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Review Zodiac #2 (Wandering Star)

September 24th



-finishes book 2-

Me: omfg I’m dead

1) so like Rho’s mom is aquarian?!?
So like shes a riser!?!
it would make sense, mom might have 13th house blood

2) ugh im so mad at hysan and rho- I cant believe this!

Granted, Mathias is like the easier choice and the choice that makes sense, so she’ll probably end up with him but still

I hope at least Hysan and Rho are on good terms by the end of the next book lol

3) personally, im kind of hoping Rho dies- as dumb as that sounds lol, id like to see some perspective. It would make sort of sense, the Wandering Star dies or something.

4) poor Nishi. I can’t.

5) I don’t like Stanton that much so far, mostly because hes been moron the entire time - trusting in Aryll or holding back Rho from whatever.

6) Okay so the suicide mission to the astroid belt- that was so DUMB…it was Hysan’s friend, Nishi, Deke, Stanton, Aryll, and Rho - first they’re all like

everyone else except Rho: omg rho I have to go blindly into this danger even tho I might die but im pretty sure I wont and i wont even consider the possibility that my best friend / bf / gf could die because if one dies we all magically die and there’s no way that only a few could survive

rho: don’t come with me for helios sake

everyone else: No!!!!

rho: whatever

- afterwards -

Hysan: Goddammit Rho
Stanton and Aryll: this sucks.
Rho: it’s all my fault that Deke and Hysan’s friend is dead

Uh no Rho it isn’t
They decided to go with you and refused to listen otherwise
Then they wonder why Nishi is depressed af emo

I felt Deke’s and Twains deaths were like all everyone else’s fault.

No one was needed there except Rho and Hysan / Twain like seriously. Maybe one other person, but personally I actually would’ve taken someone skilled like Ezra or someone else.

Okay then Rho makes it worse by blaming it on Orchipus or whatever his name is.

Like it’s their choice, in the end it was their choice to go with Rho and get killed. Clearly no one thought this through.

7) Aryll was well put in- it’s really a pity no one listens to Hysan lmao. I can understand why Hysan’s angry. First Rho barely communicates and when she does its sex, and then she won’t listen to him about Aryll, and then she makes out with Mathias.

Like sometimes I wish I could exist in this AU and just give Hysan a bear hug lol.

But like if he doesn’t love Rho please come to me now I’m in desperate need of a boyfriend- Pisces and Libra couples are good xD

8) LOVE THE RISER concepts! Makes so much sense! A rising sign is the sign you can tend to show traits of sometimes- I don’t know the details of it but that’s why no one is pure Libra or pure Aries. I wish i knew my rising sign, you have to know the time you were born (i was adopted and there’s no way of finding out, already checked).

Another thing that throws interest is that dominent sign isn’t always your sun sign. Im Pisces Sun, but if i take a look at my natal chart, I’m Leo Moon, Pisces Mercury, Aries Mars but Pisces Dominent.

I love the Riser concept.

9) PAGE 168

“Stop or he dies.”

The voice is once again coming from Nox’s own sound system. Around us, every wallscreen powers on and projects the same image: the Riser, pointing her weapon into Aryll’s chest. His eyepatch slightly askew, Aryll looks two steps beyond terrified. His chin is trembling but now hes not crying. He looks like he’s trying to be tough.
Immediately, Stanton and I turn back.

It’s such a pity…


Who’s ready to hear the best joke ever? Ok *clears throat*

A rich snail goes into a car shop, picks out a super fast car, and says “I want a big S painted on the right side, the left side, the front, the back, I want big S’s everywhere.” And the car painter asks “Why?” And the snail says “Because when I pass people on the road I want them to point at me and say ‘Wow! Look at that escargot!”

Guys, Alycia literally tried so hard to warn us