omfg what am i doing anymore

when someone talks shit about you
  • 7th grade: omg they said what! that's not even true, like what the frickle frackle! i trusted them with my life and my deepest secrets! there is no going back! i am so hurt and never recovering! they cant just say that! i am such a nice person! what made them think they could do this! i cant even be in a room with them anymore! !!!!!!!!
  • now: lol yea im a lil hoe


Random Contest

I can’t believe I’m doing this. I BLAME drhu0806 AND trulycertain FOR THIS.

So you know how templars wear those weird skirt things? WHAT IS THE WEIRDEST NAME YOU CAN COME UP WITH FOR THEM?

We already have “billowy leg curtains” and “knee drapes.”

Winner receives… recognition for their creativity, courtesy of my weirdo friends and myself?

Shit fucking shit ive created a fucking shitstorm oh my god i am so fucking sorry. im okay guys. i mean not okay but like not dead or anything. i literally did like a mini ice bucket challenge and cooled off (no pun intended) and a whole bunch of other stuff happend but im not feeling suicidal anymore. i dont know what to do omfg i am so sorry. i’m sorry. i didnt intend to worry so many people or create this huge thing. 

thank you to everyone who has sent me messages. i’ll reply to them later and i’ll explain more too but right now i just want you to know im ok. i can’t believe how caring you’ve all been. and again im so so sorry.