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Okay so Time traveler Keith x Immortal Lance (set in late 1800s early 1900s) How does that make you feel

Omfg. Shoot me. That would be so angsty and cute. Lance not knowing Keith is a time traveler and he’s always going back to make sure he can meet Lance no matter what. Or when he gets older he goes back in time, reversing his aging and goes back to be with Lance again. Lance not knowing he’s a time traveler and as a surprise later in years when Keith’s life is over and Lance is still stuck around Keith time travels to that time and Lance just breaks apart as he learns that Keith’s a time traveler and he’s mostly stuck at the time he had begun traveling time. Just yes. There’s a lot of ways you can go with this idea and it’s just so so good!!!

Yoongis hands appreciation post

bcs theyre manly af and bcs im still the same creep

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4am messy sketches. Wanted to sketch out @motherish and @zenshousewife‘s DnD characters!!! Just seeing the chat when we were discussing it, I can tell it’s already going to be a disaster, but I’m excited lmaoo.

HuniePop Sentence Starters for all you sinners.
  • “Wow, okay. Could I get you to maybe take it down a notch? I’m right here.”
  • “Chill out for a second. You’ll be glad I showed up.”
  • “Oh my God, it’s worse than I thought, isn’t it?”
  • “I’d KILL to have tits like that!”
  • “Try not to be an ass for like…five minutes.”
  • “Thanks for the sex, homie!”
  • “It feels like I haven’t eaten anything in like a hundred and fifty years.”
  • "Is it weird that I like veggies so much?”
  • “What’s shakin’, bacon?”
  • “Oh my God, I could kiss you!”
  • “This is romantic as shit. Are you trying to seduce me?”
  • “That was a pussy drink! Hit me with something stronger!”
  • “What’s wrong? Seems like something’s bothering you.”
  • “Ohhhh, come on! Just try it on. It’s going to look sooooo cute.”
  • “You can’t keep all that boob to yourself, hun. It’s not fair to the rest of the world.”
  • “What’s cooking, good-looking?”
  • “You really are something else. You know that?”
  • “I have got to get something inside me. Food, I mean.”
  • “Let’s go win some stupid shit.”
  • “Can’t you just, like, chill out for once and, I don’t know, have fun?”
  • “What’s wrong!? Did I hurt your whore feelings?”
  • “Uhh, could you move please? You’re kind of in my way.”
  • “That’s fucking disgusting.”
  • “Okay, I’m here. So now what?”
  • “I literally cannot remember my name right now.” 
  • “Forgive me for saying this…but your body is straight bangin’.”
  • “Weakness? I’ve never heard of such a thing!”
  • “Fuck these birds, am I right?”
  • “Isn’t it funny how life is pointless and nothing matters?”
  • “That is a supremely nice set of tits. Ten outta ten!”
  • “What should we do about the fact that we’re desperately attracted to each other?”
  • “I just do whatever the magic fairy that follows me around tells me.”
  • “I need to pick up some condoms for our date tonight.”
  • “You look like you’d rather be anywhere else.”
  • “Flat chested girls make me sad.”

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So I heard you're Mexican ayeee If you haven't, would you mind doing a RFA Reaction to finding out MC is a Latina? And she's always cooking Mexican food and speaking Spanish to them~ But also not afraid to throw a chancla at them if they do something super stupid.

Lmaoooooo I love this request thank you whoever sent this ask ily~ - Admin Abby
(Also a chancla is like a sandal cx)


• He is like rlly impressed with your Spanish
• tbh the only words he learned in Spanish are ‘Te Amo~’ bc he wants to be all slick
• but when he says it he gets all embarrassed and it comes out in stutters
• he loves Mexican food
• he prefers Mexican rice over white rice now omfg since you make it with every meal
• he begs you to teach him how to cook Mexican food!!
• Once he forgot to clean the house and when you got home it was a huge mess
• of course he was stuck on the computer playing LOLOL
• outta nowhere a chancla goes flying into the back of his head
• “ No te dije que limpiaras?????”
• he’s just like ????
• he can’t understand what you’re saying but he knows ur pissed
• haha you bet a few chancla have been thrown at him lmaoooo


• he’s finds it hot asf
• he’s like mmmm call me papi
• asdfgghjk just kidding cx
• but like he finds it hella hot when you talk Spanish to him!!!
• His fav Mexican food I think would be Pozole Verde
• he attempts to learn Spanish but he probably gives up bc it’s too hard lmaooo
• you caught him smoking when he had promised you he would quit!!!!!
• “ Estúpido, dijiste que dejarías de fumar!”
• he’s like “… yeah”
• you got even more mad and launched another chancla at his face
• he threw his cigs away
• and you gave him apology kisses bc you felt sorry afterwards


• He loves you no matter what ur race is!!!
• Omfg this babe learned Spanish for you
• He’ll try to have a conversation with you and it so adorable
• You get high key offended when he thinks all you eat is tacos??
• He once dressed up Elizabeth in a sombrero
• You were like ???
• A chancla was thrown at his face.
• He didn’t dress her up like that again

• She loves flan and pan dulce
• Her fav is Churros
• She sells Mexican sweets and candy at the bakery~
• She’ll celebrate Cino De Mayo with you bc she’s an angel
• She loves when you speak Spanish and like she is so captivated by you
• She turns all red when you talk to her in Spanish
• I don’t think you’d ever throw a chancla at her tbh she’s too precious


• Omfg if ur Mexican u must know the songs Tragos Amargos or Suavemente or El Sonidito lmaoooo
• You know he plays those on repeat cx
• He tries to attempt to do the Payso del Rodeo line dance but he can’t keep up when it gets hella fast and he always bumps into people
• He’s loves tamales tbh
• He also loves Mexican chips
• Omfg I feel like he’d love elotes bc those are bomb
• Once he dressed up like a chola and was like
• ‘Look! I’m Mexican~’
• You like were like
• *throws 5000000 chanclas at his face*
• “I-It was just a joke MC..”

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What was the thing Mädchen was referring to when she was talking about relationships built in the show and Marisol flailing her hands of camili and Mädchen again having a kept secret like a bond of the tattoos with Lili omfg I feel like something is up my parents

They were talking about how most of the cast had natural chemistry, and how some of them had natural bonds, and they said they weren’t going to name any names, then this happened