the bridge until she’s on the bottom and then right at that part after the bridge like that silence with the fucking idk that sound
we see like the top of the water and it’s bubbling like someone trying to breathe underwater or s/t
so she finally manages to push her way out of the cottage and she slides out onto the beach and right as “and by morning…” she’s like turning around watching her damn cottage be sucked into the damn ocean and she’s like damn…..I think I’m finally clean….and then she just walks off into the sunset bc the sun’s comin up in the distance ohhh my god I’m gonna make this video starring me