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Alright alright alright. I agree. Modern Au. Dates. Hux, Kylo/Ben, Rey, Poe, and Finn?



  • Hux has it all planned out. Down to the second (though never in a way that their partner would notice because Hux is a smooth motherfucker). First dinner (because he’s a gentleman, damn it), then a long night together.
  • Despite making it seem as a spur of the moment thing for his partner’s benefit, he’s already made reservations months in advance, ensured the most expensive, vintage bottle of wine is set aside for him; it happens to be a sweeter wine which he despises but his partner enjoys it, so of course, he’ll go with their preference. He doesn’t get to go on dates often so when he does, he makes sure it’s unforgettable. 
  • He plans on dressing his partner, because of course he’s going to show them off. There’s a box with a lovely outfit delivered to Hux’s partner, technically modest if not for the way it slips along his partner’s curves, the way the fabric catches the light and accentuates in all the right places. The box comes along with a small vial of a particular perfume (ridiculously expensive, because he’s so very extra) he wants you to wear and a note to place it where you want to be kissed, so choose carefully. Along with the box there’s a small velvet box with jewelry to go with.
  • He arranges for them to be picked up and delivered to the restaurant with instructions of where to find him, and delights in watching them navigate around tables in high heels that make their hips sway just so and, oh, how that fabric moves when the candlelight reaches it just so. He preens as other people’s eyes follow his partner, knowing they are his alone, yet he wants the whole world to see the most prized person in his life.  The whole time he’s just sitting with his hands neatly folded in his lap. They’ll have to come to him
  • Dinner’s delicious, though, and for following his instructions to the T, he makes sure to take them up to a room with a breathtaking view and basically have his way until his partner’s breathless. Good little partners get rewarded ;)


  • Like Hux, he plans it out. Unlike Hux, he wants nobody else’s eyes on their partner. He’s too jealous of other people’s eyes on his baby when they look so very ravishing, still, he’s a troublemaker. Kylo only gives one instruction: wear what they want, as long as it’s easy access and no underwear underneath. That should make for quite an evening, and Kylo is a massive tease.
  • Not that he touches, though. He’ll just watch their lover the whole night in that way of his that promises this evening won’t end tamely. The evening passes with event-hopping from one event to another (usually things he’d picked up on as his partner mentioned being interested in them), with plenty of heavy activity in the backseat of the black-tinted-window car, if you get my drift. The driver knows better than to attempt to look back or lower the window between the front and their backseat for fear of Kylo’s temper, though.
  • By the end of the night their partner’s been thoroughly exhausted and even more thoroughly fucked, so he gently bridal-carries them up to their room and spends the rest of the night showering them with affection and feeding them treats after a very long, very sweet hour spent in the bathtub together. 


  • Rey has never had to plan a date, but when she decides to put her mind to it, she puts her mind to it.
  • She spends weeks looking up things to do in town (or out of town), and plotting and planning how to surprise their significant other when… ultimately midway through walking down the road she throws all her ideas to the air when her partner shows excitement about the fair poster for the fair that’s arrived in town. They spend all day (and most of the night) playing games and going on the rides – Rey lets her partners win every time even if she’s a much better shot, and far more competitive, because their smile makes her heart flutter, and giggles at her partner’s fear of heights on the ferris wheel, something she’s never had. She decides to take their mind off the fear in other ways ;)
  • Neither Rey nor her partner remember what the view is like from up the highest point of the ferris wheel because they were too busy making out. 
  • When they finally get home, it’s take-out (Rey tried a few recipes but after years of only cooking for herself, most of them basic meals, everything else seemed a little too complicated). She even gives her fortune cookie to her partner, which is saying something, because Rey doesn’t share food very well. 
  • The rest of the night is spent watching movies, then having sex until they both collapse for the night. 


  • It’s not date night for Poe. It’s date-weekend. He out of the blue packs the car and takes his partner off to the mountains as an excuse to get away from everyone and everything, get fresh air, and get a little frisky under the moonlight. 
  • The mornings are spent hiking to the highest points, swimming in the nearby river (and him being a little too handsy under the cool water despite the other people around, which only makes him smirk as he tells his partner to keep a poker face). He loves generally being outdoorsy, and sharing this passion with the most important person in his life. For all the sweat of hiking up trails, he plans on making it up just like this. 
  • Nights, however, are all about that campfire and making sure his darling gets thoroughly massaged — so many aches from climbing, he’d say – and pampered while in their cabin. He picked the one specifically removed from everyone else so it’s just the two of you for a mile radius. 
  • The second you get home from a blissful weekend, he starts looking forward to the next time.


  • Finn’s been saving up for months for this. Usually his dates are the sweetest things ever, and he’s happy just even going for a long walk around a lake holding hands, but this time! this time he’s going all out.
  • It starts with a suite far removed from family and friends for the day/night to a resort-y town where, once settled in, he makes it a point to walk up and down all the streets and go into all shops, buying his significant other anything they want. He’s never been able to give somebody that, and it pleases him greatly (though more so to just watch his partner’s eyes go wide and bright). 
  • Couple’s spa massages are scheduled, and let’s just say Finn has a way with his fingers. That massage does not end soon ;) 
  • Then, because he’s also a cheeseball, he does the movie and dinner (italian, because nothing beats real italian food) to end the night before taking his beloved all the way to the room, serenading them in the most obnoxious way in the car while his partner blushes out of their mind through the laughter. Once there, Finn showers them with a different set of gifts for the night. Nobody gets any sleep. At all.

“25 And the Lord spake unto the Angel that guarded the eastern gate, saying ‘Where is the flaming sword that was given unto thee?’
26 And the Angel said, 'I had it here only a moment ago, I must have put it down some where, forget my own head next.’
27 And the Lord did not ask her again.”

inspired by this post, Rihanna as Crowley and Lupita Nyong'o as Aziraphale

❝ in my scarecrow dreams; when they smash my heart. ❞

→ Canon verse where Levi has reoccuring nightmares about Eren’s death, but ultimately it’s Levi who dies protecting Eren, despite Eren’s best attempts to save him. The titans are gone now: humanity has won, but Eren always wishes Levi could be there explore the world by his side.


The Foretellers - Pokemon AU
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