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Forgive the crudity of this shiz but…. function > aesthetic.  At least on my own PC.  Doing build/buy and CAS is always a point of contention.  xD

At least you can plant your….. needlessly large seeds.  e___e



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a bit of an odd request for you wing!AU: bastion meeting all these people with fluffy wings like his bird friend


“Uh…what’s wrong with it?”

“Is it broken?”

“Can be? I mean it does look rather chipped.”

“Or chipper, I’d say…”

“Lena, don’t be ridiculous!”

“Well, he does sound rather excited!”

Despite the buzzing voice around it, the omnic unit doesn’t seem very fazed. It is beeping frantically, old parts clanking loudly as it flails about, spinning to look at everyone in the room. Who are understandably wary, considering the huge ass guns installed to the machine’s body. Gabriel growls low in his throat, pulling curious Jack closer to him. Lena turns to Zenyatta quizzically, hoping that the omnic monk would have some kind of translation for this manic beeping. But even Zenyatta seems puzzled.

“What troubles you, my friend?” His kind, calm voice drawls Bastion’s attention for a brief moment of silence. Then the flailing returns, this time with more enthusiasm and the unit’s noises quicken to barely tangible sounds among the clanking. It is loud and chaotic, nonsensical almost, but Genji seems to watch this strange omnic closer than all.

“The nest.” It finally dawns upon the cybord, pointing out the bundle of sticks hidden among the moss growing all over Bastion. It stills, and the beeping continues, albeit slower than before, and Bastion hurries outside. People haven’t a moment to get more confused, because Bastion returns almost immediately, a chirping golden bird on its finger. The omnic’s movements are more careful now, gentle so it won’t jostle the bird so much, and presents the little creature to the others. The little bird is unafraid, perching upon Bastion gun nozzle and curiously peering at the strange faces. A metal finger lifts up, pointing at the bird and then at the group of humans.

Almost instantaneously, the whole room melts. 

Well, almost everyone. Gabriel just scoffs when Lena and Angela swarm over, wings stretching wide for Bastion to see. The omnic unit’s hand hesitates for a moment before gingerly poking Lena’s inner yellow feathers with the barest of force behind it, beeping in undeniable awe.

This drawls out a laughter from Jesse, who scoots over after the two women, following by a cautious but smiling Reinhardt. Both Pharah and Ana are grinning now, the younger Amari snapping plenty of pictures. Jack finds himself chuckling, nudging at his mate’s side with much amusement.

“Don’t you just learn something every day?”

Of course, Gabriel scoffs again.