🎄We’re both stuck at an airport because of a snowstorm and omfg you’re cute (AU )🎄

Flights had been cancelled due to a snowstorm passing through the area. You wouldn’t make it home for Christmas this year, neither would you get a decent meal or sleep tonight. 

Most of the airport had been cleared out with people deciding to spent the night at the nearby hotels. You had not enough money to do that, figured most of them were full by now anyway and by the time you got sick of those uncomfortable chairs it was way too stormy outside to leave. 

The noise of crutches hitting the floor in the dark, only lightly illuminated airport hall makes you look up. The boy sitting down a few rows from you looks just as annoyed as you feel. His face a scowling mask until he catches you staring and looks downright scary. 

You quickly avert your gaze from the very cute but possibly murderous stranger with a sigh, getting lost in your own thoughts again. 

This was not how the holidays were supposed to go and you absolutely refused to feel miserable for yourself. Maybe this wasn’t how you had planned everything but sometimes you just have to take things how they are and make the best out of the situation. 

Equipped with a lot of weird looking food and drinks from the nearest vending machine you walk over to the handsome stranger, sitting down right next to him.
He raises his eyebrows at you but you ignore the obvious question in his look, together with his bad mood and put on the sweetest smile you can manage. 

“Merry Christmas.” You say as you hand him one of the dubious looking candy bars. 

He looks a bit like he’s about to punch you in the face any moment but takes it in the end. You can’t help but notice the small smile spreading across his face as you sit together in silence. He was utterly adorable.

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