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Probably I have to make an AU about Akkoruto: a failure ninja that has an obsession to kebabs because she has the 9th form of CavenDISH sealed on her body which is a kebab.

Together with her friends Sucyke and Lottekura and her sensei Kakariot, she will try to find all the sealed CavenDISHes and save the world!

Monsta X Reaction to when their girlfriend says she wants to lose her virginity to them. (Smut-ish)

TRIGGER WARNING - if you are not comfortable with this subject please don’t continue. You have been warned.

Shownu - I feel like with Shownu it would take some time in a relationship for him to want to have sex with her. He would have to really love her to get to this step because he finds it special and doesn’t want to give himself like that. So when you told him you were a virgin and you wanted to give him your virginity he would want to protect you and only do it when you felt prepared. He would be lowkey really happy knowing he would be your first, because it just ment that you were waiting for the right person, pretty much like him (yeah I feel like he could be a virgin, but he gets me confused sometimes so I’ll shut up.). Even when you felt like you were ready, he would only start things if you assured him you REALLY wanted to do it and only if he felt like you were 100% prepared. He would be slow and caring, always looking in your eyes and asking if you were ok, worried to hurt you. kill me this boy is so sweet

“Don’t worry Jagi. I love you, we will only do it when you feel prepared.” 

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Wonho - Our little boy would find it adorable. He is 100% not a virgin, so he’d be really happy to have the honor to take your virginity. When you told him you were a virgin he probably already knew but the moment you told him you wanted him to be your first he would laugh and give you a peck, slightly blushing at your words and joking about it to distract you from his red cheeks. Then he’d start thinking about it, what he should do and how he should do it because he wanted to make it memorable in a really positive way. This boy is really into skinship, and he’ll do it a lot with you, but he would never deepen your make out sessions and stuff because the last thing he wants is to scare you. But when you told him you were prepared, between long kisses, he would smile and turn to a completely different person. Way more sweet, carefull and loving. He would give love to your entire body to remind you how much he loves you. And in the end, he’d suceed in making your first time ( and all the others cuz let’s be honest here ) memorable.

“But I thought it was obvious already. I am going to be your first and your last because I am not letting anyone else touch you like that.” 

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Minhyuk - On the inside he’d become a giant ball of sunshine, feeling the happiest guy in the world for being the one to take your virginity and also for the fact that you wanted him to be the one. On the outside, he would be really akward, laughing and smiling and hugging you to hide his red face. Minhyuk would probabily be the one to initiate it later, when you were making out and he felt like he really needed you, but he would be slow at first, to make sure that that was what you wanted too. He’d stop immediately if he noticed that you were uncomfortable, and he’d get back to cuddle you and kiss your cheeks and your hands. I see Minhyuk as a jealous guy as well, so it would only make him happier knowing you were a virgin, meaning he was special for you wanting him to be your first and that no other guy as seen you and touched you like him.

“I promise I will make you feel good. Trust me, I love you.”

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Kihyun - People say he is a dominant one, I agree. Yet, Kihyun gives me this vibe of a guy that would be shy and akward around his girl when the two of them hadn’t done that much of skinship yet. So Kihyun would only show his dom side when you were making out or during sexy time. Just by tolding him you were a virgin he would become a blushy akward and clumsy mess, he wouldn’t know what to say and how to behave, not because he liked or not the idea of you being a virgin (I even think it wouldn’t matter that much to him), but the idea of talking about that kinda of subject would make him akward with you. So he’d die a little inside when you went further and told him you wanted him to took your virginity. Hell yes he’d want to be your first, but just the idea of you two in that situation would make him shiver and be highkey turned on. He would only try something later, if he was really horny, and would always try to hold himself, because he was affraid to scare you. Kihyun would want you to be the one to start it, so he knew you were ready. I see him being affraid to touch you in certain areas at first, he wouldn’t want to get you uncomfortable, but when you assured him you wanted him to touch you and gave him a long passionate kiss, that boy would make you moan in pleasure. I’m done.

“Humm…yes…I would love to…I mean, only when you want to…and… humm… yeah.”

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Hyungwon - This boy is also a dominant one (fight me), maybe he would prefer a more experienced girl but he would find you adorable when you told him you have never done it before. He would find you more fragile and innocent, and would want to cuddle even more since then. When you told him you wanted to lose your virginity to him, he’d be super cocky about it  (let’s be real, this boy is naughty by nature) patting your head and poking your face while making some jokes about it. But on the inside he would be imagining it all and dying for you to ask him to have sex with you. He is the opposite of Shownu here, if Hyungwon was in a relationship with a girl, it ment that he loves her and she loves him enough to get to the next step and become one ( and ofc by this I am not saying Hyugwon wouldn’t wait for her to be ready, he would never start anything that she didn’t want). Plus I feel like he is a lot into praising and dirty talking together, it would turn him on knowing that you want HIM to be your first, that you want HIM to be the one to touch you. He would love to be the little spoon while cuddling and would preffer to receive kisses more then give because it would send him this feeling of being needed. During your first time he would be always paying atention to what pleasured you the most so he can work on that and give you an awesome first time.

“You want me that bad Y/N ? ;) Don’t worry I’ll make sure you love it.” such a tease omg

Jooheon- His reaction would be a lot like Wonho, laughing for being caught outta nowhere and for not expecting you to say that. Knowing you were a virgin would make him really happy. He would feel like he needed to give you his best when you decide to do it, because for him, being your first would be a big responsibility and a way of making you feel good and loved. Jooheon doesn’t have sex, he makes love, and it would be a really special thing for him, because it would be the best way to show how much he loves you and be the closest possible to you. He would be the happiest person when you told him you wanted him to take your virginity because it ment that you really loved him, as much as he does and trust him for such an important thing like that. Your first time would be full of hot kisses, neck, jaw line, collarbones and shoulders, yet he’d show his intense love for you giving you passionate fast kisses on your lips, while telling you how much he loves you and how good you felt. You wanna know more? Lot’s of cuddles and pillow talk after. He’d wanna know how you felt and what he should do again next time. 

“WHAT? …I mean…yes I want to be your first…just tell me when you’re ready…I love you so much, Jagi!”

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I.M - Humm, I feel like Changkyun is a virgin but he traveled a lot so I am not that sure, but I am (what I am man) sure that he’d smile and avoid looking you in the eyes once those words left your mouth. If he was indeed a virgin he’d prefer you being a virgin as well because he would find it akward if you had experience while he didn’t, but if he wasn’t he wouldn’t actually care (kinda like Kihyun). Either way he’d turn red once you told him you wanted him to be your first and be instantely turned on at the idea. He’d be thinking of that the whole day, wondering when you’d be ready and how it would be. It might be him starting it with you later, but he’d first look you in the eyes and ask you if you wanted him to continue. If you agreed, he’d be super slow, taking all the time you needed, kissing you slowly and passionately and running his hands softly through your whole body. Just let me tell you he’d make sure to get you all “prepared” for him, so it wouldn’t hurt and you’d enjoy it as much as him.

“ *blushing and looking away* I would love to be your first Y/N.”

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Again, this is only my opinion based in what I know about the boys. I write for Infinite, BTS, B.A.P, EXO and Got7 as well, so if you have some requests pls don’t be shy ;)


To my father,

have I made you proud?

do you see me and smile at the forgotten child you once knew?

the years i waited for my happy ending; long gone like the family

we used to hold close.

To my mother,

are you watching over me?

are you disappointed in the man i grew to be?

the blood I split

the hearts i broke

just to be the word free.

To my brother,

am i someone you love?

do you look at me as the person you yearn to be?

with broken bones

stitched  up souls

gun to the head.

do you think of this when you lay down to bed?

To my angel,

have your wings fully healed?

Is your grace locked up tight

in a place you call home?

torn feathers

plucked off

bleeding bright

I hope you can find solace in this never burning night.

With the cock of a pistol,

 and the note sealed 

in a signature 

stained black ink,

the shot rang out

and the hunter laid down to rest.

Do you guys know how much self restraint I have? I only bought the 1lb bag for $10 INSTEAD of the 8lb bag for $40. Ive been trying to eat better and workout more and knowing my fatass i would have diabeetus by the time i was done eating all of them in one sitting so hence i only bought the 1lb bag to save myself bUT THATS 8 TIMES THE LUCKYCHARMS MARSHMALLOWS FOR ONLY 4X THE PRICE OMFG. If youre sad i recommend buying these they will make you happy. And Amazon is a wondrous website. ❤️

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Could I get a Jungkook roommate au where he likes you but you dont know? Thank you so much for considering ❤️❤️❤️

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Hey love~ Sorry for the long wait!! The thing is that I liked your idea a bit too much lol. I wrote a bit too much and I’m thinking of making a part 2 ;) Thank you for this amazing idea and I hope you’ll request again in the future~

Genre: romance/fluff/love
Pairing: Jungkook/You
Length: 2363 words
Summary: Jungkook is your campus roommate who has a huge crush on you. He’s been hiding it for so long and you’re still clueless about it.




“Jeon Jungkook.”, you stared at his framed picture as you tilted your head,  patting the frame of your nerdy glasses “The ultimate mystery man”

You were working on your literature assignment as you decided to chose Jeon Jungkook as your inspiration. Who was he? What kind of person was he? Those were things you didn’t knew about him. People might have thought you were crazy due to the fact that you were clueless about a man you’ve been rooming with for over a year and a half.

You  heard the door click as you turned your head to look at the culprit. Jungkook probably came back from his last class of the day.

“Welcome back, Jungkook!” you waved your hands at him

He stared at you, completely startled as he nodded at you and smiled awkwardly like a shy school boy. You grabbed onto his arm as he wanted to disappear in his room once again.

“Wait wait wait!! ”, You stood up

“What’s the matter?” he stared at you as he dropped his bag on the floor

“To tell the truth”, you kicked the ground with your feet

Jungkook couldn’t help but to freeze on the spot. What were you about to say? What was going on this time? Had he forgotten to put the toilet seat down, again? He seemed distant, from the way you saw it, but  always cooperative, no matter what. What could’ve had happened this time? What had he done this time?

“I’ve been working on my literature project. You know… I have to write a poem and I thought you’d be a great topic”

“M-Me?” he pointed at himself “You’re writing a poem about me?” he raised a brow “Why me?”

“I don’t know! I mean, you’re very interesting for some reason and I want to know more about you! You’re always so silent and that intrigues me”, you smiled at him

“What does this have to do with me being your topic?” he looked dumbfounded

“Just be my topic, will you?” you smack edhis arm in a very friendly manner

“Sure…whatever pleases you”, he nodded before disappearing in his room

“This little!” you shook your head in disagreement “Why does he always have to hide in his room”, you pout and took off your glasses

His door slung open again as you noticed his  new outfit. A tank top and some shorts. He was going to the gym and you knew it just by looking his attire and his sports bag.He ruffled his hair as he passed by you

“Leaving to the gym again?” you sighed as you stared at him

Jungkook nodded at you as his heart softened , seing you pouting over the situation.

“ I’m in no position to say this, since we’re only roommates”, you suddenly said “ But it feels really lonely when you’re not around”, you poked his shoulder as he   stiffened up. He shivered  as your finger came in direct contact with his warm skin

“Come back early, will ya?” you tip toed as you ruffled his black hair" It’s dangerous out there"

Jungkook’s immediate reaction was to grab your hand and remove it from his silky strands of hair.   He was astonished.

“I-I’ll be back soon”, he nodded as growing flush made its apparition across his cheeks

He skipped out through the door as he stumbled  like an adorable bunny.

“This cute little bastard”, you chuckled to yourself before closing the door.

The more you looked at him, the manlier he became. He kept on getting taller and manlier by day and you couldn’t help but notice all these little things. He was also   the ultimate Boyfriend Material. After  living with him for a while and you couldn’t help but dream of having a husband as responsible and amazing asJungkook.

Jungkook  was the kind of boy that did  his laundry on his own.There was no way on this earth where he would’ve  left you in presence of  his dirty clothing  or even worse , his underwear.The idea of getting his laundry mixed up with yours scared him to its fullest, but you didn’t know this tiny detail.

He was probably cleaner than you,  his room was a perfect example, as it was always so tidy and amazingly clean.You never dared stepping  inside his room, but you went in a few times in the past .It  smelled like hair products and strawberry chapstick.

You probably didn’t know, but there was this one time where your underwear got mixed up with his shirts. The boy felt  like dying the moment he saw that red and black lacy bra dropping on the floor.

“Well..Jeon Jungkook…. congrats, you’re F*cked now”, he ruffled his hair in frustration “How in the world did it got here?!”

He tried his best to avoid such a situation, yet it still happened. What if you caught him ? He didn’t want you to think he’s some closet pervert that steals underwear!

He didn’t wanna touch it either, what if you’d see him? Well he did wanna touch it, but he was afraid to do so. He had to pick up your bra anyway since it was on the floor. He closed his eyes before his fingers touched the soft fabric and his face was getting redder by the second.

He was basically touching your bra, which implied a lot of stuff in his brains

“W-Wait…if I just touched this…doesn’t it mean that I-I-I indirectly…. OMFG…what the F*ck have I just done?” he dropped your bra to the floor before burying his red face in his hands

“You succeeded Jeon Jungkook, Y/N is going to think you’re a pervert”, he wanted to die “No…you actually are a pervert, since you just touched your roommate’s underwear”

You were away for the day with your friends, so he was safe, but still, the boy was feeling disgusted by himself. What had he done? You were such a nice girl and he just touched your bra as if it was no one’s business. How was he going to face you now?

He didn’t had the choice, but to pick up your bra and bring it back to the laundry basket, so that you won’t notice.As he was walking to put it there, he couldn’t help but feel his body heat up.What was wrong with him? He didn’t knew what was wrong with him either. This was the beginning of his hormonal tragedy.

That was the event that made him avoid you at all costs. He couldn’t help but think about that bra and how it would look on you, since it’s obviously yours. He felt disgusting and hated himself for thinking that way, when you were so sweet and nice to him. You were such an innocent cute girl and he felt like shit for acting like this. It wasn’t his fault, he never wanted his hormones to act up, they just did on their own. What could you expect from a 19 years old teen anyways?

Second thing you ignored, was you were driving him insane with each and every little gestures of yours. The way you tied up your hair, the way you bent to get something, the way you applied lipstick or then again how you’d pull your hair to the side as it revealed the side of your neck. Every  time you’d nudge his arm and his skin would be in contact with yours. He could also add up the fact that you’d enjoy wearing revealing clothes a bit too much, which was why he avoided you like pest during the summer. His only way to decompress and to get his stamina focus onto something else was to hit up the gym with his buddies and forget about you.

“Why does she have to stick like glue to those shorts?!” he growled in annoyingly to his friend “Why can’t she let me live”

“Don’t blame her bro, she can wear whatever she wants. It’s up to you if you can keep it in your pants”, Taehyung nudged the latter

“Take it easy man…take it as a challenge! A competition! You’re good at competitions!!Show her you can win”, Namjoon encouraged his dongsaeng

“You can’t understand hyung”, Jungkook shakes his head “This is another level, in which I’m unable to fight back… I can’t… I just can’t”, he kept on running on the treadmill

“Damn, that girl be making you sexually frustrated for real man”, jimin chuckled nonstop like a perverted ahjussi

“Calm down, Ahjussi”, Taehyung laugh at jimin “We all need girlfriends tbh”, he pouted before looking at jungkook “ At least you’re sharing a room with a girl”

“Kim Tae, I promise you. There’s nothing great about rooming with a girl, if you want my opinion, unless you want to be alert 24/7 ″, Jungkook rolled his eyes

"That must be what torture feels like, huh? So close yet so far~” Hoseok added

“What about when she showers, man?” Namjoon raised a brow

“Don’t even start talking about showering…” Jungkook hung his head low “I feel like I’m going insane every time, she comes out with that flower-like aroma…ugh…and her hair”, he buried his face in his hands

Jungkook still remembered how you’d come out of the shower with your wet hair and goodly scented body. He was drunk with feels every time you showered. He always  felt nervous around you.

You could say he was physically attracted to you for sure, but as the time passed by, he couldn’t help but get attached to you and your little affectionate gestures. How you’d make sure to prepare a share for him when you made breakfast.You weren’t forced to make him food, yet you still did, because you adored the boy so much.

“Jeon Jungkook!” you smile before grabbing his arm “I made food and I need your feedback!”

He stiffens under your touch and slowly removes your arm politely before nodding and giving you a slight smile

“Are you sure? I can eat this? I-I mean… I don’t want to steal your food”, he walks with you to the small table

“Yah~ I made this just for you, Jungkookie!” you made that cute expression “I mean… you’re my one and only roommate, right?!” you shoot him a wink and he feel his cheeks heating up as he sits to taste your food

It tasted damazing and his eyes couldn’t  help but widen

“You like it?!” your eyes widen

Jungkook nods before smiling at you for the first time ever

“It’s amazing”, he stared at you

Jeon Jungkook complimented your food?!

The boy was slowly warming up to you and you knew he was a very adorable boy hiding it behind a shy mask. Jungkook was also a sweetheart with you. He’d randomly throw his jacket over your shoulders when you’d be complaining about the cold weather.  He even covered you up with a blanket the times you ended up sleeping in the living room. He also helped you many times with your calculus assignments and even  bought you drinks when you got tired during the finals.

“Hey..Jungkook”, you say with your eyes halfway open

“H-Hey”, he nudged your shoulder “You shouldn’t be sleeping here. You’ll catch a cold”

“Awww…you worried about me?” you smiled weakly “I’m ok …I’ll be just fine…I still need to finish this”

“No you’re not”, jungkook replied and it was the first you heard his firm manly voice standingout “Y/N, get up and go to bed, we can always study tomorrow for the test”

“No, I promise. I’m totally fine”, you pushed his hand away

“I’m not fine about this”, he said in a stern tone “You’re exhausting yourself! You better get up or I’ll bring you to bed”

You  were already too tired and your brain couldn’t seem to function, so you couldn’t get the was the last part of his sentence

“Jungkookkkk…. I’m fine!” you patted his toned arm

He lifted you up bridal style with no difficulty. You were like a feather in his arms. Working out quite frequently for the past months did pay off.

“Yah…what’s going on?” you blinked

“Just sleep, I know what I’m doing”, he commented without even staring at you as he went up the stairs, laying on the bed

“Woooahh…seems like you’ve been working out, nowadays”, you pocked his toned arm

He stepped back as he  slowly removed  your girly fingers from his arm

“Yeah… I did ,a bit”, he commented before bringing the bed covers on top of your small body

“Then that means, you’ll be able to protect me, if there’s a bulgar”, you chuckled cutely

You were drunk with tiredness and Jungkook couldn’t help but find this side of you amusingly adorable.

Jeon Jungkook was indeed there to protect you whenever you needed it. You may have shared a roommate kind of relationship, but you both unexpectedly were bounded to also share a bed-kind relationship in a few hours ( I see y'all dirty minded ppl lmao).


Jungkook finally came back after his work out with the other boys was done.You could clearly notice his moist looking skin and the wetness that his hair was giving out.

Drops of sweat sliding along his jaw and neck, like a boy that was posing for a sports magazine. You could also notice how his forearms were still toned from the work out he just had done.

He was kind of hot, you had to admit. He was getting hotter as the day passed by and you couldn’t help but feel yourself flush as your eyes wouldn’t budge away from his amazing body.

Jungkook went to shower like he usually does. He came out wearing his black and white hoodie that seemed so fluffy you could die.

Jungkook sat on the living’s room couch and started changing channels, till he found this one horror movie that was showing especially for the night.

You thought this was the perfect occasion for you to know more about him. Did he really liked horror movies? What kind of boy was he? You needed to know for the sake of the poem you’ll write on this cutie pie.

Little did you knew that shit was going to go from 0 to 100 real quick, just because of a horror movie.


I am having so many Garrus feels right now


i absolutely love him he is such a good guy

If you romance him and someone else in ME2 he doesn’t make a huge deal out of it, he respectfully tells you to figure it out because he doesn’t want to deal with a love triangle.  

if you reject him right before you’re meant to have sex he says it’s for the best and tells you that you can still count on him even though he is obviously hurting so much