suddenly i thought of how zach’s mom is like eVERY ASIAN MOM EVER(MY MOTHER) protecting their smol child and confronting their classmate’s parents like how zach’s mom confronted clay’s parents because of what clay did to zach’s car. his mom YELLING PROFANTIES WHILE ZACH IS THEIR LIKE A PUPPY BEING EMBARRASED OMFG HES SO CUTE EJCUSK

@littlemszodiac : I’ve been doodling Ted, I hope you like it.
I remember you saying Ted was just a little one, so I drew what I think adult Ted is like!

tysm omfg… he looks so cute in these !! esp the bottom left thats my fav… he looks so happy… pure. and i like ur older ted idea too!! big leafy boy! super cute ;w; thank u so much for these this is so sweet of u!!!! ;w;

Can we just talk about this face???  BC this is a face that Natsu had when looking at Lucy- when he thought she wasn’t going to go on a mission with him and Happy and go on a date instead.


I honestly don’t care what people say, this boy is in  L O V E