omfg yes give me this

teahyungii  asked:

I want a Jungkook body pillow and I don't give a **** what you think because secretly we all want it and would love to have one

OMFG YES GIVE ME THAT BODY PILLOW HOLY SHIT. I NEED TO HUG IT EVERY NIGHT AND pray father suga to find a bf as amazing as Jk (even we all know its impossible lmao). Lol I love the idea of having kook pillow laying next to you in bed 😂😂😂😂 I WANT WANT ONE WITH A MEME FACE 👍👍👍💟💟

casualtyof-akings-fear  asked:

Plot: Merlin helping Morgana with her magic instead of sending her to the druids

SEND ME A PLOT & I’LL RATE IT (accepting) 

fuck no | not really interested | huh?? | give me more details| sure why not | OMFG YES

first of all ya’ll kno i’m here for all the m.ergana things and all the magic things but let’s get one thing cleared up rlly quick!!!! merlin literally doesn’t kno what he’s doing (lbr) the same time morgana’s figuring out her magic too so i’d like to think they could have learned together and taught themselves together instead of…………….. all the ooc stuff that did happen in the series, js.

izunix  asked:

“Plot:” + Demonizing Noct for a short amount of time until he finally beats Ardyns hold on him and kicks his fadora wearing ass into oblivion

(Plot With Me meme | Always accepting, come accost me)

Are we talkin’ full on ‘Noct has turned into some weird monster’ daemonizing, or more Omen-ish ‘Noct is fucking crazy’ daemonizing, or another kind of daemonizing? I mean, either way the answer is

fuck no || not really interested || huh?? || give me more details… || sure why not || OMFG YES


OKAY yes i’m pumped af rn because I deleted my blog for two months because of drama and stuff on tumblr and it upsetted me and I decided I should take a break and tbh I didn’t think I would come back but I missed so many of my friends and getting hockey updates faster than my apps (I still dnt know how some of u do it)..anyways I’m sorry I didn’t say a proper goodbye that was dumb of me it was a compulsive decision to delete and I’m glad I learned the lesson that I shouldn’t stop doing something I love to do because of the words of others. And anyways..

ok in conclusion im excited to be back on tumblr and if I followed u before or we were mutuals or u followed me or whatever message/reblog/like me and i’ll follow u back! Ily all yay :’)