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omfg yesyes tae would be so happy to hear jeon say i love you and stuff and he wouldn't stop smiling and his cheeks would hurt so much but he's just so happy because he loves jeon so damn much. and sometimes its really embarrassing that jimin just has to get out for a moment. but god when jeon and tae actually meet each other it would be so cute. there would be tears and tae and jeon would hug each other rlly tight and "i've always wanted to hug you like this" "me too. this feels so unreal"

and tae would really be obsessed with how jeongguk smells tbh. like tae is a very sensation oriented person so he’d want to know what cologne guk wheres and nuzzle his neck to commit his scent to memory. want to wear his clothes all the time bc he loves the way jeongguk smells. likes holding on to jeongguk and hugging him and just being all over him in general which is pretty embarrassing for guk but he’s also secretly smug bc tae is super cute and keeps telling jeongguk how much he loves these little things like “i like the way the back of your ear smells” or “i love your piercings” or “i love the way that shirt looks on you” (and not mention how it stretches in an A+ way across jeongguk’s pecs too)

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please gif the episode where Hyde runs off with the punk rock chick and Anarchy in the UK gets played in the background all the time because that was one of the most iconic moments of my life

OMFG YES i love the entire 1st season so much like i live for it!! and I LOVE that season…but that isn’t when he runs off it’s when he first meets her at the hub and he sees the giant anarchy sign over her and i’m just like this is fanfuckingtastic lmao i love hyde sooooooo much hahaha but eric is my #1 but tbh i love all the characters hahaha i really do think i’m just gonna start giffing the entire series cuz there’s not that many gifs there’s a lot of screencaps and some gifs but not like every moment that needs to be giffed is i could go on forever about this show because it’s one of my all time faves lol