robertsuggers replied to your post “OMG YOURE WATCHING OUAT, YESSS, best decisiion you’ll ever make, one…”

shit only just seen this but omfg ye season 3 is probably my favourite season i reckon, it gets better. haha ye, everyone is pretty much related somehow. hook is my little rapscallion, i love him the most:) its all very emotional hahaah

On season 3 now, and yesss, so loving!!!!! Omg, my biggest wtf moment was totally the Peter Pan reveal my jaw actually dropped!!! That was brilliant!!! I love how interconnected everyone is, so so clever!!!!! AND YES HOOK, I knew he was a really loved character, and I started of like yeah he’s cool I guess but oh my god I am just falling more and more in love with him as time goes on???? So so precious, so emotional over him. And so emotional about Regina too, I just want to protect Hook and Regina so badly and give them a happy ending!!! My precious misunderstood babies <3 <3