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How do you think Kagami would react the first time he sees Aomine seriously angry? Because I don't think that's happened in canon (in fact, the only moment I can think of right now where Aomine was seriously angry was when he punched Haizaki) (On the other hand everyone's seen Kagami almost lose his cool multiple times). What do you think would cause it? Jealousy, maybe? Or maybe just some protective instinct of Kagami (though he's certainly capable of protecting himself)?

(I love this ask so much anon. Like. So much.)

Actually I wouldn’t call what Aomine was at Haizaki “seriously angry”, tbh! I still think he was being very rational at the moment, and yeah he was angry, but he knew what he was doing, imho. But anyway he was somewhat pissed so we’re gonna count it, and aside from that and the times he yelled at people for being weak during Teikou Arc, I think the only other THREE times we’ve seen Aomine angry are, first just after the first Touou-Seirin, when some of the Touou players were shit talking Kuroko and he went all protective-best-friend-mode over him. That was super nice. Second and third are both in Extra Game, the first as he watched the Jabberwock-STRKY game and the other when Nash hit Kuroko.

Also if we wanna count it as pseudo-canon, in the second chapter of KnB Replace (which is somewhere in the first novel I guess) he got angry when some creeps were bothering Momoi.

(don’t you just love how protective Aomine is I sure do)

So that said, and keeping in mind that my jealous!Aomine closes on himself more than exploding in anger (that’s more Kagami) (Aomine self doubts and pouts and stops talking and Kagami has to understand by himself why he’s being a prick now and that brings everything to yelling and fighting) (but at first there’s no explosive anger) - keeping all this in mind I think the first time Kagami actually sees Aomine angry, like ready to rip your guts out and strangle you with them kind of angry, would be caused by protectiveness

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