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in my language "likewise" was translated like "me too" so it's understands like Lena loves Kara as well (i was dead OMFG!!!) but people are talking about the meaning like Lena knows that Kara love her or she saying Kara love Mon as well, so now i am confused what's "likewise" really means?

Ah yes! The debate of the week, yeah?

There are multiple synonymous words and phrases for likewise. Some include me too, same here, also, as well – just to name a few. So I think in the case of this specific dialogue, due to these similar phrases, it is able to be interpreted in multiple ways which is where the speculation lies. Breaking it down using the phrases I mentioned (option A)( option B):

Mon-El: I understand why Kara loves you.
Lena: Me too
(Same here; I do also; I do as well).

So with any of the above statements, it is understandable for people to interpret it as either I love her too (option A) or I also understand why she loves me (option B). The latter, as I theorized a few days back could have been a little joke from Lena whom at that point was feeling pretty confident because of what she was doing on the ship. So in a manner “Yeah, I get why she loves me too. I just unlocked a door with a tiara… I’m a genius. And Kara loves me. And I know this. Because I’m a genius.” (I’ll stop).

Concurrently, when some use the word likewise when accepting and returning a compliment, they quite often mean it in a way of ‘same to you.’ In that case, ‘me too’ or ‘same here’ don’t work. For example:

Person A: Hey, you’re pretty good at this.
Person B: Likewise (in other words, back at ya!).

So in the case of Mon-El and Lena (option C):

Mon-El: I understand why Kara loves you.
Lena: Same to you.

Now many are agreeing that it seemed odd for Lena to be complimentary at this point due to her behavior the whole time on the ship. She was sassy/sarcastic, standoffish, annoyed, etc. In other words 50,000% done.

For example, when interacting exclusively with Mon-El, when she shot the guard, he awkwardly/comically thanked her, but what can be easily missed is that she rolled her eyes as she turned to walk away and waited for him to catch up.

When she instructed him to break the panel and he responded in confusion and uncertainty:

Her face, tone and actions wouldn’t necessarily point to her complimenting him mere moments later so that is where the doubt comes in.

So at this point, I think for most, it is between either option A or option B, in the way it is possibly being read. Though I think a great deal of us are hoping this was a confirmation of Lena saying she also loves Kara. It also helps that Katie did express in her interview from yesterday, that Lena does, indeed love her. So I think that has even more leaning in that direction. I’m convinced.

BTS Reaction to You Sleeping Late

Request: BTS reaction to girlfriend staying up very late each night (like up to 1-3am) because she stays up watching youtube videos or scrolling through her social media (like tumblr) thanks~

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Once he caught you on your phone, he’d immediately take it away from you before your could continue to deplete your health. The last thing he’d want is for you to go ill because of this unhealthy habit. “I’m doing this for you okay? Social media is not worth your well being!”

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He groaned and squinted in reaction to the bright light coming from your device. Without saying much, he’d wrap his arm tighter around you, and take his other arm to lower your device,  making you turn it off. “Go to sleep jagi, it’s already so late.”

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At first, he’d quietly watch what you were doing alongside you, but after a while he’d realize it was already so late. Gently, he’d reach over, wrap his hands around yours and turn the phone off for you. “It’s not healthy to stay up this late. Let’s go to sleep.”

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Rap Monster/Namjoon

At first, he thought you were working so he wouldn’t mind too much, but he’d get more worried as he saw you went to sleep extremely late more often. When he saw you were actually going on social media sites, he wouldn’t be too happy about it. “I know Tumblr is an amazing place, but you’ve got to pay attention to your health as well!”

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He wouldn’t like your habit, and would try to step in as soon as it became prevalent. As an idol, he knew how staying up late affected your energy and health, and he wouldn’t want you to be affected by those negatives. “You’ll be tired from staying up late and I want my baby to be in top shape okay?”

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He’d understand the temptations of social media, but still wouldn’t allow you to continue this harmful behavior. He’d either force you to sleep earlier with him, or just take away your phone and not give it back until you reluctantly trudged to bed. “Now don’t give me that stink face. You know staying up late isn’t good for you!”

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He’d be a little shit and find alternative methods to stop you from staying up late on social media. He’d find ways to ban some social media sites, or turn off the wifi on your device after a certain time. “What do you mean I’m too much? I’m only doing this for you!”

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