• John : *Enters in the lab at Bart's*
  • Sherlock : ( Calmly ) Afghanistan or Iraq?
  • John : *OMFG so smart*
  • Sherlock : *MINE*
DAY6 On The First Date

Anon requested: headcanon about what they’d do on their first date.

A/N: Omggggg this is gonna be fun!!!! First official post and I hope you guys love it!


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  • jae’s going on a date!!!! ayyyyeeee!
  • bro first thing the boy’s gonna do is eat up all your food or smth
  • or the majority idk
  • anyways he’s bout to make you laugh your freaking ass off
  • since he always saying something dumb every five seconds lmao
  • but he’s a sweet guy for reals
  • he’ll take you wherever you want, as long as the food doesn’t cost over $20
  • he wants to make it as romantic as possible
  • jae is very very very romantic in most situations
  • okay so you’re on your date and the waiter comes
  • all jae wants to do is try to order anything under $20
  • you see a burger for $15
  • he can’t believe what he’s seeing
  • “are you crazy? a burger for 15 bucks?!?!?! no you better get some fries or something!”
  • “just kidding. order what you want. i’ll pay for everything”
  • there he goes, giving you that cute smile of his
  • omg his smile is so cute like wtf?
  • you’re getting off topic stick with the plan
  • anyways you guys are done with your food and the bill comes
  • “$65?!?!?! hold on where’s the manager?”
  • he talks to the manager and starts to cry
  • “bro that’s too much. i thought it was gonna be like $30 or something. this sucks”
  • but then he gets over it and pays anyway
  • when he takes you home he’ll walk you to your porch like a gentleman
  • awkward silence
  • then he sneaks a kiss
  • ON THE LIPS!!!!!!
  • he stops himself
  • he thinks that he fucked up by kissing you but you end up smiling instead
  • he starts to blush which is like the CUTEST THING EVER!
  • you guys say bye and he walks awkwardly back to his car
  • later that night he sends a text
  • “so second date or not? ;)”


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  • uh-oh! brian’s first date!!
  • he’s a major dork so it’s gonna be fun
  • this guy is the type to do something really fun or casual
  • like a concert or a coffee shop
  • speaking of a coffee shop, that’s where he’s taking you
  • so you’re in the coffee shop and you’re ordering your coffee
  • you decide to order a decaf mocha with no foam
  • brian starts to look all weird at you in a sorta judgy way
  • “decaf? ewwww. you need the caffeine to get you through the rest of our date. get caffeine!”
  • “no brian! if i want decaf then i’m gonna get decaf! brian!”
  • and of course he doesn’t like it when people call him brian
  • he’ll start to get offended and feel weird
  • “it’s not brian. it’s young k!”
  • “i am so sorry. you know i just wanna be called young k cause it sounds cool”
  • he blows you a kiss for forgiveness
  • you forgive him because he’s just so cute
  • now you’re drinking your coffee and the both of you decide to go out for a walk
  • it’s a nice sunny day outside and it’s perfect for the rest of your date
  • brian sneaks and holds your hand and you blush, which makes him blush and do his signature dorky smile which always kills me lord have mercy on my soul!!!!!
  • you’re walking down the sidewalk and you two notice a record store on the corner
  • looking at each other, you run in and instantly start to pick up some random vinyl records to listen to
  • brian brings you a record with some classic rock on it
  • so you’re listening to the music and you start to smile
  • boy is this making him happy
  • “you know you look really cute when you smile”
  • “oohhh smooth talker aren’t you”
  • that little smirk from you makes him go a bit crazy
  • so now you guys decide it’s time to leave and end the date
  • you guys are walking back home when brian wraps an arm around you
  • you lean your head on his shoulder close your eyes
  • “best first date ever don’t you say”
  • “yeah at least i got to go on it with you”
  • so he kisses you on the forehead and it causes you to giggle a little bit
  • “so i did a good job today. want me to do another one on our next date?”


Originally posted by dowoonie

  • okay so it’s bob’s sungjin’s first date
  • and he’s gonna go all out for you
  • like limo ride, tuxedo and an reservation at a SUPER fancy restaurant like it’s a freaking prom date or something
  • he’s gonna make sure everything is just right for you
  • so you get the whole theme for the date and you wear a beautiful lavender evening gown
  • he sees you in it and he can’t help but lose his balance 
  • he gets easily distracted by beauty so he gets distracted by himself appartently i mean he is a beautiful bob i mean sungjin
  • so yeah and then a limo he rented pulls up to take you to the restaurant crazy huh not really
  • you’re enjoying the limo ride and then he just pulls out a ring
  • he puts it on your finger and you just can’t stop staring at it i mean it’s so shiny and it’s got to be like at least 17 carats or something
  • “woah! sungjin! it’s beautiful!”
  • “i know. but not as beautiful as you are y/n.”
  • there he goes with the corny pickup lines LIKE A BOSS
  • sorry got a little carried away there lmao
  • but anyways, you arrive at the fancy location
  • he gets out first and opens to door for you, holding out his hand like the gentleman he is
  • you walk into the restaurant arms linked and looking at each other with lovey dovey eyes
  • you guys are like really into each other at this point
  • “table for two please.”
  • the waiter guy directs to to your table
  • it’s in a private area away from other people so you won’t get distracted from the date
  • so you ordered your food, it’s there now and you start eating
  • since it’s a fancy setting you’re supposed to have ettiquette right?
  • you go all in on your steaks but still make it possible for you to not get any stains in your clothes
  • your food gets done in like ten minutes and sungjin calls the waiter for your desert for the evening
  • they come with some chocolate cake al a mode and you two immediately dig in
  • so now you’re done and there’s chocolate and ice cream all over your faces
  • you wipe your faces off right quick and ask for the check
  • you pull out your wallet but sungjin decides to pay for the food tonight
  • “don’t worry babe. i got this all taken care of.”
  • but then he sees that the bill totaled up to $100+ and he’s flustered
  • “oh god. i’m gonna have to call the bank when we get through.”
  • so he goes on and pays and you guys leave
  • so blah blah blah you get in the limo, drive home, and say goodbye for the night
  • “sungjin i really enjoyed the date”
  • “oh really? i did too. maybe we can do it again sometime?”
  • “oh yeah. anytime, any place, i don’t care. just as long as i get to see your cute little squishy face again…….bob”
  • you put a lot of emphasis on bob as you get out and walk to your doorstep
  • you look back at him and he’s waving at you and giving you a dorky grin as he leaves and you go into your house for the night


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  • wonpil’s first date will be really subtle like super subtle
  • like just a really cute picnic in the park
  • maybe like some time to get to know you better
  • okay so you walk to the park to see wonpil already sitting on the grass on a blanket
  • there’s a giant picnic basket sitting right next to him and you don’t know how a little guy like him managed to carry that big thing around
  • you see him and run over to him and sit there
  • he smiles so huge that he could light up the entire world omfg like his smile is just so perfect i love this guy
  • but there you are sitting there and you guys are greeting each other
  • “hey y/n! i’m so glad you could make it!”
  • “me too wonpil. hey that’s a really big picnic basket you got there”
  • “yeah i’ve packed all the food that we could possibly eat in here”
  • he opens the basket and grabs some finger sandwiches
  • so you’re eating now and you decide to say something
  • “so wonpil. that little band of yours. day6? you guys are really good.”
  • “really? thanks. you know i hope we get big someday. then everyone will know our names.”
  • you smile and eat another sandwich
  • you both drink some lemonade and look at the clouds
  • wonpil glares at you and asks you a question
  • “y/n? what do you like to do?”
  • “well, i just really like to write stories. like short fiction and whatnot.”
  • “oh. that’s really cool. have you written anything lately?”
  • “no. i just had a serious case of writer’s block and i don’t really feel inspired to write anything these days unfortunately.”
  • “aww well maybe i can help you sometime.”
  • “thanks wonpil. that’s really sweet.”
  • so you’re done eating for now and decide to go for a stroll
  • he holds out his hand and grabs your hand
  • you lay your head on his shoulder and he starts blushing
  • you do too and it’s just too cute
  • you see something going on in the center of the park and decide to go check it out
  • it’s a guy playing the guitar and covering some day6 songs coincidentially
  • “hey that’s wonpil! from day6!”
  • he points him out and calls you two up there
  • so the little performance goes on and he asks the both of you to help him sing
  • so for the next three to four minutes you guys sing “congratulations” together
  • after it’s over the whole crowd erupts into applause
  • so you leave and the sun is setting
  • you sit on the park bench and wait for it to fully set
  • “today was really fun y/n.”
  • “yeah it was. you know you’re a really cool guy and maybe. just maybe we can do something like this again?”
  • he’s blushing again and little beads of sweat drop from his head
  • you wipe them off with a napkin and smile at him
  • “haha yeah. sure. a second date sounds great!”
  • you unexpectedly plant a wet one right on his cheek to show him how much you really like him
  • his cheeks are a fiery red as your hands are intertwined and you stare off into the sunset


Originally posted by yokoisacoolname

  • haha it’s the maknae’s first date ;)
  • it’s gonna be really awkward at first
  • you know cause he’s like kinda shy i see it in his eyes, which makes him even more adorable
  • so i’m sure he’s a pretty mellow dude
  • and he’ll take you to like barnes & noble or smth
  • so you’re sitting in the bookstore at the table with him
  • he can’t stop staring at you
  • maybe it’s because he’s either nervous, he thinks you’re really cute or both
  • but then he gets over it eventually :)
  • so there you are just sitting there
  • awkward silence
  • then dowoon finally says something
  • “so you wanna go look around at some books?”
  • he is blushing so hard rn and it’s like SO ADORABLE!
  • alright so you guys are walking around and you spot the same book
  • the both of you grab it and now your hands touch
  • you two blush and look at each other, this time all lovey dovey and stuff like that
  • your eyes are glued to each other’s faces as there’s still some awkward silence between you two
  • “ummmm, uh wow. oh my gosh. haha this was totally unexpected.”
  • he can’t control his smile as he keeps grinning the whole time
  • but then pretends like nothing happens and you guys read the book together in that same spot
  • then he’ll do something totally cute and awkward like try to sing along to whatever cheesy song might be playing at the moment
  • there you are just having a good time when dowoon just goes in for a kiss
  • it’s just on the cheek though
  • he’ll probably kiss you on the lips on like the third date or smth
  • you both blush and it makes you want to smile in each other’s faces for the rest of the date
  • you leave and you’re in the car
  • as soon as you open the car door and step out, there he goes to say something again
  • “um…you wanna go on another date sometime”
  • then he smiles as you nod your head, making him the happiest guy in the world

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30 reasons to love Brendon Urie

1. His eyes

2. His lips

3. How he looks in glasses

4. He’s adorable and cute…

5. ..but he’s also hella hot I mean

6. His butt

7. His voice is like an angels

8. Omfg his smile could melt butter

9. His ‘funny’ faces

10. He’s apart of Panic! and who doesn’t love them?

11. His dance moves are pure gold

12. He and Sarah are perfect

13. How he looks wearing a hat


15. (I’m sorry) but he and Ryan

16. Jesus Brendon

17. Dayum his body

18. He’s obviously a pro bowler

19. Beardon

20. His tattoos 

21. Foetus Bren

22. He looks like a cutie pie when sleeping


23. His love for Capri-Suns

24. His hair omg

25. A little Less Sixteen Candles (A little more touch me) 

26. He’s a musical GENIUS

27. Brendon at Disney Land

28. His vines

29. Those awkward photos of him and Audrey

30. His friendship with Pete Wentz is adorable

How to Tell SHINee Apart:

Requested by: @viva-la-fanatic-domains

**Please note: This post was written April 25th, 2016**


Okay so like SHINee has been around since 2008 and has done a shit load stuff, so I can’t include it all because this post would literally take me 6 hours and would be a mile long. So here’s just their main Korean music releases. There’s a lot so this is gonna take forever. Here we go.

 Debut: Replay

[L to R: Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun, Minho, Key]

Love Like Oxygen

[L to R: Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun, Minho, Key]

A.Mi.Go (Amigo) (Repackage of L.L.O.’s album “The SHINee World”)

[L to R: Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun, Minho, Key]


[L to R: Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun, Minho, Key wtf again]

Ring Ding Dong

[L to R: bet you already know Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun, Minho, Key]


[L to R: Onew, Jonghyun, Taemin, Minho, Key]

Hello (Repackage of Lucifer album)

[L to R: oh god i thought we escaped Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun, Minho, Key]

Sherlock (Clue + Note)

[L to R: it won’t go away Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun, Minho, Key]

Misconceptions Trilogy:

Dream Girl - Misconceptions of You

[L to R: i give up Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun, Minho, Key]

Why So Serious? - Misconceptions of Me

[L to R: Minho, Key, Taemin, Onew] **Jonghyun was in a car accident and had to have nose surgery so he was out for this comeback TT~TT

Misconceptions of Us (Repackage combining the previous two Misconceptions which were each only EPs. Only had two new songs, no new MV, no new pictures)


[L to R: fuck it’s back Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun, Minho, Key]


[L to R: Onew, Key, Taemin, Jonghyun, Minho]

Married to the Music (Repackage of View’s album “Odd”)

[L to R: Minho, Jonghyun, Taemin, Onew, Key]

And there you go! I’m not including their Japanese releases or their concert albums because that would be too complicated and it’s already complicated enough with just the Korean releases. Like omfg why do they have so much STUFF.

Individual Members:

(**I’m only including a recent photo of each**)

Onew - Real Name: Jinki. Dec. 14th, 1989. Leader. Vocalist.

THIS PRECIOUS ANGEL OMFG his smile could make flowers grow. literally. He is so sweet and innocent. Basically he’s perfect. like I can’t even describe him any more like that’s it he’s perfect. protect him please he’s special Q~Q

Jonghyun - Real Name: Jonghyun. April 8th, 1990. Vocalist. Composer. Lyricist.

Jonghyun is so fucking talented it’s not fair like he literally has everything. except height. He’s got abs, he’s got an amazing voice, he writes and composes stuff that lots of other artists buy from him, which also means he’s getting them royalties ;) he’s adorable and has a huge beautiful smile but then he’s also like incredibly sexy. HOW DO. I dunno. 

Key - Real Name: Kibum. Sep. 23, 1991. Vocalist. Rapper. Dancer.

Diva Key XD Key is fabulous. The sass from this dude is…. THE BEST. I can’t. i love him ;-; he’s had a few unfortunate haircuts. If you see a guy wearing shorts IT’S PROBABLY KEY. I don’t know WHY but it’s like he doesn’t own any pants. 

Minho - Real Name: Minho. Dec. 9th, 1991. Rapper. Visual/”Face of the Group”

Minho has the biggest eyes of the bunch, he’s also usually the tannest(? imo) also the tallest. and he’s athletic. and his abs are probably the best in kpop. basically he’s perfect. too. 

Taemin - Real Name: Taemin. July 18th, 1993. Dancer. Vocalist. Maknae (youngest).

This boy was a TOTAL FETUS (and still kind of is) until he debuted solo. omfg. like where did our smol squishy child go ;-;he turned into THIS. and THIS. and  T H I S. it’s not cool. QAQ but that aside, Taemin has always been kind of thin and stringy, and has always gotten the worst hair cuts every comeback. I spared you from the Sherlock hair. Don’t look it up.

Okay so that’s SHINee! They’ll ruin you so I wish you the best hahaha.. haha.. haa…. ;_;


@andybatlove​ Luntiiiiii OMFG!!!!!!!!!! His smile!! his laugh!!! Uhggggggggg im diying!!! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I LOVE HIM!! *And i love how you draw him* 

I added some meme pics for that Gabe you’d sent, hope you don’t mind. >///< AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH Thank you very much!!! Then I just realized that I’ve been doing his scars a little off. o_o;;