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a summary of the main periods of music
  • renaissance: MODES MODES MoDEs and lets make everything blend and ooOHH lots of chords yes yes many chords buT WE OVER-COMPLICATE EVERYTHING
  • -
  • baroque: one melodic idea aND THEN WE TEAR IT APART WITH OUR FUGUES AND CONTRAPUNTAl and ornaments. homophonic? try poly. jumpscare dyNAMics and we have no pauses you keep playing till you die
  • -
  • classical: e v e n s i m p l er! one melody and all the lesser important parts below it. and wE SLOWLY FAde intO DYNAMICs. piano! orchestra!??!!! PIANO!!!!!!! OMFG ITS A PIaNO!!!! ew harpsichord whoa moZART
  • -
  • romantic: acccceelerando nO WAIt i want ritardandoooOO jokes. so free! so emotional! the tears and the feels uGH. REVOLUTIONS AS WELL. why's this orchestra so pathetic lETS ADD 784 NEW INSTRUMENTS!! and i want it to be so hard no one can play it
  • -
  • 20th century: a boop bap dap and a dippity do lookie do its jazz! and yes that accidental is meant to be there. also ignore the septuplets just play with it. also i wonder what happens if we hit different instruments. ok that soup bowl is now a percussion instrument. anD EVERYTHING IS SO COMPLEX HAHA PEASANTS SUFFeR!!
  • -
  • neoclassical 'new-age': bo oop bOp bIP BIEEEEEEEEP dInK!!!!(\(!!(!!$(($ DINK DINK DINK Dndfy *cats meowing harshly* *car crashes into house* NYEEEAAAAAAAAHHJHhhHHH
things that happened:

- they played sigur ros right before they started the show and i swear to god if i find out someone in vixx loves sigur ros i will die and go straight to fangirl heaven

- hyuk cried so hard during his thank you speech that he just put his head down so the camera couldnt see him for about 20 seconds and then choked out a “th…ank you…”

- hongbin’s solo blew everyone’s mind. seriously, this kid has grown so much and his voice is absolutely stunning. like i still cant get over it, it was AMAZING.

- i swear im a hakyeon bias guys, but hyuk stole the show omfg his solo was perf too ugh like dream boy material <3

- speaking of hakyeon, the fans had to let him know he had a little wardrobe malfunction lol (his fly was down) he was hilarious about it

- ken said “싫어" with aegyo and hakyeon literally stopped him midsentence and was like ‘KEN, HOW OLD ARE YOU? IS THIS OKAY FOR YOUR AGE TO BE TALKING LIKE THAT?’ and ken took a dramatic pause and then answered “yes” in the aegyo-est voice evar

- hakyeon said instead of having a happy ending with us he wants to have a (in english) “happy continue” :’)

- taekwoon refused to leave the stage aaaaas usual and kept making them play the chorus of the final song over n over (he did this last concert too) plus was super out of breath after dancing to the older songs idky hahaha

- ravi was brilliant as usual and looks more n more like ryan gosling with each day

-i sat next to about 5  boys who i assume were jellyfish male trainees and guys….we’re done for. one looks like a mini hakyeon but worse. they dangerous. get out of the fandom while u stiil can.

im forgetting so much but i need to shower n sleep so UPDATE LATERS

My reactions to Anti vs others
  • Fangirls: "OMFG ITS ANTISEPTICEYE!" *wheezing, squealing and dying*
  • Me: *chokes on my drink by accident, then gasps slightly, replays the part he was on a few times to make sure I wasn't seeing things then smiles when its confirmed* *.....long pause while I sip some more pepsi* "Anti, my son you have finally returned to us, welcome back son"

Request by markandjackaremysuperheros: Can I request an x reader where Sherlock and fem!reader are about to have their first time together. She doesn’t tell him she’s a virgin and Sherlock gets a bit too rough for her first. When he realizes it her first he’s freaks out thinking he  hurt her but she’s like: “I’m fine just slow down. I love you.” Than she gets into it and fluff and sweet smut???


Fandom: BBC Sherlock

Gifs aren’t mine.

Warning: SMUT, that is my final warning to you

You put the last of the groceries into the fridge while trying to resist the urge to grab the head in the fridge and throw it out the window. You sighed closing the fridge door and walking over to John’s old spot in the living room and plopping down onto it, since John had moved out and in with Mary.

“Are you ever going to throw that revolting head out?” You asked Sherlock who was sitting down as well while sipping on some tea that you had made him.

Sherlock stopped drinking his tea and stared at you for what felt like a minute till he replied with a stern, “No.”

You only sighed and slumped back into the couch as you took out your phone looking through iFunny (yes I love that app, don’t judge they have great memes) and laughing at a few of the featured posts, but what you didn’t realize was that Sherlock was starring at you in a slight lustful way. A few minutes have passed by with you just scrolling though random things on your phone and Sherlock starring at you with his tea already finished.

“(y/n) I’m bored,” Sherlock whined leaning back in his seat.

You looked over at your boyfriend and sighed shutting off your phone. “What would you like to do then?” You asked, but Sherlock just smirked at you with mischief evident in his eyes.

“We could do something,” Sherlock paused making eye contact with you, “that requires more work.”

“And what would that be?” You asked him tilting your head in fake innocence getting what he meant.

Sherlock’s smirk widened as he stood up while holding his hand out to you, “Follow me and you’ll see.” (Omfg that rhymed! I could be a rapper!)

You took Sherlock’s hand as he lead you to your shared bedroom, and right when you entered Sherlock closed the door behind the two of you and pressed you against the wall. He gently placed his lips onto yours as you melted into it only for the kiss to become more rough and hungry. One of Sherlock’s hands when to your hip while the other to the back of your neck to pull you closer to him. While your hands went into his curly locks pulling him closer to you. But soon the two of you had to part for the lack of air and as your lips parted the both of you panted.

“Are you still bored?” you asked Sherlock, but he just chuckled and leaned down to kiss you again only this one more sloppy, but also more intense. Soon enough you felt something wet gliding across your bottom lip and you didn’t even hesitate to open your mouth and to have Sherlock’s tung dart in to your mouth and explore every inch of it, but not before you tried to fight for dominance only for him to win in the end.

You tugged at his hair which in reply to you got a slight grunt from him. This went on for a few more minutes till you had enough and started to tug at Sherlock’s shirt. Sherlock getting the hint allowed you to unbutton it and pull it off of him. After that he did quick work with getting rid of your shirt. Only for you to lock your lips together again. Sherlock parted from you and trailed kisses down from your jaw to all the way down to your collarbone and he started to suck and lick it harder each time to leave a mark, to show that you were already taken and by who. A moan escaped your lips which just encouraged Sherlock even more. He picked you up slightly squeezing your ass and turning the two of you around with your legs tightly wrapped around his torso. He played you down onto the bed and went back up to your lips.

Grunts and moans came from the both of you. Soon he went back to your neck with his hands roaming your body and going down your back. He bites your neck slightly and you emit a gasp in surprise and arch your back in pleasure. He smirks in victory and unclasps your bra throwing it to the side. All of a sudden you become very subconscious. Since you’ve never done this and you’ve never told anyone you were still a virgin since you didn’t want to be made fun of. Your hands flew up to your exposed breasts with a light tint of pink covering your cheeks.

“Don’t hide yourself,” Sherlock said pulling your hands down revealing your breasts again to him.

He leaned down to your neck and started to kiss down till he reached the valley in between your breasts. His head moved to your right breast first with his tung licking around the bud of your breast till he took it in his mouth sucking on it.

You arched your back as you moaned his name as you arched your back once again in pleasure. You quickly put one hand clutching his hair,again, and one hand clutching the sheets while your eyes closed.

Sherlock rubbed your other breast with his large hands squeezing and pinching your beasts to get more of a reaction from you. After finishing with your right breast he did the same treatment to the other pleasuring you. You could feel Sherlock getting harder and harder by the second.

Soon Sherlock was done and he tugged at your pants as if asking if he could take them off you nodded and he pulled them off with easy. He also started to rub the wet fabric of your underwear. You sighed in pleasure as Sherlock pulled down your underwear with you finally naked. Sherlock than slowly entered a finger in you causing you to whimper as he moved is finger inside of you. He then started to move his finger in and out of you as you just kept on moaning and his name slipping through your lips a few times. Soon he inserted a second finger into you which you moaned out his name at his actions soon his fingers started to quicken the pace with your hips moving in rhythm with his fingers.

“Sh-Sherlock,” you moaned out, “I think I’m going-going to…” You stopped when Sherlock pulled out his fingers from your virgin entrance. You whined and rubbed your thighs together trying to get some friction in between them only for Sherlock to respond with a smirk gracing his lips. He unbuttoned his pants and slid them off only remaining in his boxer which you could see the dent of his boner. Your eyes widened as slight fear hit you and you became nervous. You feared that it would hurt and you became slight panicked about that, but Sherlock had been to over come by just to realize your nervousness. Sherlock slipped off his boxer and aligned himself with your entrance, but not before slipping on a condom. (Rap it before you tap it!) 

Your heart rate quickened as Sherlock slid into you and a few tears brimed your eyes as Sherlock thrusts int you a few times roughly. You let out a slight whimper as a tear slid down your cheek.

Sherlock’s eyes widened as he stared at you in fear, “D-Did I hurt you or anything?” He asked than he quickly realized you must still be a virgin as he mentally slapped himself as he the first time in his life called himself an idiot.

“I-I’m fine, Sherlock,” You said reassuring the male you was starting to slightly panic above you, “I’m fine just slow it down a bit?” Sherlock nodded as you readjusted and nodded at him again to move.

He started with a slow pace rocking his hips into yours, and slowly the two of you were starting to get into a faster and faster pace. Soon Sherlock was fully in you going deeper and deeper into your wet core. You moaned each others names and grunts passed between the two of you. Till at one point Sherlock hit a certain spot inside of you that made you see stars.

“Sherlock, there!” you screamed as he pulled all the way out of you and slammed back into you having then beds head board bang into the wall. You clawed at Sherlock’s back as you got closer and closer to coming. 

“Sherlock, I’m going to,” You grunted and moaned loudly as you came with Sherlock following close behind as the both of you ride out your climax. Sherlock pulls out of you and lays next to you as the both of you pant trying to catch your breaths.

“Keep it down your two!” came the voice of Mrs.Hudson from downstairs. You and Sherlock looked at each other than laughed loudly.

BTS reacting to your old baby pics and videos.


“Aww my lil baby… You haven’t changed one bit.” He pinched your cheeks and cooed before pressing a kiss on your pouting lips.


“Ohhh.. Cute.. Omg.. Kitten. Uwaaa I’m so happy I saw this!!” He squealed as he hugged the photo book close to his chest and twirled before covering his mouth in embarrassment, blushing at his small outburst.


“Meh… You look the same.” He’d lowkey be all giggly when you shrugged and left him to get some water. He’d blush and softly chant how cute you were when he peered at one of the photos with you wearing a flower crown. “Ah… My baby Y/n..”


“Omo… You were and still are so cute jagiya…” He’d pout and whine when you took away the photos in embarrassment. Hoseok is gonna be so soft and end up squealing throughout the whole day… Jus for one photo.


“Awww… Look at you here.. Ohhhhh.. Look at this one. I want a small you now.” He’d pout and pout before kissing your cheeks and saying how its still as chubby from when you were small. He’d say he want a kid because they’ll be as cute as you were.


“Omfg… Y/n… Omoooo” He’d be shook and awe struck when he skimmed through your photos, pausing when he saw the video before rushing to playing it. Giggling at the adorable gurgles and babbling of nonsense you emitted. “Soo cuteeee!!!”


“Oh… Guess you didn’t change one bit. Still a cute lil cupcake.” Smiling when he sat and watched through all of your videos. Sighing dreamily, thinking that he should get a lil one. “Aww.. Look at those dimples!”